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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Call it luck, Call it OCD

Sometimes I have trouble letting things go. Like a certain pair of sandals. As soon as I got it into my head that I wanted those Jeffrey Campbell Splendid sandals, I was on a mission.
Of course at $120 they were out of my price range, and I then spent hours and hours trying to find the cheaper alternative. Nothing would quite measure up.

Nordstrom has them for half off - $60, however they only had sizes 10 and 11. Still, out of stock doesn’t mean forever and so I began checking the Nordstrom page daily and wishing for my size 8 to appear.

I also went for my old standby, the ebay saved search. Yesterday morning when I heard the lovely little ping of the email, I saw an auction for the Splendid. Buy it now of $74, opening bid of $50, $10 shipping. Normally I like to wait until the final seconds to bid, but I was worried someone might want to use buy it now, so I bid.

At 1 pm my iphone chirped and a message from ebay told me I’d been outbid. I was a little crushed, there was no way I’d be getting into a bidding war with some dumb person who doesn’t know to wait until the end of an auction to bid.

So, for the third time in 12 hours, I checked Nordstrom.
There they were. Size 8. Size 8! I had a mini heart attack and dove for my credit card. (why haven’t I memorized that number yet?) I imagine those were only in stock for a grand total of 30 seconds.

I’ll admit the shoes are still a bit pricey, even at half off – especially after sales tax and shipping, but sometimes I’d rather spend a little extra to get what I want than to settle and always be a tiny bit regretful.

The estimated arrival date is August 10th, so until then, I’ve got some other shoes I need to be wearing, like these printed flats.

Patterned flats

I had thought that it might be cool to pair them with a black and white printed top, but sometimes the obvious choice is the correct one, and I ended up wearing white, peach, and orange.


I wasn't feeling very photogenic today, so I took my accessories off to photograph them.

Daisy Earrings and Studded bracelet

The Rundown
Top Avon - Skirt Gap - Belt NY&Co. - Shoes Old Navy - Earrings Taken for Granite - Bracelet Kohls

And now, for what you all really wanted to know: the winner of the $60 CSN Stores Giveaway is AKing! Congratulations!


  1. YAY! I'm so happy you got the ones you wanted.

    It's always better to get the ones you want!

    And I love the outfit with those flats. Very cute!

  2. Glad you've found a size 8! Yay!:D

    Loving those flats, I really like the color.:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  3. Lyddie this is a great story and you're going to love them!!

    I have very similar Swedish Hasbeens and I wear them all the time. I actually had your shoes (read that YOUR shoes) in my hand in Nordstrom, but they were so close to mine I put them down.

    Prepare for awesomeness on your foot!! CONGRATS!!

    I love stories like this!!


  4. Ahhh, congrats on getting your shoes! I love them, and can't wait to see what you do with them! That's so awesome awwwwwwhhh! <3 I wish I could have gotten the clogs I wanted, they were $40 but I waited too long and yeah. :( damn. Maybe they'll come back in stock!

    I love how you styled your shoes and made the rest of your outfit fairly simple. Cute shirt!~

  5. So happy you got your shoes! Im currently in a bidding war over my perfect 50s dress. and I know how you feel, it sucks. But you got your shoes *happy dance*


  6. Those JC shoes are still a steal! I've been eyeing those as well.....

  7. wuah.. congrats!
    i can imagine how happy u are.
    less is more. simple yet beautiful :)
    love your flats!

  8. Those flats are wonderful and the belt you paired with your outfit - perfect!

    How is your week going? Here's to the weekend being just hours away! =)

  9. Love the clogs! They're amazing. The flats are very pretty too! Good finds :)

  10. i loved reading about the whole story about how you finally got your shoes! congrats! :D

    <3, Mimi

  11. But nothing is as satisfying as splurging on yourself! You've wanted the shoes for awhile and you completely deserve them!

  12. fabulous sandals! can't wait to see them on you!

  13. great outfit! I have been promising myself to spend less on random things I'll only wear a few times, and more on things I really love and I'll wear all the time.

    and how odd that the only size left was a 10 & 11 (I wear a 10), when usually, when I want something, the only size left is an 8 ! lol

  14. I think it's worth buying something you trully love instead of finding close to options, in the long run these babies are going to be worth every penny! I can't to see you rocking them!

  15. So glad you got your shoes dear! Yeah I hate it when people bid so early on ebay!

  16. SO cute! I love both those shoes. And your outfit. : ) Sometimes it worth it to get what you wanted and not look for a sub. especially if it's something you'll really love and get a lot of use out of.

  17. I love those shoes with that outfit. And it's good to know that in the pursuit of the perfect shoes, persistence pays off. Wow. That's some alliteration....

  18. congrats on your nordstrom win! that's awesome :)

  19. Congrats on getting the shoes! I love the printed flats, the colours are gorgeous :)

  20. Getting what you want, at half off...score! Loving your new shoes...really just love JC shoes in general! :)

  21. It's a great rush to find "the" shoes you've been wanting, those sandals are fantastic and even 1/2 off it's still a great deal!

  22. I hope your luck rubs off on me!! I was so disappointed to see that the JC 99 Zip wedges were sold out everywhere I am praying that I can still find them somewhere!

    xo Lynzy

  23. Go you! I'm wearing the Modcloth shoes I couldn't afford a few weeks ago (not expensive, I was just between paychecks) and I couldn't be happier I didn't let them go.

    I recently stalked around the internet until I found MY obession for cheap- a convertible dress like the $200-something one I coveted, at Target for $29.99! Bought it through Amazon with the leftovers of a gift card and BAM- about $13. I LOVE that feeling!

  24. i love the shoes, congrats on finding it cheaper in your size :]

  25. What do you know! My shoe size is 8 too! Let's share our closets. I'll take those flats right about now. They are absolute perfection. And I am so jealous that you were able to find those shoes at Nordy's for 50% off! GO YOU!


  26. Those flats are absolutely adorable, glad you found them! And of course, the outfit is simply wow, really love the colors you're wearing!

  27. lol..sounds familiar! glad you got your size :)

  28. im so excited you got those shoes!!! looking forward to seeing how you style them :)


  29. I'm SO like you. I'm the biggest shopping regret person EVER. Like, I'll try something on. Strike it as Nay. And then dream about it. It's kind of unhealthy. This doesn't entirely relate to your situation, but heyyyy now.

    ANYWAYS, the shoes look AMAZING and I know you'll have awesome outfits to go alongside! SO WOOT WOOT.


  30. the sandals are so cute! i obsessively check things on sale that are out in my size too :) love the flats as well.

  31. omg the clogs <3
    cute ballet flats!

  32. clogs o die for! can't wait to see how did you combine them!
    i am following you!

  33. You look beautiful. Lovely outfit, great accessories, and adorable shoes! And what great luck about the JC sandals!


  34. I adore Jeffrey Campbell shoes too! I'm searching for a few pairs for myself, but they do put not such a dainty dent in my wallet. I'm so glad you found a size 8! That's so exciting! Those Old Nacy flats and the Avon flutter top are so gorgeous on you.

  35. Thanks for your comment! I wish I was actually good at sewing to even attempt to hem it myself.

    And btw, I actually am selling my Splendid's on ebay as well, but size 7, so for a second I thought you were talking about me!!! They are really great shoes, I just have horribly skinny ankles so they don't fit properly :(


  36. OCD? omg.. hugsss! I have super OCDs too!

  37. Dang girl, I can relate! Once I see a great new piece or pair of shoes, I want 'em and just can't seem to get them out of my mind until i buy 'em... which really stinks! Both those patterned flats? Yup, I'd like a pair of those, size 8 please!! ;-)

  38. Cute top;)


  39. Ahhh congrats girl, nothing beats the feeling of finding what you have been searching endlessly for!

  40. This outfit is gorgeous!! The color is so fresh and the shoes are adorable!


  41. Love those clogs! Congrats on the perseverance! XO!

  42. I am sooo glad you got them, can't wait to see them on you. I love the splendids. long story short. I originally bought them at Nordtrom at the original price in tan ;/ I returned them to get the Charli-c clog, then my next purchase was the snick wedge. then I saw that the splendids were on sale for half off! I was sooo tempted to get them, but I could not afford to buy another wood and stud sole shoe! what's the point of buying 3 similar shoes ;( but I love them and wish I had them... PLUS they were sooo comfy!


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