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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last post from D.C., promise

I was really debating if I should do another post on D.C., three really seemed like enough, but I took a few photos on my last day which were just too awesome to not blog.
Monument in my eye Lincoln by day
The Rundown
Top TJMaxx - Jeans Kohls - Necklace Gap - Earrings Aldo - Station Bag Coach Thrifted - Sunnies Kohls - Bracelet Kohls - Belt Gap - Sandals Onex Nile (um yeah, they aren't in any photos)

On Sunday, we hit up the monuments once again, this time in the light of day. I knew before planning the trip that I wouldn't be able to go in the washington Monument because of potential damage from that earthquake a while back, but I did not know that the reflection pool was dug up!!

Apparently last October (so a whole year ago) they realized that the pool was leaking and turning green and decided it needed to be redone. And 12 months later it still looks like a mud pit.  So much for the awesome photo I was hoping to take.
would have been pretty WWII WWII Fountain
The rest of the day was spent wandering the halls of the National Gallery, which was not to be missed. So many gorgeous works of art, and a really cool Andy Warhol exhibit (but you weren't allowed to take photos of it, sorry!)
pop art Warhol Spiral Staircase Tunnel Train approaching
Goodbye D.C.!


  1. Oooh I love that first photo!!! :D
    And poop on the pool being dug up!! That is stinkyful, well you'll just have to go back when its fixed :(

  2. Man, that reflecting pool is looking sad! But that top photo of you all smiles with the Washington monument is lovely.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. The first photo is so worth the visit to DC. Sad to see the pool dug up- that's the one in Forrest Gump I think?

  4. I really like visiting DC. I love all the Smithsonian museums (and the fact that they are free!!!) but the museum of natural history is my favorite!

  5. When I visit a new city one of the first places I go is the Art Gallery and this one looks incredible! I love your floral top- pretty in pink!

  6. You should just photoshop some water in hahaha. Doesn't seem the same without the pool :(

  7. I always like looking at vacation pictures!

  8. Stunning photos- glad you decided to share more! And I love that pink top on you!

  9. So sad to see the Reflection Pool gone. Looks like my boyf and I will be going to D.C. this thanksgiving, can't wait to see all the sights again!


  10. Lyddie, I am so glad you decided to do another post from DC! I've truly enjoyed all of the amazing pictures. You look great and I can see that you had a great time from the SMILE on your face! Thanks for sharing. :D

  11. these are all incredible--the first 3 especially. there's no way you couldn't share. wahoooo!

  12. There's not a day that I don't miss it! Gorgeous photos!

  13. I heart your blog! I'm now subscribing to your blog on my google reader!

    Please check out my blog when you get a chance.
    the personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane

  14. It is never enough of a good thing.
    You look gorgeous in that flowery top.

  15. i am honestly so frustrated with my internet connection. i can't see your photos. :( but it's okay, i'll just come back to check them out. i'm sure they look great!

    p.s. i would love to visit d.c. :)

    <3, Mimi
    Stages of Beauty Giveaway :)

  16. Great shots & pleased you decided to share them in the end!!

  17. This top is gorgeous! It makes you look so glow-y! :)

  18. Fabulous photos. I haven't been to DC in years...now I want to go back!

    I love the pink floral blouse you are wearing. Such the stylish tourist :)

  19. love these DC pics. glad you had a goodtime :-)


  20. Great photos! Love the first one of you by the monument. You have a great smile :)

  21. You look like you had a great time and it is always nice to read about places I have never been! Thanks for sharing!

  22. I've loved your D.C photos - has made me want to visit!

    The doll on fashion

  23. Thanks for sharing these photos :) I'm glad you did because I love looking at places where bloggers have traveled to! It's like I was there... kinda! Too bad about the pool though!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  24. Awesome pics,,,you look stunning:)))

  25. I've never been there before but always want to go there! and love your sunglasses :D

  26. oh man I cant believe they dug up the pool. How am I ever going to recreate that Forest Gump scene now ?

  27. Yep, the reflection pool and the ducks were gone.
    When I visited I was all excited telling my friend how pretty it was and i was telling her about the ducks and when we got there she was so disappointed :(
    But there's plenty more to see that makes up for it.

  28. I love D.C. you looked like you had loads of fun. It's a shame the pool is gone, but at least you'll have next time.

    btw, great outfit and lovely blouse. :)

  29. Beautiful pics, you are a great photographer! IDK, I think the dug up pool shot looks pretty cool.

  30. You look so happy. I love that floral blouse on you.


  31. Love that second photo of you smiling. It's always nice to share your ventures when you have such a great time.

  32. These are some seriously stunning shots...

  33. Looks like an amazing time!! So much to do and see in DC, it's a great city.

  34. Your pictures are awesome, I LOOOOVE them! As well as your top, cute.



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