September Budget

This month there were some scores and some splurges, some sensible purchases, and some less sensible purchases, and lots of returns. I joke that is my third part-time job.

Let's start with the biggest steal, a pair of Manolo Blahnik sandals for three dollars. I thought they were $30, but then the sales associate said the red dot on the tag meant they were only $3.

My most irrational buy? The J.Crew jungle print blouse. The list price is $110 and it's not even silk, plus it has been consistently excluded from sale promotions... except one day it wasn't. Could have been a glitch for all I know, but I scooped it up for 30% plus an extra 10% off (so roughly 37%?) I love it because it reminds me of a tee shirt I had in high school, just in the most grownup, J.Crew way possible.

After much deliberation, and the final weigh in from my sister telling me the Naturalizer sandals were "too much like sensible old(er) lady-esk" I decided to keep the Zara sandals. Only one small problem - I bought the Naturalizer sandals direct from them instead of through Zappos because I figured I could just return them in the store, and it turns out the closest store is in Massachusetts. I swear, I though there was one near me! So back to that part time job business... at least it's on the way to my brother's house, so now I have a reason to visit within the next 30 days, haha.

Also fun, I went shopping with my mom and we both got the same jeans at the Gap. The sales associate said we were so cute. I decided to get the petites so they would be the cropped length they were intended to be, where as she doesn't go for that and stuck with the regulars, because cropped regulars = full length when you are 5'1".

I also finally went to visit S.V. Decker in Milford, and left with the pearl necklace I'd been coveting on Instagram and a little gift for my sister for when she comes home. Of course you can shop online, but if you are in Connecticut you must go check out the store, it's gorgeous and seeing the pieces in person made me want them even more.

Ribbed Sweater Top Banana Republic, $25 each (black and white)
Wrap Bodysuit, $41 at Abercrombie 
Manolo Blahnik Sandals, $3 at Coco's on the Green
Sophie open-front sweater-blazer, $89 at J.Crew
Fresh Water Pearl Necklace, $47 at S.V. Decker
Jungle Print Boat Neck Blouse, $69 at J.Crew
Sashi Signet Ring, $25 at Zappos (free with rewards)
Asymmetrical Sandals, $50 at Zara
High Rise Wide Leg Jeans, $40 at Gap
Black Ribbed Dress, $35 at H&M
Nine West Aubry Sandals, $33
Gingham Wrap Dress, $22 at J.Crew
Mid Rise Denim Shorts, $21 at Gap
Cynthia Rowley Black Silk Dress, $12 at Consignment Originals


  1. I can't believe the deal you got on those shoes! How amazing! I absolutely love that pearl necklace too! It's stunning!

  2. you such good pieces, love that pearl necklace.


  3. the $3 shoes were such a bargain, especially for a designer name! I'm so impressed :) You got a lot of nice things this month but those grabbed my attention, such a great deal! :)

    Hope that you had a great weekend :) I just posted my weekday wear linkup, I'd love you to join! :)

    Away From Blue

  4. Great purchases- I love that sweater blazer. You have a good mix of classic + current, and it was fun to hear the backstory on some of your selections!

  5. I won't lie - while I always love your monthly purchases, I am looking at this selection in particular and wishing that all of the pieces, even the jungle print top, would magically appear in my wardrobe. You know, except the Zara sandals, since I already own them ;) I can't get over the deal you scored on those Manolos. I sadly lost my vintage signet ring (and like most of my "lost" jewelry, it will undoubtedly reappear the moment I replace it, so I need a new one.) I love the sweater blazer, I love the cropped jeans - I love everything, and I love how cohesively it all works together :)

  6. I love the jungle print shirt, who cares if it was a not so sensible buy, haha. It'll be so fun to wear! You got so many great basics this month too

  7. I cannot believe you snagged those sandals for $3. I swear, you sniff out the best deals.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  8. oh my gosh, what an incredible deal on those sandals!!

  9. $3?! SO CRAZY! You find the best deals!


  10. Ok wait! I cannot believe you got Manolos for $3!!!! That is so amazing!!

  11. Wow what a steal on those sandals!! That's amazing! xoxo sarah

  12. I can see why you love that jungle print blouse!! Dang, that's gorgeous. And how cute both you and your mom bought the same jeans. What a great idea for a blog post with the three of us.

  13. Three dollars shoes?! That's incredible. The greatest bargain that I've got was high heel sandals for $6. They were actually pretty good, still got them.

  14. Such a deal on those shoes! I saw them on your insta....Also that top from J Crew totally worth it! I love the print and colors!

  15. I can't believe you found Monolo's for only $3. I can't believe you found ANY decent shoe for $3!! It's also fun that you splurged on yourself, even if you found it somewhat irrational. Sometimes it's good to make a splurge purchase!

  16. Woohoo for those Manolos! A good sweater blazer is definitely a staple too. Great picks!

  17. Those sandals are just gorgeous!:)

    xoxo | Mona from

  18. You did get some fun stuff in September! At least you got the jungle top on sale--better than full price! I love that sweater blazer too. I got one of those last month, but the button style, and I love it so far!

  19. Wow those sandals are such an amazing deal! You found a great deal!

  20. I love that sweater blazer! I bet it will be a good layering piece when the temperatures drop!

  21. I love that gingham dress! I can't believe you got the sandals at such an amazing price :)

    -xo, Azanique |

  22. I can't believe you scored $3 Manolos! Finds like that make me really love thrifting!

    District of Chic

  23. Oh my gosh, I'm blown away by $3 Manolo's!! I always love scoring a good deal! Makes me feel so accomplished!! haha

  24. Lovely picks dear, especially the wrap bodysuit.
    Jessica |

  25. I didn't buy anything in September, but I did buy a pair of Vans in October. I am loving that open-front sweater blazer that you shared.

  26. Whoah $3 for Manolos??? Wow I thought I was good, now THATS a deal!

    Allie of

  27. LOL, shopping really does feel like another job doesn't it?!! ;) And these are such great / gorgeous items + love how timeless they all feel - outfits for years to come!! As for the sandals, WOW, what a steal!! xo (life + style blog)

  28. You certainly scored some great pieces.
    Imagine you spent the time you spend doing returns actually listing items to sell.... just a thought ;)