February Closet Additions

I have the power to choose my thoughts and actions.

I can't help but feel like I cheated on my shopping ban this month. Since I got to collaborate with Swap.com and $100 at Swap goes a LONG way, I have five new items from them. Then a surprise box from Cabi, who I worked with last spring, appeared on my doorstep containing the trench and floral blouse. Finally, I noticed that the small hole in my black cardigan had become a large hole, and since I had credit card rewards to spend at Gap, I was able to procure a replacement without actually spending any money. While I'm trying to stay away from gift card shopping, I decided to make an exception since the cardigan will just be replacing something I already have. Now there is just one month left of the shopping ban, and honestly a little part of me is enjoying it...now my real goal for this final month is to get that closet clean out done.

Free People Lace Dress, c/o Swap
Maritime Striped Trench, c/o Cabi
INC Fur Vest, c/o Swap
Andrea Pfister Leopard Pumps c/o Swap
Matinee Top c/o Cabi
H&M Wrap Coat c/o Swap
Loft Sweater c/o Swap
Gap Long Open Front Cardigan


  1. You did great for not actually spending any money. That's a win, win!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. Hehe yayyy!! We both behaved this month! I like when it gets to the end of the month because it's the home stretch, you've almost done it and you can be so proud and it just spurs you on!

  3. You found some amazing pieces on Swap.com! I checked them out a while back after reading your first post and I am impressed with their prices! I love thredUP, but their prices keep going up. Swap.com is a great alternative!

  4. You did so well with swap.com ! I think one of the great joys of blogging is that if you do well, some months you genuinely don't need to shop at all - so many wonderful new things can simply come your way and by the time you've had the opportunity to wear them all, the month is already over. I'm glad your shopping ban has been going well, it really is freeing to give up shopping once you get over the initial few weeks when it's really hard.

  5. You got so much for $100! Perfect timing to get you through the no-shop month :)
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  6. These are technicalities- not actual ban breaks! Haha. Either way, you scored some suuuuper cute stuff, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. That striped trench coat is fantastic!

  8. Yay go you!!! And I love that striped jacket - it'll be so cute for spring!


  9. The striped trench looks great! Good luck on your closet clean out.

  10. Such great finds! I love that striped jacket!


  11. I love your neutral additions to your wardrobe. Love that you're still planning to have black in your wardrobe for spring. It is such a classic color!


  12. I don't think it is cheating at all! And using the gift card is just smart. I said it when you first wore it, but that coat is so chic!

    Nicole to the Nines

  13. Well it sounds like despite adding a few new items to your closet, you didn't spend any money, so that's great! I love what you did get this month, especially that striped trench. Good luck with the closet clean out, I really need to do that myself!

  14. I can see how its almost cheating... but you've come so far Lydia ! Two months and 3 days is just far-out.
    Good luck with the clean out, I wish I was there so I could help and get some cast offs. In my case I feel like just emptying the whole damn closet, everything I try on just does not seem to work. However I know its my mood and that if actually do that I will regret it later.

  15. i love this collection for February. this is awesome collection of dresses

  16. Gorgeous pieces! I love that black lace dress.