I must have matured, I want to wear gold

For years I have shunned gold jewelry, stating that it was for 'older people'. I suppose I have now become one of them, because I want nothing more than to adorn myself in classy, delicate gold pieces.

At my local bead store I found these tiny gold balls with cubic zirconia embedded in them, and I made these cute earrings.

Now I've found this matching ring on Amazon, half off for $46. I love the thin, 2mm band and the fact that it's solid gold.

I'd love to have several of these oversized bangles on my wrist, perhaps at all times - for causal looks, evenings out, the kind of classy look that would make a black tee and jeans into an outfit.
14k Gold plated silver bangle with cubic zirconia, $30 at Amazon.

For pieces which are merely gold tone, I like these Chain drop earrings by Daisy Fuentes at Khols, for $9.10. I can imagine wearing these with my hair down, letting only little glimpses of gold shine through when I fuss with my hair.

I love the length of this Jewel Box Necklace by Urban Outfitters for 12.99. At 34" it will fall well below the neckline and will look lovely when combine with a scarf wrapped around the neck. The double strand necklace has little filigree beads and small dark faceted beads, to add plenty of personality to the gold chains.

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