A Little Sparkle In Your Step

Not too sound too depressing, but there are nine more weeks of winter ahead. Yeah, that is pretty bleak - the cold, the snow, the ice, for two more months and a week. And then the spring will continue to feel like winter well into May, like last year. I remember it was the last weekend in April, I was spending a long weekend in Boston, and I packed a bunch of light dresses and tank tops, only to be met with frigid air, and I had to borrow warmer apparel from my friend.

But to fight the winter blues, how about some sequins? It is very easy to go wrong with such bedazzled apparel, and there have been many times when i've completely dismissed them. I've found a few pieces wtih black sequins which I feel are subtle enough to be really chic, while being quite playful.

These pointy toed tripple strapped mary janes are adorable, and black is really the best choice - the red ones would invoke far too many Dorothy comments, and the blue, while tempting are just too much. They are on sale for $32.99, so it's easy to see why they are called Treatalicious.

This crochet beret wtih it's jumbo sequins reminds me of something Carrie Bradshaw wore in the Sex and the City movie, and I think that's the reason I was drawn to it. It's could be fun, and it is on sale from Free People for $19.95.

Sometimes the sparkle just needs to be on the inside, like tucked into your purse with this blue glittery cosmetic bag by Avon. I actually own this one, and it's sadly no longer in the brochure, but a few of them are floating around on ebay for a respectable $7 shipped. It's much prettier in person too.

Of course if your not one to ever even consider putting a sequin near your skin, than perhaps you'd enjoy this print, found on Etsy, of some sequins. It's $25 and is described as having a metallic print finish. That could be quite impressive.

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