Okay. Day four of no power.* Only now over half the town has power and it feels like my street is the only one still in the dark. So I'm at Starbucks, sucking down their power and latt├ęs, and I'm a bit wired right now, in both respects.

Which probably explains my current good mood, even though it's 9 o'clock and I'm missing Burn Notice...

In one hour when they kick me out I'll be just as lost again though.

In other news, how the heck is it September? Seriously? No. I refuse. I will date all my papers August 31st for the rest of the year. And just like always, it seems the heat gets snapped away just as quickly, mornings and evenings are chilly, sweaters are filling up shop window displays, bloggers are dreaming about knee high boots and tights... I still haven't worn one of my white dresses yet!

I guess there is one good thing about September, New York Fashion week is upon us.  Is anyone going to any blogger meetups? I haven't been invited to any fashion shows or events or anything like that, but I think just being in the city is going to be a lot of fun!

*update as of 11 pm, power is on!! (no, Internet, tv, or phone though)

A little chambray A little chambray A little chambray A little chambray A little chambray
The Rundown
Dress Avon The Nude Look - Chambray Tuxedo Shirt J. Crew - Bag Charm & Luck - Sandals Naturalizer Jangle - Bracelet Kohls - Cuff NY&Co. - Earrings Coco's on the Green - Ring Lia Sophia


  1. wow, I can't believe this. I just typed up a blog post about how i don't want summer to end. sorry about your power situation, I hope they fix it soon.

  2. i hope your power comes back soon :-/ on a better note, i love your outfit. so relaxed and simple.
    i can't believe its sept either...where does the time go?!?!?! ugh, LOL.


  3. wow I love your outfit and the location! =)

  4. Loving the outfit! And yea, no invites for me but it would be nice to be in the city, too bad I can't :(
    Don't worry, you'll get power back soon!

  5. lovely outfit, as always! :)

    and i totally agree. it's september?! no way! and i find myself looking for my sweater in the morning and at night. oh my, next thing we know it's halloween then thanksgiving then christmas. it's both exciting and kinda sad. :/ ;)

    <3, Mimi

  6. I'm 15 min from Manhattan! We should definitely meet up!!

  7. Love that skirt!

    Can't believe you're still without power, that's awful, I'm sorry! Hope it's back up soon! I'm normally with you on not wanting summer to end, but this year was so unbearably hot here that I'm ready for a cooldown. It was still in the mid 90s here today! All I'm asking for is low 80s/70s at this point, nothing too drastic, I'm not ready to bust out coats or anything.

  8. wow, 4 days of no power?!! i admire your persistence to blog! i love this outfit. the colors are amazing and i love the chambray layering.

    cute & little
    TJMaxx Satchel Giveaway!

  9. I don't know where the summer's gone either! It just flew right past. I love this carefree outfit! The nude/pink skirt is beautiful and the chambray is a perfect topper.

  10. OMG wouldn't going to NYFW be a DREAM?!?! Or, like you say, just being in New York during that week. Amazing.

    I can't yet decide if I'm ready for summer to go or for fall to come. It has been scorching, but all the while, I know I'll miss the warm mornings and evenings.

    I love your pretty skirt. I hope your power comes back in full force soon!

  11. Glad the power's back! Seriously what would we do without Starbucks. They provide caffeine and internet... which are both totally necessary for life haha. I just saw and passed over a chambray shirt at L.L.Bean (it was $40 anyway) because it's already almost the end of summer.
    I'm emailing my boss about Hyden Yoo on Wednesday, if she has invites and doesn't use them we might be able to go. Hyden did a presentation in Feb, not sure if S/S 2012 will be a full show or not,

  12. Hope you get your electricity back, glad you have places to go and function. Such a pretty look, especially adore the chambray blouse.

    ♥, Jamie

  13. oh no power that sucks quite a lot! hope you'll get it back soon! i love your outfit, great colors

  14. Love the pictures, beautiful outfit, love ur bracelet, so pretty


  15. We never had much of a Summer anyway here in Scotland so the Autumn/Winter weather won't be a drastic change! Haha! What does bother me is how quickly the year itself has passed! I can't quite believe it!

    Your outfit is gorgeous, I love your shirt! You always seem to find the loveliest places to take your photos :-)

  16. i really like your outfit!!<3

    i really can't live without electricity. even a day without power feels like a year!

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  17. Glad your power finally came back on! Love this dress from Avon. I am totally kicking myself for not getting it. The tied chambray shirt is a perfect match with the dress.


  18. Glad to hear your power is back on. Hopefully things will return to normal soon.

    I would love to be in the city during fashion week. I actually had the privilege of attending a few fashion shows about 5 years back and it was so fun (although cold - February in NYC is not great to walk around in!). Color me envious!

  19. I'm so glad your power finally came back on! Internet, tv, and phone can't be too far behind....

    I was thinking about coming into the city for the IFB conference and some of the Fashion's Night Out festivities but with September being the start of classes and teaching responsibilities I am just totally swamped and I don't know if I'll have the time. Boo.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  20. I might be routing for fall this year b/c I cut off all my hair and it can't handle the humidity!! Just cross our fingers that CT doesn't get another winter like this past one :(

  21. I cannot but agree with you... being in NYC for FW has got to be an experience ! Even if ONLY to hang outside the shows...

  22. I'm sorry about your power. We went without for 5 days during an ice storm once, and it stinks! You look MUCH better than I did, though. (What's your secret? I just couldn't adequately maintain my beauty rituals at the gym!)

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  23. I adore that skirt! It's so cute and girly and chic :)

    Bummer about no power.... :(

    I love that it's September. I had a fun summer, but I love fall, too :)

  24. I'm loving the tied blouse these days. I'm doing it a bunch too. It's so super cute.

    You look great in this.

    I can't believe you still have no power. That's insane.


  25. Yippee, you have power! Having hot water preceeds everything for me - even the Internet. :)

    I really like it when you wear flats! :) And this background is so lovely!

  26. I'm glad that the power is back on. I'd like to go to NYC for Fashion Week sometime, but I'll take any excuse for a visit there.

  27. I am sure that you get power soon, but I can imagen how frustating it must be.
    You look fabulous.

  28. So glad your power is back on. I can't believe it took so long, but at least you've got it back.

  29. Amazing tuxedo shirt! Always a classic. xo style, she wrote

  30. your outfit is gorgeous- love your blue bag and your skirt!

    COme follow my blog sweetie ;)


  31. I know, it really is crazy how time flies!:D Better wear your white dress soon.;D

    Have a safe and fun long weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  32. Love your chambray shirt with the pretty pink skirt!! Hope you get your internet back soon!!!



  33. I'd be absolutely nutty after going without power for that long! Thank goodness you have your killer style and a latte to keep you company! ;-)

  34. You look great. Denim shirts can be so dressy and cute when styled properly, you did a great job.
    Hope you get full service back, you and all the people who don't have it. I have been there.


  35. hope it's all up and running by now!! I still cant believe how some people were complaining they were forced to take extra precautions and nothing happened when some people are living w/o power like you were and still may be.

  36. i'm glad the power's back...hope the internet will follow asap!

  37. loving that chambray tuxedo shirt. gorgeous on you. and looks great with the neutral dress. bummer about the power. i seriously would go crazy without power!!!


  38. I"m so glad your power is back!! hopefully everything gets up and running soon..

  39. no power is no fun, I had that during the hurricane. Your look is lovely with the tuxedo shirt. Enjoy the festivities during NYFW dear. -xxoo

  40. Oh I'm so glad your power finally came back on and hopefully everything else followed soon after? I know people are lamenting the end of summer, but I am seriously jealous of the impending fall weather you all will get! Just the mention of knee high boots and tights makes me miss it SO much. =]

    xx Melina

  41. I'm glad that your power is back and that you made it through the storm safely! I for, one, am excited for winter! I miss my boots.

  42. Yay, I'm glad your power is back. Hopefully cable and internet will follow shortly. I wish I were doing something cool for fashion week, but I'll probably just live vicariously through other bloggers and stay here in KC.