Confessions of a Pandemic Shopaholic

It's hard to explain the comfort that comes from scrolling through product pages, each piece that catches my eye sparks a tiny fantasy of the future it could hold. A creamy croc embossed leather bag tucked in the crook of my arm as I head out to meet a friend for coffee; oversized cat-eye sunglasses as I sunbathe on the beach; a white eyelet dress that I'm wearing while sipping a glass of rosé on a patio with a profusion of blue hydrangea surrounding it.

It hasn't seemed to matter how many times I tell myself I need to stop shopping, I am always back, like a moth to a flame with a million ways to rationalize my purchases. Either I'm 'just browsing' and will inevitably return what I've bought, it's a 'necessity', like comfy lace bralettes, cozy loungewear, or cute face masks, and of course, the biggest of them all: 'it's such a good deal, how do I not?'

At the retailers where I typically shop, the pandemic brought forth such a copious amount of sales, it was hard to avoid temptation. Even as I purged my email subscriptions, Instagram was always there at the ready to remind me of promotions like half off plus an extra 20% (!) $70 off a purchase of $100 (!!) with free shipping and returns (!!!)

I clicked away, endlessly dreaming about places I would walk in my new shoes, how the sunlight might glint off a gold ring, straw bags full with fresh blooms from the farmers market, savoring an ice cream cone in a linen dress, being oh-so-careful not to let a drop of chocolate fall.

I'm not going to write some resolve to stop shopping, because at this point, I know it would simply be a lie. Not when I can slip into the zen of hearting new arrivals at TJMaxx and Marshalls while I lie in bed at 1 a.m. How else would I happen upon this dress or these shoes, or this bag? Besides, there is already another TJMaxx order on its way.

Rewardstyle is currently not active with TJMaxx and Marshalls, so I had to find other sources for the sake of this widget - just know that you should look for them there for the prices noted.
white wrap blouse, tomboy jeans, stappy heels, springbok clutch-10.jpg white wrap blouse, tomboy jeans, stappy heels, springbok clutch-2.jpg white wrap blouse, tomboy jeans, stappy heels, springbok clutch-13.jpg white wrap blouse, tomboy jeans, stappy heels, springbok clutch-8.jpg   white wrap blouse, tomboy jeans, stappy heels, springbok clutch-12.jpg white wrap blouse, tomboy jeans, stappy heels, springbok clutch-3.jpg
The Rundown
Satin Wrap Blouse Banana Republic
Jeans "Tomboy" M.i.h similar
Mule Sandals Zara similar
Springbok Clutch similar
Pearl Earrings TJMaxx similar
Gold Rings Etsy
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color "Just the way you Arctic" Essie


  1. I just leaning full into constant online browsing and purchasing at this point. It's almost like I need it.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Can I just say how much I love that floral maxi dress? $15 is such a bargain I hope you get to wear it soon, perfect for summer! :) I like this wrap top in your outfit too :)

    I expected that I'd start shopping a lot once things started getting back to normal here, but that hasn't been the case. I have been shopping here and there (I bought 2 scarves last month) but I haven't had a lot of time for browsing - I think as you said when you see the deals or sales you're more tempted to look and buy but I unsubscribed and unfollowed a lot of brands back when I was doing my no-shops and so I haven't kept across a lot of the sales.

    I don't think you should feel bad about doing something you enjoy in this pandemic! It's a crazy world and we need to cling to the comfortable and familiar to get us through sometimes!

    Hope your week is going well :) It's turned into a rainy one here!

    Away From Blue

  3. Ooh I love the black floral dress! I've still been pretty good about not shopping but I had a good month last month so I'll have some extra money to burn this month...hopefully I'll be smart and save it for a slow month, haha!
    (and you get more wear out of those jeans than I do! least on the blog. I do wear them when I want to throw something on but it's not a blogworthy outfit)

  4. I know, the sales!! They have been way too good to resist. I always love seeing the gems you find too. This look is so pretty--I love the mix of casual jeans and the silky top!

  5. I'm right there with you- the first month or so of quaratine, I was better. Like, "I don't need anything, I'm just stuck at home." But all the reasons you listed here- such a good deal, upping my loungewear game, etc., these are all shopping traps I have also fallen into!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. So pretty.

  7. I can hardly judge. As the pandemic goes on and I find myself dreaming of different lives, I find myself shopping for them with increasing frequency, despite not knowing when any of them might arrive (if they ever do.) I've even ventured out of my neutral comfort zone, rationalizing that the life I love is clearly not guaranteed so why not take all the sartorial risks? There's no doubt I'm deluding myself, and I know it, but for some reason I go on, anyway - and the truth is, all the new clothes never fail to bring me joy, so at least that's something.

  8. I have found myself online shopping way more during the pandemic too. It's a fun way to fantasize about the life we wish we could be living, just like you said. I'm definitely slowing it down this summer, but this spring got me good. During this pandemic I've been more self-compassionate to my choices, even when I deem them to be not so great, like shopping.

  9. Hi Lydia! I just read your post... I follow you recently and still reading posts from previous years. I love how you always have a witty way to make fun of yourself, while in fact you are proud and happy of being who you are! I feel very much identified with you, your ideas and your style... I gave second hand stuff a chance just after I read some of your treasure findings and now... I can’t stop!!! Lol. I was behaving on shopping during pandemic until December... seems like I spent what I haven’t during the previous months... but I am glad as I have got amazing findings...! Well, long post! Just wanted to let you know you are part of my roll models... thanks for sharing! A hug from Mexico! Bea.