The 75% off dilemma

It happens every January, nearly a month has passed since christmas, and I happen upon a small mecca of heavily discounted 'gift' items.

This time it was at Macy's jewelry department, where there were several racks and tables of the clearance seasonally packaged jewelry.

So I think, 'this is perfect, I can get such a head start on my christmas shopping!', and I start picking up items and mentally ticking off people in my head... Fossil charm necklaces in little tin boxes, others in black satin purse shaped envelopes, even a fish charm necklace in a polar bear box.

I fill my arms, 'oh yes, christmas '09, I'm ready for you... and oh, here's a little something for myself.' And everything seems to be going really well, until the doubt comes in. I start to wonder things like, 'what if in the next 11 months I find something better for this person, or what if I forget I even bought it, or I know I bought it, but can't remeber where I put it, or I do give it to them, but they want to return it, only that would be impossible.'

Which leads me to then not get anything, for anyone - except for myself.

So I ended up with a $25 gold bird charm necklace for $6, a $48 Monet chain necklace for $12, and a $15 star charm necklace for $3.75.

Somehow things are just better when they are on sale. I would always rather have a $50 item for $12 than a $12 item for $12.

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