Sorry I got so quite this week. I usually like to get my blog posts 90% done over the weekend, and then over the week just write the copy the night before; but the last couple nights I became too bleary eyed in front of the computer screen before I could even string a few words together.

I've been house hunting with Sean, which has proven to be more draining than I would have thought. It's one thing to house hunt from the comfort of your computer screen, browsing all the properties with little concern for your actual budget, where the house is located, or whatever oddities are cleverly concealed by professional photographs.

Once that list is considerably shrunk by monetary limitations, further narrowed by geography, and you have a handful of homes to go see in person, the real fun begins. I'm by no means a seasoned house hunter, but thus far I've encountered a home with a graveyard in the back and a construction site across the street, a house with the fuse box located in a crawlspace under the house accessible only by outside (umm, what happens when my hair dryer blows the fuse in the middle of the winter with three fee of snow on the ground?), a house with about five completely unnecessary doors (Is this a closet? No, it's just another door into the kitchen.) and no place that I could actually imagine myself living in.

Even if I could get past seeing a home with someone else's life installed and try to imagine what mine might look like, it's not easy to find a place that feels like home.

chambray dress, panama hat, leather tote-2.jpgchambray dress, panama hat, leather tote-8.jpgchambray dress, panama hat, leather tote-5.jpgchambray dress, panama hat, leather tote-6.jpgchambray dress, panama hat, leather tote-1.jpgchambray dress, panama hat, leather tote-4.jpgchambray dress, panama hat, leather tote.jpgchambray dress, panama hat, leather tote-7.jpgchambray dress, panama hat, leather tote-3.jpg
The Rundown
Chambray Dress Forever 21 similar
Leopard Sandals Target similar
Brown Leather Tote Hobo via ebay similar
Panama Hat J.Crew
Ear Jackets TJMaxx similar
Lariat Necklace Made by Me similar
Spike Bracelet "Baby B" c/o Marrin Costello
Gold Wrap Ring gift from Meg similar
Nail Color "Bunny" Julep



  1. Oh, the joys of house hunting... I remember it well. We've been in our current place for close to six years now and it still doesn't really feel like it's ours. I think we would have had to gut it completely for that to happen. I don't think people realize the impact that their decor changes and "creative" ideas have on the next people who live in their home. When we bought our place, we had green, blue and brown walls. I can't fathom why anyone would have chosen any of those colours, much less all together. Paint, at least, is an easy fix. I've had to sick it up and live with the mediterranean floral tiles on the back splash and the enormous wooden kitchen island that takes up not only my kitchen but half of my living room. We're selling this place soon and I hope it will feel more like a home to the next owners, but I suspect it's hard to truly find home unless you have an unlimited budget. We are here because it was what we could afford, and in the range of what we could afford, we had approximately four options. But I digress - I don't mean to be all doom and gloom, I really do hope you'll be able to find a home you love. And one with lots of closet space for your incredible wardrobe ;) I love this chambray dress on you, such a perfect end of summer piece. And the location of these photos couldn't be prettier.

  2. good luck with ur house hunting guys ,
    also denim & brown leather are somehow always mean comfy for me ,,,


  3. OMGosh how funny--I blog the exact same way and this week I have also been very quiet on my blog. I have a lot of really exciting things happening the next couple of weeks that have been really time consuming--not to mention that school started and football and dance and all of that stuff.

    I remember house hunting. It was equal parts frustrating and exciting. Best of luck to you and Shawn! That is so great! I hope you do a little tour when you get the perfect one! Trust me, you'll know it when you see it.

  4. WOW. Those houses sound like real winners! haha... I can imagine that house hunting is a pain. At least you don't live in California where it is impossible to find a decent house on a budget. You literally have to have a million dollars to get a normal, livable house. I probably won't be house hunting until I'm 40! But I hope you are able to find some places that have potential!
    I love your chambray dress. I should probably pick up another one because I wear mine all the time. It's just perfect for summer!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  5. I'm sure it might be tough house hunting, but yay you're house hunting! Love that look too! Casually great is what I call it!
    xo Adri

  6. Very cute look! I love how you use the hat to style this dress. I still remember my house hunting days too. We looked more than 100 and finally found it. Good luck! :)

    Take care and keep in touch!
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  7. Honestly home hunting is the worst. I need to feel at home in a house too and so when we were house hunting for our first home years ago we got to the point where we were going to give up and take a break. Our last house we looked at turned out to be the one we bought! Just keep faith-yours is out there waiting for you!

  8. House hunting can be exhausting! Hope you can relax some this weekend. Loving this chambray dress on you, especially with that gorgeous gold drop necklace.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  9. Cute dress! Hope you can find a house you like soon :)

  10. I am so loving this chambray dress! Love it with your panama hat :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  11. Yeah...house hunting is a drain! When I was shopping for a condo I found one that was a great price, in a great neighboorhood, but...the woman had painted a garden gnome scene all over the living room wall. Also, it smelled like a pet smart. Though, I think you have me beat with the graveyard :)

  12. I know that apartment hunting can be such a pain, so I imagine that it's even more difficult for a house. Good luck with the house hunting. I hope you guys find somewhere great soon!

  13. Love the chambray!!! And yes, house hunting must be so draining!! But better to be super picky and find your dream home than something you won't want to stay in for a while.

  14. Great post! That chambray tho! <3

    Love everything in ur outfit!

    Lou of, Steal the Style
    let's follow each other via GFC?

  15. Perfect summer outfit!!!!


  16. such a cute dress! how fun to go house hunting! hope you guys find just what you are looking for!

  17. Love that dress! Such a cute outfit!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  18. I love the ease of this outfit. It's probably the best thing you should wear when house hunting in this heat, lol! BTW, if your realtor falls through give me a call... Good luck with the hunting! -R

  19. Good luck on the house hunt! I'm in the thick of it myself (although my fingers are crossed that a particular one we found will work out...we'll see) and after going through so. many. houses it all becomes a blur. I guess you start to learn pretty quickly what you like and what you can't stand... Anyway, happy house hunting! Hope you find a good one!

  20. You look so pretty Lydia ! This is a great look -
    and I know what you mean with the house hunting. It has to feel right. Before making my first home purchase, I visited at least 15 houses and apartments. But, all I can say is that you walk in and you just "click" with the place - you'll know it once you find it. AND you're gonna laugh at this, but I have a home that was built on top of what use to be a cemetery, I just hope they removed all of the people before building it.