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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Red, Camel, Leopard. Repeat.

It has become clear that I've become obsessed with anything leopard print. I had to add these gloves to my collection. The leopard is fabric, but the underside is leather, which was essential so that I could wear them while driving. What is worse than a bare hand on an ice cold steering wheel?

I've also realized that attaching the fur collar to the trench has caused me to fall in love with both pieces all over again. Between the two of them I spent less than $20, and yet, wearing them makes me feel incredibly luxe, like I could have spent thousands.

Even with the mild winter we are having, I'm still feeling uninspired, and certainly not as adventurous as I was last winter. I just seem to want to wear red, camel, and leopard over and over again. (But for the sake of the blog, I'll force myself to wear some other things as well.)

The red pencil-1.jpg The red pencil-11.jpg The red pencil-6.jpg The red pencil-5.jpg The red pencil-3.jpgThe red pencil-9.jpg The red pencil-10.jpg
The Rundown
Leopard Button Down Anne Klein - Red Pencil Skirt Express Similar - Trench London Fog Thrifted - Fur Collar Thrifted - Clutch Zara - Shoes Me Too - Antler Ring House of Harlow - Belt TJ Maxx - Tights TJ Maxx - Sunnies Halston - Leopard Gloves Echo Similar - Nail Polish Essie Fair Game - Pearl Leash Fabuleash - Dog Chloe
The red pencil-7.jpg


  1. If it works, keep on going with it! I love your gloves - great eBay find!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. I love every aspect of this outfit (yes dog included!)
    I totally feel you on bare hands and an ice cold stirring wheel-YUCK!

  3. cute blog hun! can't wait to read more! found you while "blog walking" and thought i would say a hello!

    newest follower ♥ -- would love it if you could visit me and follow back sometime ?

    hugs, xo

  4. As always, fabulous outfit Lyddie ... love the belt and gloves.

  5. I love your tights and the combo of the trench and fur collar - very chic :)

  6. It's just as well I live over the other side of the world otherwise I would be tempted to steal that coat! Each time I see it I want it more - hopefully when winter comes here I'll find one of my own!

    Leopard is a good obession to have

  7. leopard print is obsession. I feel obsessed with looking at outfits with it (better for my wallet than wearing it myself)
    pet your cutie from me! your dog is adorable!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  8. Oh-so-stylish. I love the leopard print gloves!

  9. You look so chic in this outfit! love it!


  10. Love you in the first pic, and that grey nail polish is fantastic.
    I always tell you how good you look in skirts.

  11. This is such a fabulous outfit! I love the patterned socks over tights and really love your heels!

  12. Hehe, I just love that pearl leash!!
    And I know what you mean, I feel very boring this winter (I was last winter too though...) *sigh*
    Maybe today I'll dress like a crazy person

  13. Ok seriously girl, this outfit is fierce! You belong in an Audrey Hepburn movie!


  14. We all know my feelings on leopard print! You look stunning.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  15. OMG those tights are RIDICULOUSLY awesome! The whole outfit rocks, but I want those tights!



  16. your shoes are amazing, looks like chanel ones :) lovely dog too xxx

  17. You certainly look like a million bucks lady! I love this look on you--maybe one of my faves! I love the fur collar and those leopard gloves. Very chic!

  18. Wonderful photos, I like them!!! This is such a nice post!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???
    Last day to win an amazing dress of your choice up to £200, enter the Zeleb giveaway

  19. Super sexy looking outfit, hot mamma!!!!

  20. You look so incredibly glamorous and classy. I absolutely love your leopard gloves and your two tone shoes. You look STUNNING!


  21. I love your coat! And your dog is so cute ♥

  22. Those tights are so cool! I like that they look like knee-high socks, only without the fuss of actual knee-high socks. (For some reason whenever I wear knee-high socks, they always slide down my legs and end up looking really dorky.)

  23. Red, camel, and leopard are such good colors on you though! That's probably why you run for them, haha. I'm pretty sure those gloves were made for you, and I'm sure you'll find ways to play around with them more without red and camel. :D

    Those tights are way neat. It's like you're wearing layered socks or something but you're not. Fancaaaaay. And the cap on your heels are perfect. I love that tasseled purse, too!

  24. Red is definitely your color--you look so pretty! Love red with leopard!


  25. A slippery hand on the steering wheel... I discovered wool gloves weren't meant for driving and haven't bought any since. A London Fog trench is an awesome piece-- you should feel like a million bucks! Red, camel, and leopard is a great combination in my book, so you should wear it as much as you want!

  26. You certainly look like a million bucks.
    And I get it - I have been loving animal print too.
    It makes me feel grown up- sometimes I need a reality check !
    Chloe's leash also adds a touch of lux to the entire look.

  27. such a stunning outfit ...those colors are just one of the best combos out there in my mind!

  28. loving your trench and I guess in comparison to our past winters this one is mild but its certainly not warm..no mam. :)

  29. Red and leopard always looks super stylish!

  30. I'm in love with those tights. Also I don't think there's anything 'safe' about this outfit. You are definitely rocking bright red, leopard print, and fur. Which may not be 'new' for you but is still very exciting and cool looking ;)

  31. Such fun tights!! I always love you you rock the leopard print!!

  32. All of my fave items in one post! Awesome ;)

  33. Those gloves are awesome! I love the red skirt. It's just a fab look on you.

  34. WOW your photos are incredible, so imaginative and fashion!!! I really like your blog, its so creative with amazing combinations!! In my opinion a really good inspiration sweety :)
    Coment my new outfit in http://s-justcarpediem.blogspot.com/
    Follow me and i'll do the same, thanks darling :)

  35. Those gloves are fantastic...I think we both have a little addiction to leopard print :)

  36. love the leopard and red together
    will be sporting that look soon as i wore that combo this weekend

  37. This look is so hot! You look like a Hitchcock heroine :) It doesn't get any better than leopard and a camel trench... Want to follow eachother via bloglovin?

    XX Kathryn


  38. If it ain't broke... :) I definitely LOVE this combo! and I also really definitely LOVE those tights!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  39. in love with this outfit! you look so chic.


  40. ohhh I loooove this outfit.. its the best!!! xoxo J

  41. We seriously adore this! It is too cute on you! Love the trench! So classically chic!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


  42. I love this outfit! the leopard shirt, fur collar and pop of red in your skirt really work well together.

  43. You look so chic which seems redundated but, I can't think of a better word :)

  44. I squeal in delight at how absolutely perfect this outfit is. I love the bit of forties glam you have going on.

    And Chloe is too cute for words! And fashionable at that :)

  45. I need those stockings, they are so fiece.



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