Stacking Rings for a Statement

If there is one trend that has been around since I started blogging (over a decade ago!) it's layering jewelry to make a statement. Of course the trend has evolved over the years; first it was layering bracelets, then we had statement necklaces and layering statement necklaces, which thankfully became usurped by delicate necklaces (likely because our necks were starting to hurt), and now the trend has moved to layered rings.

I've been steadily working towards growing my collection of stackable rings, so that I have lots of options to mix and match. I started out with some simple solid bands, but quickly added a chevron band because of how beautifully it accentuates a ring with a stone setting. Now I'm seeing twisted and curb chain bands increasing in popularity, and I love the addition of these new textures. 

The jewelry lover that I am, I do often fall for the allure of inexpensive costume pieces, however, I'd much rather invest in solid gold, or at least high quality vermeil when I can. For custom pieces, Etsy can not be beat. Being able to order half and even quarter sizes is a game changer! If I'm going to spend money on vermeil, then shopping at AU-Rate is the clear choice, as they have an amazing life time warranty that includes re-plating if a piece fades or gets scratched.

I can't forget adding in a statement ring into the mix as well, because, why not? This art deco inspired fan ring is wonderful as the band is thin and thus it's quite comfortable to wear. I've also got my eye on another vintage inspired ring that I'm sure would be great addition to my collection! 

Do you love layering your rings? Do you have a favorite band combination? Let me know in the comments!

camel sweater, plaid coat, croc bag, stacked rings-5.jpgcamel sweater, plaid coat, croc bag, stacked rings-15.jpgcamel sweater, plaid coat, croc bag, stacked rings-13.jpgcamel sweater, plaid coat, croc bag, stacked rings-10.jpgcamel sweater, plaid coat, croc bag, stacked rings-7.jpgcamel sweater, plaid coat, croc bag, stacked rings-2.jpgcamel sweater, plaid coat, croc bag, stacked rings-3.jpg
The Rundown
Camel Sweater Madewell
White Jeans Gap
Reversible Coat Banana Republic
Booties Aerosoles
Brown Croc Bag Loeffler Randall
Aries Pendant Necklace Mejuri
Deco Fan Pearl Ring c/o AUrate New York
Thin Gold Ring Etsy
Midi Stackable Diamond Ring c/o AUrate New York
San Marco Twist Ring Golden Cleff via TJMaxx
Chevron Ring Etsy via Silver Canyon Jewelry
Gold Ring TJMaxx
Nail Color "Surrounded by Studs" Essie

Thanks to Responsival for partnering with me on this post!


  1. I am a big fan of rings stacking. Also love the coat you have on. Great outfit!


  2. My husband jokes that if I have a finger, there's always a ring on it! I love stacking and wearing fun statement rings!

  3. Your rings are so cute! You look fab in this coat.

  4. I love the stacking rings! And I am loving your bag! So pretty

    Xo, Steph

  5. What cute rings! I love the fan one, so nice with the other delicate ones :) And your neutral outfit is so stylish :)

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  6. Those rings are gorgeous - I really need to spend some time checking out Etsy's jewelry offerings, I always such such amazing custom pieces there but I haven't checked the site in a bit.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  7. I love stacking my rings...these are some cute pieces! xoxo, Sarah

  8. OH my god I am SO glad we went from layering obtuse necklaces that felt like 10 pounds on our necks to rings! My neck feels 100 years old just thinking about that time!

  9. I've never been much of a ring person, though I've tried for years. I used to own so many rings, thinking I'd wear them all the time, but my knuckles are really big and my fingers are really slim, so it makes it hard to find rings that actually look good and feel comfortable. I pretty much only ever wear my wedding band/engagement ring combo now!

  10. You know I used to be alllll about layering up the rings! Sadly I've gotten lazy since getting married, I always feel bad upstaging my wedding set, haha! But maybe when we start going out more again I'll get back into wearing some of my favorite stacking rings!

  11. I love their jewelry! I have one of their rings and just love it. That fan ring is absolutely gorgeous!!


  12. I so vividly remember the "arm parties" that was so trendy back when we started blogging. I obsessively collected bracelets but could never seem to get the right set together... probably because bracelets were just not my thing and arm parties were a flash in the pan. Stacked rings on the other hand, are forever, and like you, I've developed and extensive collection over the years. But nothing as fabulous as that fan ring. Wow - such a stunning statement piece! It really does make the look.