For any blogger using Flickr to host their images who has been getting the "Sorry, can not pin this image" error with the Pinmarklet, this post is for you.

A reader recently alerted me to the fact that my images have not been able to be pinned to Pinterest, due to a privacy change made by Flickr, a site I pay for to host my images.

Typically I like to keep all my blog photos on the private setting with the exception of one or two; I do this for a number of reasons and Pinterest having access to them through my blog was never an issue.

Since this change I've had about a 30% drop in Pinterest traffic to my blog. True, my blog is not the most popular, but considering the rise in popularity of Pinterest, I consider it to be a valuable way of getting more exposure.

After spending the better part of the morning trying to figure out what needed to be done and emailing the help desk at Flickr, I finally have the solution: 

Only a public image can be pinned. There seems to be no way around this. Images can be changed from private to public with a batch action and you will not have to replace the code to the blog post. (Going from public to private, or replacing the image will require code to be replaced.)

Additionally, you must either allow your public content to be shared universally, or change your license from all rights reserved to a creative commons (which you can do on an individual basis or a batch action).

Also, you may need to make sure your API settings allow your photos to be found by third parties.

Hope this helps any Flickr users who want their blog content to be Pinned!

You can find the official thread at Flickr here.


  1. I've noticed this with a bunch bloggers, the inability to pin their stuff. Thanks for the explanation.

    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. Wow, I'm surprised that I haven't heard of this issue or that there isn't a bigger backlash that is causing Flickr to revert its policy. FYI, at both companies I've worked for, all Flickr images are blocked on work computers meaning I can only read your blog (and several others) at home.

  3. Thank you for posting this! Sometimes I post my pictures on flickr as private too...

  4. Thank you for this post, Lyddie! I had no idea this was happening, and for the last year or so I've kept my flickr photos mostly private except for the ones I share on wardrobe_remix.

    At one point I privatized all my photos in a batch after getting some super creepy comments through flickr, but this was the worst idea ever. As you said, the links to all the existing flickr images on my blog changed and thus disappeared!

    So, just to confirm, if I batch edit all my outfit photos to be public, my past blog posts will all be okay, right?

  5. I think that I need to find a new photo hosting site. Flickr seems to have a few too many creeps to have public images on there.