Remember Kindness

In my life I am largely silent. I'm afraid of my thoughts and feelings being perceived as, or revealed to be incorrect, and prefer to say nothing rather than face that fear.  Often times when discussions of politics are brought up, I state that I can't participate as I don't know enough about the issues and policies. The solution to the problem isn't staying silent, it's taking the time to educate myself, so that I can form an opinion, so that I can be involved with things that matter.

It wouldn't be an understatement to say that I've lived my life inside a bubble, and since the quarantine started, I've allowed that bubble to shrink even further. I haven't read a book, listened to a podcast, socialized outside of my immediate family, and withdrawn from this space and community.

I've taken in current events through the lens of Instagram, and felt ashamed at how little diversity I've curated on my own feed (the Instagram algorithm can't be blamed for this either, my explore page is 99% photos and videos of dogs). Though it did bring this thought to the forefront of my mind, the internet has leveled the playing field, we are no longer relying on magazine editors or Hollywood producers to decide who we see. We choose the Bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagram accounts we follow. We get to pick the people who we want to have influence over our lives. We can make different choices.

It's my responsibility to not continue to to be passive, though from what I've seen spoken by others who may feel similarly, I want to remind you to be kind. To yourself, to others; we are all learning and growing, foster that growth with kindness.
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  1. Very well said, I'm the same way, never wanting to do or say the wrong thing. But I'm definitely trying to learn as well and diversify who I'm following on Instagram and elsewhere!

  2. That is a beautiful wrap top and I agree, kindness is so important! I retweeted something the other day about how not all the actions we take are visible - everyone is doing different things but the important thing is so try and to keep going! :)

    I think that kindness will always be something the world needs more of = you can never have too much of it!

    Hope that you are having a good week :)

    Away From Blue

  3. I think it's going to be a process for all of us (and I admit personally to feeling more than a little ashamed that I haven't done my full part or even really allowed myself to think of what that entails, until very recently - but shame is good sometimes, when it shows us how and why we can and should do better) and I'm just really glad it's starting.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. This was such an interesting perspective to read - probably because it's so far from mine. Since you know me, you've probably gathered that I'm not the kind of person who shies away from conflict or controversy. Unlike you, I have, in my past, often spoken up about things without knowing all the facts. (Usually I've gotten away with it, luckily.) What I've learned in the past weeks, however, is how many perspectives that are that aren't my own. So many people have been silent for a long time have spoken up and personally, I've lived hearing every single one of them, including you. We need to hear from different voices - and I hope we will keep hearing from them more and more.

  5. I can absolutely relate to your feelings, I'm very similar. But often I find that taking time to gather myself and to learn the facts is the best way to move forward instead of reacting to things so quickly. I hope you're taking care Lydia :) These photos are beautiful.

  6. Spectacular sweater and pendant and hand bag, I like it all :)
    Indeed we must begin with kindness and awareness, if you are aware you can make changes.

  7. Agreed, it's a process, and it starts with awareness!! It sounds like you're asking all the right questions! And... LOVE this outfit so much, chic, polished & soooo gorgeous!! xo

    My Curated Wardrobe