Purple sunset

Today my copy of Lightroom arrived and I was excited to give it a try. I'm definitely a bit flummoxed at the moment, since I had my previous workflow down pat and could get my outfit photos processed in as little as 20 minutes.

Tonight I've been fussing over them for the past hour, because everything from how I select the photos to how they get uploaded to flickr changes with the switch to Lightroom.

I'm sure once I get a feel for everything I'll get my new rhythm setup... so I let you know how I feel about it in another week or so.

I will tell you this much - that sky didn't need a whole lot of editing, it really was that gorgeous purple. Truly one of best sunsets in a while (definitely the one I was hoping for the other night when I was wearing the pink capris). But I'm lucky to have caught it!

And yes, I did get myself that leopard fedora from Target. I feel like the way it looks online is a little misleading - this is not a typical stiff fedora, it's floppy. Also, the web page says it's 100% wool, and well, there is not even 1% wool in this thing! It's combination of rabbit hair, nylon and poly.

IMG_7177.jpg IMG_7163.jpg IMG_7178.jpg IMG_7139.jpg  IMG_7101.jpg IMG_7158.jpgIMG_7118.jpg
The Rundown
Chambray Tuxedo Shirt J.Crew - Floral Skirt TJMaxx - Trench Coat London Fog Thrifted - Boots Steve Madden Inka - Bag Coach Thrifted - Leopard Fedora Albertus Swanepoel for Target - Monica Ring c/o Poshlocket

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  1. Beautiful! Business like with a touch of flair. I think it's the feather.

    We had a gorgeous sunset here the other night. It was too cold for outfit pics, but I think I got some nice ones of just the sky.

  2. That is such a cut hat and I love it with that trench...and wow the sky is gorgeous - how did I not notice that the other day?

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. Wow such a gorgeous sunset!!! And I love your outfit!! You always put together such amazing outfits *jealous*

  4. Love the print on that skirt and you know I adore a good chambray & neutral mix!! Also that sky is AMAZING! Beautiful night.

    xx Melina

  5. More gorgeous photos as usual. Look forward to hearing how LR works

  6. Lightroom is awesome, though I personally use Aperture. One day I'm going to spring for CS5, although by that time it'll probably be more like CS10.

    I didn't notice the feathers in that hat before! So cute. I love that trench so much, and I know I tell you that all the time. But seriously, it's like the epitome of trenchiness.

  7. beautiful sunset! I love you trench too

  8. You make business look hot. I will buy whatever you are selling. This jacket is perfect. I need one like this. Your skirt is also all kinds of gorgeous! Those colors -- AMAZING.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. Wow, great pictures today! I love the last one with the sun setting.

    Also, super cute hat! :)

  10. wow that sky is amazing
    love the fedora

  11. Wow - that sky is amazing! I am sorry you were a bit misled about the hat, but it looks fabulous on you! Love the trench and boots combo! :)


  12. Ooh the hat is too cute even if the description was off! I don't even know what lightshow does but would to read about your experience.

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  13. I just bought Lightroom last week, too! Love it compared to Photoshop. Your pictures look remarkable.


  14. Yeah, I was surprised too when I went to Target and looked at that hat, because it definitely looks very stiff in the pictures but isn't in real life.

    This outfit is fantastic! I think the trench coat really ties everything together.

  15. Bummer about the hat discrepancies, but it looks cute! I love this look on you Lyddie. The skirt and the coat and the hat are all great together. And take a look at that gorgeous sky!

  16. Such gorgeous photos. The sky color really complements the trench.

    20-minute process time? If only! I work in GIMP, and get annoyed just with the time it takes to resize, haha.

  17. Your hat looks great, love the little mix of leopard.

    The doll on fashion

  18. Your pictures have captured the surreal beauty of the sunset. I like how you've bought your outfit together, great style.

  19. Wow! That sky really is breathtaking. You look so lovely as usual. Love that skirt!

  20. The sunset is gorgeous, and so are you :) Love the hat even though it didn't arrive as stated...its still totally cute!

  21. The fedora is so cool with the feathers. It gives it something a little extra. Beautiful sunset too.

  22. Gorgeous pictures! Love the second one...looks like a card!

  23. Gorgeous sunset! And from what I can see so far, I really like your lightroom processing! Curious to see how you feel after you're fully adjusted.
    I loved that Albertus Swanepoel hat! I debated so much between it and another. I finally got the other one, but I've been thinking of the fedora.!

  24. i love sunset pic
    cool hat

    new follower here
    hope we can follow each other


  25. These photos are so lovely! The feathers on the fedora are such a great touch, and your floral skirt is really lovely. I've been disappointed in some Target fedoras too, but never outright lied to about the material. That is not cool.

  26. Sucks about the hat not being wool, but it does look great on you :)

  27. Such a beautiful sunset, such vibrant purples!
    Love how you styled that great hat with the neutral staples and that floral skirt!!

  28. the sunset is beautiful. Glad you were able to capture it this time! That fedora does look way different online but it sure does look cute on you.

    PS I so agree that more people need to start keeping to the "list." I dont need another body gel thank you :)

  29. You look marvelous.
    I need a trench like yours.

  30. Your pictures turned out beautifully. I am loving the hat and the coat.

  31. That purple on the lake is fantastic.

  32. Super loving that trench and sassy hat! Too cute! :D

  33. Great shots.
    What a cute skirt.