My closet is (still) overwhelmed

I did a load of laundry today and was attempting to return the articles to their places in the closet, when I realized that they had none. There was simply no room to squeeze, and I was feeling so disgusted with myself that I went on a rampage. I just grabbed, and started to fill a bag.
I pulled almost every cropped cardigan I own. A bunch of old and stained cammies. A raincoat I never wore that now looks gross. But I still have over 50 belts, I eliminated fewer than 10. Out of 50 pairs of shoes, I pulled two.
I know I don't want to end up on an episode of Hoarders, but why is it so hard to get rid of things?

Here is what I've come up with;
1. Money. I worked hard to earn the money, and getting rid of things is kind of like throwing it away. Especially if it was something that I wore once or twice.
2. I loved it once. It was my favorite thing and now it just isn't my style. But love doesn't just go away.
3. I might want it again someday. I regretted getting rid of a light pink sweater so much that I went and got another. In six months, in a year, in two -- what if I want it and it isn't there?

At least I managed to fill a large bag; and put it next to the other, equally large bag that is holding all the items in the shop.
Which brings me to the shop. A good idea, sure, but the stuff has just been sitting around far too long. Knowing that it is still in the house is bothering me, so here is the deal - take a look at the shop and if you want something, make me an offer. Any offer, because next week it is just going to have to get donated.

And then, as soon as I was done, the first thing I did?
Checked some shoes I've been stalking on amazon.
Steve Madden Daynty Open-Toe Clogswent down to $40.
Seychelles Gypsy Sandalis still $55.
(I've got $25 in Amazon rewards and they have been burning a hole in my pocket.)

Maybe what I really need is to move somewhere I can have a bigger closet?

thumb in pocket
Lately everyone seems to be buzzing about some 70's trends returning, so I pulled out my flared jeans and sequined clogs I bought in 2005.
70's, or 2005
The Rundown
Top Gap - Jeans TJMaxx - Sequin Clogs Rocket Dog - Cardigan TJMaxx - Ring American Eagle
70's, or 2005
If you notice those light rings around the hem of my jeans, it's because of all the times I pinned them under to wear them with different heel heights. That is one thing I hate about pants; when you get them you must decide then and there what heel height you want to wear them with forever. If you try to have it more than one way, you end up with ruined pants.
sequin clogs
The funny thing about the sequin clogs -- back in 2005 Stacy and Clinton threw away these clogs on an episode of What Not To Wear. And I thought, "oh no, my clogs aren't fashionable!" I did still wear them for sometime after that, but if I were following the one year rule for my closet purge, these would be gone. (They probably would have been gone a year and a half ago, actually.)
70's, or 2005


  1. I'm lovin' how you're channeling the 70's with this outfit! Hey, I like those sequined clogs! No way can they end up in the trash!

  2. I love the 70's vibe... and I am so stoked it is coming back.. that decade's clothes flattered my curvy figure! Cheers!

    Girls Day Out

  3. the outfit!
    and second...I know what you mean about getting rid of stuff! I admit I don't have as much as you but if I had a bigger closet I would have so much more (my closet is like half a normal closet :( )

  4. I totally get you Lyddie, yesterday I was reading a guys blog and mentioned that he never rotates his closet, he always have all his clothes out, which makes me feel pretty bad because I have 2 full closets and no more space for extras. I have too much, and like you I have a hard time getting rid of things, especially those one of a kind vintage clothes or the ones I refashioned but no longer wear because I put my time into tailoring them for me...and of course it cost me money, some days though I wish I had just a few pieces there that I could remix over and over....however if I did that I would probably not have blog because dressing would be a total bore. I need get rid of clothes too...what I did last time was to buy a container with a lid at Wal Mart, slowly but surely I'm dumping things in there that I don't like how they look on me, I'm not openin to hunt down things, I just open the lid a bit and dump something, once it's full I'm going to empty everything in a bag and take it to Goodwill without looking through it. I did the same with my etsy shop stuff and never looked back.

  5. Cool clogs! I guess what goes around comes around.

    I know what you mean about getting rid of clothes. It's a fine line, right? These days I am trying to be more discriminating in what I buy, but sometimes it can be hard to resist all the sales!

  6. I hate getting rid of items, mostly because of 2 and 3...I'm ridiculously sentimental at times. :'D
    I really like the shoes with this outfit, they're so iridescent.

  7. I can totally agree with your closet woes! I feel like I can't get rid of anything either, and I don't even let my sisters get rid of anything until I've had my look at their's sick...haha!

  8. Oh, the things we do for love. I refuse to part with any of my Express shirts. It was my senior of high school when I bought my first cami from there and I felt like it was the first piece of name brand clothing I owned. I haven't worn any of them in years, but I still feel like if there was a fire in my house, I would try to save them. Ridiculous!

    I love the flared jeans!

  9. WOW 50 belts !
    You look great as usual. And thanks for the tip on the skirt at f21. It looks really nice. Problem is that store is in the next city which I rarely get to. I just want to go right now but I've got family over all weekend so early next week ...
    Hope they still have them in stock. I can betcha it won't be as cheap as 8.50 This is Canada :)
    Cami lllove

  10. I love your blush and lipstick today! Oh man, I'd say go for the Seychelles but I've seen them in person and absolutely adore them. Those sequin clogs are amazingly perfect right now! I am so not going to be in style for spring, the last time I had 70s-inspired stuff was in 7th grade!
    Oh and something I read somewhere that has to do with cleaning out closets said you should keep a box of clothes in the back of a closet or somewhere that contain the ones you're not quite ready to give up yet. Pull it out again in a few months and then make your final decision with fresh eyes!

  11. i think those three things too whenever i try to clean out my closet and get rid of clothes i probably won't wear anymore (but feel i still will, haha). ;)

    <3, Mimi

  12. There's something kind of crazy cool about those sequin clogs, regardless of what Stacy London and Clinto might have had to say about a twin pair!
    And, you just outlined perfectly the reason why I don't do laundry. I mean, I do laundry, but then I just let it sit in clean laundry baskets because I have no more drawer, closet and hanger space to put the clean items in! It's a predicament!
    It sounds like you were able to weed quite a substantial amount out, however, so you should feel proud!

  13. I'm with you - it's so hard to get rid of things. I think the 1-year rule doesn't really work. Like you, I've pulled things out that haven't been worn for a year or two and ended up wearing them again. You never know when something will come back in style. Lately I'm trying to get rid of the stuff that
    -really and truly doesn't flatter me;
    -is junky/worn out and can't be saved (like a layering-cami that was starting to get yellowish and holey...gross!);
    -I don't actually like that much (and I've tried to convince myself to like).
    Everything else stays and gets stored if it's not in season.
    Does this make us hoarders? I don't know. I just know that, like you, I've gotten rid of stuff according to de-cluttering advice and really regretted it. I think people make themselves feel superior by having less, and it's kind of annoying!

    Lydia x

  14. Keep those clogs - classes sequin stuff never goes away.
    I love that dark purple on you :)

  15. I'm not a hoarder at all, quite the opposite but I have seen Hoarders! I do a regular clean-up and donate stuff to the Salvation Army at least twice a year. Perhaps that's an option for you?

  16. Nice outfit! Re the clothing problem - I read on another fashionista's blog that she stole cupboard space from other rooms of the house!
    A rule of de-cluttering I once read about is to get rid of anything you haven't worn/used in the last 12 months because it's highly unlikely you are going to use it in the next 12 months.
    Good luck with whatever you decide. :)

  17. Throwing away things is brutal. I'm still kicking myself for throwing away a denim jacket with a fur collar that totally hadn't fit me for *years* and now I want it. Even though it still wouldn't fit me, I want it back. I try to think of it as making room for newer, better things (things that actually fit me)!

    And I totally own that shirt as well :) Bought it on super Gap sale!!

  18. LOL! OMG I can't believe those got thrown away in WNTW! Stacy and Clinton can be brutal, and they always dis thrift store style too, so eff em!

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
    Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland

  19. oh gosh, i always throw away things without thinking twice and yet my wardrobe still has absolutely NO SPACE at all! T_T
    now i kinda regret throwing some of the things i loved...i miss them much!

  20. at least the new owners will equally love your old stuff =) i know it's not always easy to let go of clothes, but you did the right thing =)

    <3 hazel

  21. Got to love those shoes! YAY!
    Fun to find you...XX to you- Emily from EL Vintage

    PS- I am a new follower. :-)

  22. I feel like your closet conundrum is one that so many people can relate to. If you got a bigger closet, would you just shove more stuff in it? hard to say! I think in a lot of ways it is best to rid of something if it was trendy (and the trend is done), ill-fitting, or inexpensive. Hold on to vintage, designer, classic pieces and accept that there will just be some items that you never want to part with. good luck! Love, A

  23. Yep, I'm still having that same problem as you... Although, I think I've gotten better at it since the last time I read your post of the same topic! If you can easily forget pieces of clothing (sometimes we don't realize that we do), just get rid of some things and not look back! I have been putting off donating some of my clothes for a while now, and the box of to-donate clothes is still sitting in the attic. Whenever I look at it, I find stuff to pull out again! I should just send it away and never think of it again. Maybe you can do that too. Just BLITZ it and not spend so much time deciding on what to give away (or sell). Too much thinking causes complications!

  24. I like your points above.. I always think "I could wear this again when it comes in fashion.." we have a small house so it forces me to keep the closet tameable otherwise I would have stuff everywhere!!!

    I adopted the policy of buy one, give one.. so when I buy something I have to clean out something.. actually I am behind on this one...!! oooops!! lol

  25. I'm really bad at getting rid of stuff, too, because I always think I'm going to wear it again. And sometimes I do, so I think it's ok ;-) Love that blouse!

  26. OMG this could have been my post. The same thing happened to me when I was putting clothes away and I too have a $25 Amazon credit that needs to be put to good use.

  27. I vote for the seychelles shoes in orange! Also love the wideleg these days

  28. I think a bigger closet is most def the answer!

  29. cute clog and love that ring :)

  30. Nice outfit and you've got beautiful hair!

    Love Nanne

  31. My biggest problem is #3. "Maybe I'll wear it again" I just need to bite the bullet. If I haven't worn it in 6 months or a year, it probably won't be missed. BTW--I love that bow neck blouse. It's gorgeous.

    Follow @UnraveldTreads on Twitter!

  32. I love your idea of the $10 shop, it is really hard to get rid of things, but it's really refreshing and you feel happier afterwards, I promise! :)

    And those sequin clogs are so pretty, despite what they might think on What Not To Wear :) Like the wide leg jean alternative to skinnies, it's a breath of fresh air.
    much love.

  33. This is my favorite outfit of yours hands down!!

    <3 Sarah

  34. I love this look, woo hoo retro vibe! Good luck with your purging :)

  35. You look like .... someone from that 70's show.
    I adore the look :)
    In regards to the closet cleaning... i get you.
    However I just came back from your shop and honestly think that you got rid of the right items.
    I have closet issues myself and a bigger closet does not change things. My husband offered to make a spare room we have at home into a walk in closet for me and i declined as it will only lead me to more shopping and then i will only need more space. It never ends.
    I think I have enough- from what I see I think you do too...