I cleaned out my closet a little over the weekend, so of course I'll I can think about is shopping. Tomorrow is February first, which means it is the start of a new budget. And I bet I could easily spend it all in ten minutes.

Here are the things I'm currently lusting after, and wondering how many more things I'd have to take out of my closet to justify buying them?
The feather dress is a big lust item, it is from Urban Outfitters and is on sale for $100. I am completely in love with it.
The shoes, Gypsy and Peacock, both by Seychelles have been calling out to me. I could get them from Endless, which is a great place for shoe shopping, since not only do they have free shipping and a free 365 day return policy, but a two week price match guarantee as well. (No, they aren't paying me, but they should.)
The scalloped skirt is on sale for $20, and while its not shorts, it is similar.
The tulip skirt is on sale for $15 - true I have a tulip skirt, but it's black.
And that wishbone necklace -- well, I should have bought it in September when I first wanted it, because the price has risen seven dollars to $32.

I don't know what is wrong with me... I just want to buy things. I want to fill my closet because I can't fill my life up with anything else. I am so resistant to change, so stubborn, so frightened, and I won't go after the things I want in life, so I spend all this time obsessing over the things I want in my closet. If only I could redirect that ambition and determination elsewhere.

But enough about that. It's Yellow Week, and that is supposed to be something positive.

The Rundown
Silk Mustard Blazer Thrifted - Floral Skirt TJMaxx - Top Gap - Splendid Sandals Jeffrey Campbell - Necklace The Cavernous Jewelry Box - Earrings Simply Vera at Kohls - Beaded Purse Thrifted
I tried out Refinery 29's knot hair do, but I could not get it to stay. The bobbie pins loosened and the hair just unknotted.
I've also decided to add this mustard blazer to the blog shop. I've had it for months and only worn it twice. It's not pulling it's weight. I'd rather have a camel blazer in it's place...


  1. LOOOOVE the yellow blazer.
    And that feather dress is on SpottedMoth in grey for $35.

    Buy that one :)
    Your outfits are so inspirational, even if I've neglected telling you that lately!!

  2. I know the feeling. When I feel like crap I just want to fill my closet with clothes for the fantasy life I'm about to have. Oh well....This blazer is awesome.

  3. This outfit is crazy awesome. I love everything about it, seriously, especially the juxtaposition of the purse's and skirt's pattern. I hope you are able to redirect your ambition to...whatever it is that you need to refocus it on. I always get in funks in winter. But, I think wearing yellow is a good start. :)

  4. Love those pieces and your outfit!
    I know what you mean...I think thats why I like shopping so much too...

  5. Beautiful color of the jacket...and that scalloped skirt you have your eye on is INSANE. :D

  6. Good girl! Take baby steps Lyddie, I know change is hard and like you I also try to fill the void with clothes. I don't want to stop shopping, the only thing I want to do is learn how to be a wiser shopper. I agree with you on that blazer, although it's a beautiful color I think a more fitted one would suit you better. I had a couple of things that I was clinging to because they once made a great outfit, however I cannot remix them with my other clothes or I feel very self-consious when I wear them, so I comprimised, I gave away 5 of those things for 1 really good looking thing (even if it was full price) that could easily be remixed and went perfect with my style. I bought 2 sweaters and gave up 10 things. Next month when the challenge is over I will give up 5 more things and buy some shoes that I really want and that I'm sure I will wear because they are falts and I'm on my feet all day. Negotiate, you are a beautiful girl, don't be afraid to make drastic choices, life is about choices, things, clothes, materials are just things, they can't have any more power over you than what you let them. Take the first step, you can do it. Don't let those clothes that you never wear look at you and remind you that you've failed at controlling yourself when you shop. Give them away to someone who will give them a second chance. They are just clothes. =) I'll be keeping you in my prayers, take care.

  7. I have mixed feelings about the start of a new month... I already have 32 items in my S/S 11 wishlist. FML. Disaster. I love the blazer and the little floral skirt, but my favorite piece by far is that bag, it's fantastic! Off to find something yellow to wear tomorrow!

  8. You seem to spend your money really well going by the budget you are on. And between thrifting and the budget perhaps you can afford all you are buying/lusting after. My only advice (you don't have to take it :)) would be to make sure you are saving money inspite of all the shopping. That way there'll be a back up if you ever need it.

  9. aww this is a sweet post. i didn't know it was yellow week! i have a cute little yellow satchel that i always forget to use...


  10. New month and more money to spend. What's a girl to do! ; )

  11. are so talented...don't let fear shut you down. Think of it this way fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real....most of the things that hold us back are just false evidence in our minds...step out and go for it...concentrate on bold, courageous steps and make one of those to control spending and shop smart!! You are so cute and have a great amount of talent...go for it...don't let fear hold you down!


  12. Those Gypsy's are on SALE. Oh wow.

    And I hear you on letting things try to fill the void. Resist purchasing for that reason alone. Only purchase things you love and really listen to your inner voice. Fight back the fear!! You can do it. I just know it.


  13. I really admire you resolve to avoid new purchases for a while - it can be really hard but it seems like you already have such a full and fun wardrobe that I say don't look at this as not buying new things but as a chance to shop your own closet and come up with cool remixes etc.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    P.S. Love the yellow blazer!

  14. It's probably a good thing that I am not wanting anything right now or else I wouldn't have signed up for the 30 for 30 challenge. Although I'm loving those coral shaded shoes....swoon!

  15. Don't buy the skirt, wait for the shorts!
    Perhaps you should set a goal, I won't spend money in the first week of Feb then when you get the first week over with, go the next and so on ... or get the money in cash, put it in a tin that you can't get open and think about what you actually will be able to buy when that tin is full! It's too easy to have money in the bank, on your credit card or Paypal account and to buy whenever you feel like it. And boy, I totally understand buying things to fill the unsatisfied part of you.

  16. I love the feather dress. The yellow blazer is pretty.

  17. I love the length of the yellow blazer, but I can see how a camel one would be so versatile!
    The feather dress is a must, I'm headed over to see the one Suze spotted for a third the cost! (Also, that wishbone necklace? Love!)

    Your words about filling a closet instead of a life really struck me. Don't we all fall into that trap, sometimes? I know I do. I think it's part of the human condition. Everybody has something that's external to them to give some internal meaning. Maybe it's clothes, or maybe it's cars or music or books or fishing lures or who knows what. And you have filled up your life with one huge thing: All these women who you inspire and uplift. You were one of the first people to reach out and make any kind of connection with me when I started my blog! Thank you for that!

  18. Love the blazer too!
    Hmmm.... I totally get the need to shop. I sometimes feel like it fills some hole in my soul... only to need more a little while later.

  19. beautiful blazer. I can send you a real (and cleaned) wishbone from a quail if you like. For free. I made a necklace out of one last summer. I'm serious. Let me know.

  20. That feather dress also reminds me of the Feather or Haute Dress I recently saw on for $58.99

  21. I'm so jealous of your ability to wear yellow!

    There's nothing wrong with you for wanting to buy things. Change is hard, shopping isn't, and I think a lot of us get that.

  22. I love the feather dress!! I also really love how you've worn this bright yellow blazer! :)

  23. thank you for your honesty - i totally identify with buying clothes instead of working on other things ("if I have the perfect work dress, i'll be a real professional..." and so on). The amazing thing is how self-aware you are.

    i'm off to post a yellow-week pic! i don't have much yellow in my closet because it makes me look sickly but i did bring out a very old t-shirt in honor of the occasion :).

    Lydia x

  24. You would totally rock the feathered dress - get it! Loving the blazer

  25. I love the mustard blazer but don't think it would be much like the short sleeved blue jacket I have - I just don't wear it that often. But I do love this outfit.

  26. It's so tricky to find that balance in life. On one hand, perfecting your wardrobe can give you the confidence to tackle the other aspects of your life, but it can't be a distraction - which is hard to do. You're so smart, thoughtful and beautiful. I'd vote for an anti-shopping month and put that money into classes of some sort instead. (I just signed up for a stained glass workshop!)

    Given that, you look beautiful here. Yellow week is too much fun. And your clutch is a wonderful find!

  27. Oooh, the feather dress is a beauty.

  28. You always look so pretty in yellow. The beautiful purse, necklace, and clogs perfect your outfit. I love scalloped and tulip shaped skirts too...and that wishbone necklace would make such a cute accessory!
    much love.

  29. i love the black skirt and the wish bone necklace. and that blazer looks awesome on u!

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  30. that yellow blazer is such a great thrift find!
    i really hope that dressing fabulously will give you the inspiration you need in other areas!

  31. This is a GORGEOUS outfit!

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
    Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland

  32. Oh, I like this blazer.
    I have also been on the HUNT for a camel colored garment. No luck so far.
    I too have realized that shopping is a way fill my life up as something is missing. I try to shy away from even asking myself what it is.
    I don't even want to know if my glass is half full or half empty. Actually it's half empty.

  33. omg! i love your wish list! you don't have to apologise! just do what you want!
    believe me, i'm also addicted to shopping and i don't care about what people say!
    i love your outfit! esp the blazer and the sandals!

  34. I wish I had wise words to share with you - no I don't because I always feel awkward sharing them. BUT! I do love how honest you are about your love/hate relationship with shopping.
    For the record, I love your outfit, and I'd stalk that feather dress until it went on real sale.

  35. You always have amazing accessories. I especially like that dress in your lust list!
    I can't wear tulip skirts, they are terrible on my legs! Wish I could, they are so sweet and whimsical

  36. This yellow blazer looks beautiful on you! I especially love it paired with that clutch!

  37. Seychelles shoes are the bomb diggity! And I'm really diggin' your clogs!

  38. I love this look from head to toe! Yellow Week! How fun! that blazer reminds me of one I wanted from my local Crossroads. Didn't get it, but now wishing I had! Lovely!

  39. i like this "yellow week" !
    n yes sometimes its too hard to change.. but once you decide to take the first step and you feel the difference, you will not want to go back.. :)