Winter Greys

Crossing items off my to-do list is incredibly empowering and motivating.

This week, I met my brand new little niece, celebrated Sean's birthday, had a snow day, and completed the painful tear-filled task of filing my tax return. I don't even get a refund and I don't know why, but at least H&R block was offering totally free filing this year.

Every Friday my mind is abuzz with all things I want to do over the weekend, the blog posts I want to write, the to-do lists I want to check off, my nails, I so badly want to paint, and then before I know it, Sunday evening is staring me in the face and nothing is done.

Maybe this weekend will be different, maybe it wont, but I know more than anything right now, I am craving some changes in my life. A manicure might not make a whole lot of difference in the grand scheme of things, but it could be a start.

 cowl neck sweater, grey jeans, pea coat, matine scalloped tote-3.jpg cowl neck sweater, grey jeans, pea coat, matine scalloped tote-6.jpg cowl neck sweater, grey jeans, pea coat, matine scalloped tote-7.jpg cowl neck sweater, grey jeans, pea coat, matine scalloped tote-4.jpg cowl neck sweater, grey jeans, pea coat, matine scalloped tote-2.jpg cowl neck sweater, grey jeans, pea coat, matine scalloped tote-5.jpg cowl neck sweater, grey jeans, pea coat, matine scalloped tote-1.jpg
The Rundown
Cowl Neck Sweater J.Crew c/o similar
Grey Skinny Jeans Gap similar
Grey Wool Peacoat J.Crew Factory
Boots Migliorini via TJMaxx buy on eBay similar
Tilly Tote Matine
Leather Gloves J.Crew Factory similar
Bling Earrings c/o JoJo Loves You
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx

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  1. I love how casual yet chic this outfit is and it's so complementary to each piece! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Tax season is a bad time for everyone. We don't start filing in Canada until the end of February, and thankfully my Dad acts as my accountant so for me the process is relatively painless, but it's still so much time and paperwork that it really doesn't feel worth it, especially if there is no refund at the end. For my part, I feel lucky to have survived to Friday this week - today is a full moon which, in my job, means a whole lot of weird and less-than-wonderful things have gone on with the people who are my clients (who are mostly mentally ill, addicts or both.) At least for me, there is a countdown to good changes, but I know exactly where you are right now, because I was there six months ago, and it's not a fun place.

  3. Love the purple and gray combo!!
    And yea, I'm almost done with my taxes, have to wait for one more form to come in. I will be getting a refund this year but its because I made a LOT less than I did last year...UGH!
    And yea, I have a feeling this weekend will be a do nothing weekend even though I have a ton to do...maybe I'll clean my room.

  4. How exciting to meet your new niece!?! Loving this look, your grey jacket it fabulous, and your boots zipper detail is so pretty!!

    xx, Elise

  5. Sounds like you've had a really eventful time (kudos for getting your taxes done so early...and congrats on the new niece)!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  6. Congrats on the new niece ! and I do believe that painting your nails can make a difference.
    I will tell you my secret to getting them done: File them at night and the next day when you are ready to walk out the door to work do the first hand of paint. The second I do in the parking before walking into the office or in the bathroom during coffee break. At night, when I am back home I clean the edges.
    Have a great shopping free weekend, go ! closet edits.

  7. My to do list is also never-ending so I feel you. Like you, once Sunday comes by, it seems like I haven't accomplished anything. Congrats on your niece - great news, Lydia. Love that coat and you do neutrals so effortlessly, always. =)

    I hope you join my Thursday Moda linkup which goes live every Thursday. Come share your awesome style with me and my readers. Thanks and enjoy the weekend! Ada. =)

  8. Love the feeling of checking things off my list! I haven't started my taxes yet, but I should probably do that this weekend...

  9. It sounds like you had a really fun (and productive) week! I'm a big believer in treating yourself. A mani and pedi and a great coffee afterwards can be a great way to recharge.

    Have a great weekend!

    Nicole to the Nines

  10. Aww, congrats on your new niece! That is exactly how I feel every weekend. During the week I feel like I never get anything done, so by the weekend my to-do list is SO long. But then the weekend goes by so fast, and by the time I get the things done that I have to do (grocery store, laundry, etc.) there's no time left for anything else. I feel like I'd get so much more done if I only worked 4 days a week! :)

  11. I think a manicure is a great place to start. Starting small can be just the thing to motivate you, but hey, getting your taxes done is huge! You look great in this cozy sweater, and that monogrammed bag is such a classic.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  12. You look lovely and cozy dear!!!!

  13. Congrats on your neiece! I love your purple knit, so cosy and is such a nice colour on you and with the coat.

    Hope you had a great weekend and you managed to complete some things on your to-do-list! I find when I'm overwhelmed it's good for me to take the time to change up my polish, or put some nail polish on. Like you said, it sounds kind of silly, but I think it's just having that little relaxing routine and time where you just have to sit and do nothing as it dries. I always feel better after doing it! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  14. I find myself in the same predicament. If only our thoughts could turn projects into FINISHED PROJECTS. HaHaHa I still have to get my taxes done. Love that cowl neck. Such a pretty color.