July Budget

As evidenced by the fact that I couldn't even manage to fit everything in the collage (and I can't shake the nagging feeling that I've forgotten something as well) July was a bad month.

Yes, I did have a big (free) shopping day at the Tanger Outlets because I had a gift card, plus I consigned a few things and then immediately spent the money I earned, and I had Gap rewards, and DSW coupons... but still, I shopped way too much this month.

The Loft espadrille sandals, I have zero regrets about - I waited until the Fourth of July sale to get half off and free shipping, then I had to stalk the page all day to wait for the pop back - but I do love them, even if they are synthetic.

I couldn't find my Loft Outlet layered chevron pendant necklace anywhere online, but I did find this very similar Madewell necklace, right down to the super cool slide adjusting length, so I've linked it - you're welcome.

The Old Navy suede culottes were a 'cart filler' I wasn't expecting to like, but I got them in a 6 petite and they fit perfectly and are so soft and comfortable. I never shop for fall this early, but these culottes are keepers.

Round towel! I could not hold out on participating in the trend any longer, and this one just happened to match my new swim top. I have to say I am wishing it were a tad bigger though. For the price and the novelty I'm still happy with it.

Oh, pink cami dress. I tried this on in the store and the dart in the front looked weird. I tried on another and it still looked weird. So then I bought it online and I think the dart looks okay, or maybe I just want the dress so much that I've rationalized it looks okay? Maybe I should post a photo and take a poll.

I should also mention I bought two pairs of sandals yesterday morning, but I don't want to include things until I've decided if I'm keeping them or not, so maybe you will see them next month, maybe not!

Thrifted Loft Linen Floral Tee, $5 (free after consignment credits)
J.Crew Factory Scalloped Linen Shirt, $37.50 (free after gift card)
Old Navy Drapey Suede Culottes, $2.29 (after gift card)
Cotton On Round Towel, $26 (including shipping)
Franco Sarto Sandals, $49.95 (free after coupons & gift card)
Club L Maxi Dress at ASOS, $26
J.Crew Factory Layering Cami, $15 (free after gift card)
Target Black Swim Bottom, $17.99
J.Crew Factory Cami Dress, $32
J.Crew Factory Leopard Print Shorts, $20
Loft Outlet Chevron Pendant Necklace (free with gift card)
Loft Outlet Gingham shorts, $15 (free with gift card)
Loft Espadrille Wedge Sandals, $40
Express Off The Shoulder Tee, $13
Loft Outlet Windowpane Cammi (free with gift card)
Old Navy White Cardigan, $21 (free with gift card)
Thrifted Embroidered Tank, $7 (free after consignment credits)
Gap Geo Print PJ Top, $0.85 (after gift card)

Total for July: $178


  1. Wow - you have had a fabulous shopping month! I feel like in the summer months we all spend more money, whether or not we intend to, because the weather is good so we're out in the world more and when we're out in the world, there is a lot more temptation around! It's pay day for me today and I already have my eye on a pair of way too expensive earrings but I'm rationalizing that I've wanted them for ages and now is the time to give in to the whim - because it's summer, of course ;)

  2. I think you got a lot of great stuff this month! I love that pink dress and the Franco Sarto sandals especially. Also, I can't wait to see how you style those cute culottes this fall, they are so fun!

  3. The espadrilles are so pretty. I could see myself getting a lot of wear from them. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  4. fun picks! I really love those blown culottes!


  5. Wow suede culottes! Those sound awesome! I'll have to try a pair next time I'm shopping!


  6. You might have bought a lot - but you got some really great hings! :) I haven't got a round beach towel yet but I think I might end up with one by summer - they do look really fun :)
    Always nice when you have gift cards and vouchers you can use for shopping - I tend to buy a little more when doing that too :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. You got amazing things this month for your budget! I love those gingham shorts!

  8. I shopped way too much this month, too, but I love that maxi dress!

  9. You really did get some great things, seeing it all put together in one post is a bit overwhelming though-I've been there! Love the shoes from lift, so cute!

  10. Doesn't sound like a bad month to me! Considering all you got I was expecting the total to be much higher. Loving those suede culottes!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  11. I cannot even think of how much I have spent. I am dreading that post. Even thinking of skipping it...
    Oh and post the photo and make a poll : ) Most likely it looked good, we are our worst critic.