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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Greener scenery

When I first put this outfit on, I thought one thing:
green bombshell

I can't say that's something that often comes to mind, but perhaps it helped that the suggestion was sitting on my dresser.
Needless to say, I love this outfit. I will absolutely wear it again when it gets warmer.
cardi detail
It is starring three new pieces which were Christmas gifts, the cardigan is from DownEast Basics and I love it. The lace panels on the sides are so "Me" and I'm happy that some family members do indeed comprehend my style.
The earrings and top were from different people, but seem to go together perfectly.
green tights
The Rundown
Top Gap - Cardigan DownEast Basics - Skirt TJMaxx - Shoes Kenneth Cole Reaction - Tights TJMaxx - Earrings Taken For Granite
look down
Today is green for rainbow tights week, and I wish I had a more vibrant green - these read more as a neutral than a statement. I do really love the olive green with the purple though, it is a combination I've done a number of times.

Today is also the last day in the No Repeats Challenge, I'll have to do a little sum up tomorrow!

These photos were of course taken earlier this week, before the massive snow fall - you can be sure it's all still piled up out there!


  1. I love your blouse, and anything VS!


  2. That printed purple blouse is fantastic! Great Christmas gifts, all the way around!

  3. Lovely blouse! I really like the muted tights; they lend a really soft feeling to the outfit.

  4. What great Christmas gifts! I love this color combo. I have a pair of tights that same color and you've given me great ideas of new ways to wear them. Thanks!

  5. Perfect outfit. I heart those shoes.

  6. Every time I visit you page, I say "I need to wear my skirts and dresses!" You give me so many ideas, I vow to stop wearing pants to work!

  7. That cardigan is really lovely - the side panels are such a unique touch!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  8. Gorgeous blouse! The earrings do match really well, don't they? It looks so nice and sunny there...I know these weren't taken too recently, but UGH I am jealous! I feel like it's been cloudy here for days. :|

  9. Olive green is a great neutral! I really like it paired with black and purple. The white cardigan is nice too - I pair black with black in the winter all too easily.

    Congrats on finishing No Repeats! I'll be looking forward to your recap!

  10. Olive green and purple is a favorite of mine also-This is so beautiful! So much texture and print-love it!

  11. Love the outfit! Are you not doing blue tomorrow?

  12. So lovely! that cardigan is perfect ! And that blouse too! This is definitely an outfit to keep on repeat. : )

  13. Oh, I like your shoes, nice combo

  14. You are simply gorgeous dear!!

    <3 Sarah

  15. That top is gorgeous! The pattern is so classic and feminine! Love it!


  16. You look gorgeous! Your blouse is stunning!



  17. Love your cardigan! Totally my style too :)

  18. I love it! You are so beautiful!!!!

  19. Yes I agree ... love your outfit!

  20. Green and purple are one of my favorite color combos too :) The lace cardi is great, I had to return most of my clothing Christmas gifts :/ I also love the blouse!

  21. love love love your blouse!!!
    p.s. check my blog out! i give away some of my creations!

  22. Gah, Your hair looks beautiful! I love the curls! You look so ladylike.

  23. You look lovely - LOVE the skirt, so cute!


  24. Hi, I think we follow comon blogs, so I decided to pop in and say hello. I love your blog, and I shall keep an eye for your future post.
    Have a superb weekend.

  25. WOW. I actually LOVE that olive colour SO MUCH. It compliments your skin colour so well. I looooove it.

    And these pictures are so fierce. I love the wind blowing in your hair! It's SO hair commercial!


  26. u look fabulous, i really love that blouse. its very chic!

  27. Glad your family comprehends your style! Mine is kind of a hit-or-miss when I get clothes as gifts. I just got a hoodie from Aeropostale from my brother and his wife, and I got earrings from my other sister in law who claims that when she saw the earrings, it was totally me. I was grateful for the thoughts, but I have never worn earrings at least in her presence. Lol, also I rarely wear hoodies except at home in my jammies. Maybe I'm just a bit complicated to figure out! I don't blame them.

    Anyway, nice olive green tights and cardi!

  28. very cute and the waist cinching is so slimming on you, it looks great. The colour combos work so well together as well

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  29. Congrats on completing the challenge.

    And per your comment on my blog, do NOT change the color of your beautiful, lustous hair.

  30. absolutely gorgeous pictures and you look absolutely amazing. Hope yu have a great weekend!


  31. I know you were referencing to the perfume, but you do look like a bombshell in this outfit. It's one of the prettiest outfits I've seen on you. And I love the broderie anglaise/crochet look detail on the cardigan...its so darling and totally you!

    much love.

  32. This is a perfect outfit Lyddie, I would not add anything or take away anything, you get a 100!

  33. I love the little rush of satisfaction when someone just gets my style - and that cardigan is perfect for you! The blouse is fabulous!
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  34. i can't believe most of this outfit was gifted - each thing is so 'you' and the clothes fit so well. I don't think I've ever been successfully given an item of clothing! There's always something just a bit off with the fit or style. Also I just have to say that those tights are perfect. They're subtle but much softer + less obvious than black.

    Lydia x

  35. That is one seriously great cardigan! Love the lace panels and the earrings are just beautiful! I think the green tights look perfect with the rest of the colors of this ensemble--an accent and not overpowering.

  36. Adore. Adore adore adore adore adore. The lacy detail on the cardigan is amazing, I love purple, and green tights! Such a wonderful color combination.

    Seriously though. ADORE.

  37. You look totally crazy gorgeous! Loving the skirt. It's really making me motivated to get my new black skirt altered already! ;)

    Who takes your fab photographs?


  38. LOVE how the earrings match the top :)

  39. I do adore this cardigan, I'd need it in another color as oatmeal looks ICK on my skin tone!


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