Gingham Pants

I had thought these gingham pants would be cute for the summer, because I am delusional. Tight fitting pants on a humid summer day is practically a form of torture, and I should know by now that when wearing a dress is an option, it's one I will take.

But these gingham pants were so cute! And everyone was wearing them! And they were on sale!
...and there they sat in my closet. I even tried to wear them a few times, but overheating for fashion is not a choice I tend to make (freezing for fashion is unfortunately another story).

Now that Labor Day has passed, and perhaps some collective intention about being desperate for fall weather (present company excluded) was able to elicit a change in the atmosphere seemingly overnight, as there has been a noticeable chill in the air. Now I'm looking at pants with fresh eyes and will try to take advantage of this small window of time when I can wear them by choice, rather than necessity.

 gingham pants, white button front top, pearl slide sandals, straw box bag-8.jpg gingham pants, white button front top, pearl slide sandals, straw box bag-3.jpg gingham pants, white button front top, pearl slide sandals, straw box bag-11.jpg gingham pants, white button front top, pearl slide sandals, straw box bag-5.jpg gingham pants, white button front top, pearl slide sandals, straw box bag-12.jpg gingham pants, white button front top, pearl slide sandals, straw box bag-7.jpg
The Rundown
Point Sur Square Neck Top J.Crew
Gingham Pants Old Navy
Pearl Slide Sandals Ann Taylor
Black Straw Bag Zara similar
Pearl Earrings Maris Pearl Co. 
Gold Rectangle Chain Necklace Etsy
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Ellyn Blue Jewelry
Cat Eye Sunglasses H&M
Nail Color "Bed Rock & Roll" Essie


  1. Those gingham pants are really cute! I love the fit! I have a pair of gingham pants and just love wearing them!

  2. You definitely nailed this outfit!! Wish I could pull off gingham pants! Also totally need those shoes! So cute!

  3. These pants are great for the fall! This outfit is so cute and I love how it looks on you! xoxo sarah

  4. Those pants are so cute - I'm glad you're getting some wear out of them because they really are pretty great!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  5. They are such cute pants on you and I'm glad you could give them a wear! I'm with you, I'm not a big fan of pants or jeans in the summer heat and humidity. Shorts or skirts or dresses are a lot cooler!

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  6. Love your outfit!! I'm soo into black and white looks.

    lots of love, Miri

  7. I have a pair of gingham pants that I adore - but you're right, they totally don't work for the heat of summer. They're better as a transitional item into fall or from winter to spring! Love how you styled these.

  8. That's a bummer that they weren't the most practical choice, but they really are so cute. I bet they're great inside in the AC though, or maybe on an early fall day. Love them with that classic white top!

  9. I have a pair like this and adore them. Yet I think we can transition these to winter!! It'd be a great challenge!

  10. These pants are so cute, yes! But I hear you- super tight pants on a summer day isn't my first choice, either. I bet you'll get some good use out of these come early spring? When you still need/want the coverage but are ready for some warm-weather vibes. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  11. The pants fit you perfectly! And I think you've done a great job of a transitional season look here!! I never would have guessed they are Old Navy! The side seams line up nicely.

  12. perfect for fall!

  13. These gingham pants are everything! Love your style! ;) xo tasha

  14. They are super cute with that crisp white blouse! Two perfect summer pieces!

    How 2 Wear It []

  15. What a cute outfit! I love these sandals girl :)

    -xo, Azanique |

  16. These pants look super cute on you!

  17. The pants and the sandals really make a chic combo!

    Jessica |

  18. Super cute! I'm honestly such a sucker for all things gingham so this is speaking to my soul haha.

    xo Laura Leigh

  19. Well at least you've gotten one wear out of them!
    I like them, there is something very chic and vintage about gingham or how they call it in Spain "vichy".

  20. For years, I always wore pants in the summer - but a west coast summer isn't always all that summery, so it wasn't so much a matter of choice as matter of logic. I would have loved these gingham pants then. Now, like you, while I can see their appeal, I know that I simply wouldn't wear them in the summer months except out of a sense of needing to because they were in my closet. Here's hoping that temperatures where you are stay warm enough that you can still wear them for a while, because they are lovely and deserve to have their moment :)