Instant Crush: Cheeky Valentine's Day Cards

Some people like sweet sentiment, the "Hallmark card", filled with line after line speaking of enduring love and emotions that are likely more wishful thinking than reality.

I would much prefer a card that is honest. Maybe a bit blunt, a little funny, but certain to bring a smile to the recipient.

It is only Valentine's Day, and we mustn't take it too seriously after all.

Cheeky Valentine's Day Greetings pt 1 cheeky v-day cards pt 2

Get out of My Dreams and into My Car, $4.50 at Greenwich Letter Press
Let's Make Out, $5 at Paperless Post
Nothing Says Classy Like a Dozen Carnations, $6 at Kate's Paperie
I Love You More Than My Cat, $4 at Ladyfingers Letterpress
Your a Fox, $4.50 at Rifle Paper Co
There is Nobody Else I'd Rather Lie in Bed and Look at My Phone Next To, $5 at Etsy
I'm Only in this for Your Cute Butt, $4 at Etsy
I Like You, I Love You, $5.50 at Urban Outfitters
Mine, $6 at Sugar Paper
Wanna Get Lucky?, $6 Sugar Paper
(Gin and Tonic) So Happy Together, $6 at Kate's Paperie
Let's Canoodle, $5 at Paperless Post
XO, $6 at Sugar Paper
I'm Head Over Heels (which just means I'm standing up if you think about it), $6 at Kate's Paperie
I Really Like You, $5 at Paperless Post
Wanna Spoon?, $9 at Papyrus


  1. Haha, these are so funny! :D I would use one of these too, I hate mushy

  2. I love cheeky and sarcastic cards! Def my favorite over long, rambling, romantic ones.

    Who doesn't like a good laugh/chuckle?

  3. I love these funny cards! I got my hubby a funny one on Etsy. I like them so much better than the sappy kind.

    The Tiny Heart
    Oakleigh Rose Giveaway!

  4. I love cheeky cards! Andrew is like the king of finding the perfect card that describes our relationship!

  5. Ha ha, these are all brilliant! I'm not much of a Valentine's Day girl but when I stumble upon a funny card, I can't help myself - I picked up a few from Rifle Paper Co. this year that I just love.

  6. Super cute cards, I always end up getting at least 2 cards and one of them has too be funny. :)

  7. I know! Those Hallmark cards are so so corny to my taste, I'd never say anything like that in real life. These on the other hand are funny and quirky, love them! The one with the undies really made me laugh!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  8. I agree, and love these cards. We typically do honest, or very good humour, which I love!

  9. These are all so sweet, I'd love to recieve such a card on Valentines Day :) I especially like the Gin & Tonic one!


  10. Hahah these are so fun-- wish I had snagged some of these before buying my boring ones!
    xx, Emily
    shell chic'd

  11. i love the 'you're a fox'! hahaha so cute.

  12. They are all adorable!

  13. Some really cute, fun Valentine's cards there! :)

    Away From Blue

  14. Ah! These are so cute! I love the gin + tonic and the spoon card!

  15. These are hilarious. WAY better than the mushy ones.

  16. haha i'm so the same way. LOVE these finds! the spoon card is too cute.


  17. The underwear one just cracks me up!!