An Everyday Diamond Ring

Last Friday I celebrated my 33rd birthday, and as I enter my mid-thirties, it seems like I can't make it through the month without hearing about an engagement, wedding, or pregnancy announcement. I had always thought that I would be more settled by the time I reached my thirties, and I spent a good part of my last relationship dreaming about the diamond ring I'd hoped I'd receive. Even as trends are moving towards non-traditional stones for engagement rings, I'm an April baby, the diamond is my birthstone, and so help me, I want to wear a diamond ring.

So I started of this new year with a little gift from AUrate, my very own (albeit tiny) real diamond ring. AUrate is the company that is going to help me expand my jewelry collection into higher quality, solid gold pieces that actually fit into my budget. Because of AUrate's direct to customer business model, they can offer pieces for less than half of what the traditional retail price would be.

My new ring is 14k solid gold with a conflict free 0.07 carat diamond, the gold has been ethically sourced, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Since it's small, it's also perfect for stacking, and I truly hope that I can add to the collection soon - how pretty would it look nestled with this stunning chevron ring?

I think being able to build my fine jewelry collection, all on my own can be a very meaningful thing. I can curate the exact pieces I want, and feel pride in my ownership. I've gotten over the idea that the first diamond ring I would own would be an engagement ring. I can wear a diamond everyday and all it has to mean is that I love myself.

Would you buy yourself your own diamond ring?

 white pleated skirt, camel turtleneck, whiting and davis skyline bag-1.jpg white pleated skirt, camel turtleneck, whiting and davis skyline bag-6.jpg white pleated skirt, camel turtleneck, whiting and davis skyline bag-9.jpg white pleated skirt, camel turtleneck, whiting and davis skyline bag-7.jpg white pleated skirt, camel turtleneck, whiting and davis skyline bag-5.jpg white pleated skirt, camel turtleneck, whiting and davis skyline bag-13.jpg
The Rundown
 Turtleneck Sweater Banana Republic similar
 White Pleated Skirt TJMaxx similar
Nude Pumps "Natalie" Naturalizer
Skyline Crossbody Bag Whiting and Davis via ThredUP
Bling Earrings c/o JoJo Loves You
Midi Stackable Diamond Ring c/o AUrate New York
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Ellyn Blue Jewelry
Bracelet The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Nail Color "Zip Me Up" Essie


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  1. I would definitely buy myself my own diamond! The one you picked out is super cute and I agree, would look great with a chevron or other ring nestled into it. And looooving the new bag, such a great buy!
    Happy Belated Birthday!! :D

  2. I tend to think the diamond ring fantasy we grow up with is just that - a fantasy. I've been married for close to a decade, but I don't own a diamond ring; Ian chose something non-traditional for our engagement, and I love that, because he chose it. Any man can walk into a jewelry store and be guided towards a diamond. But would they choose the right one? It's difficult to say. Still, I know I almost always love things more and value them more when I gift them to myself, so I think you made the right decision in getting yourself the diamond you've always wanted. I love the simple elegance of the ring you chose - it's verstaile enough to go with everything, but still lovely and special enough to stand out against any outfit.

  3. ahhh I love how dainty this ring is and I love my pieces from AUrate - although I only have earrings so far :)

    xx rebecca

  4. OMG So in love with this pretty ring! I love dainty rings that are easy to wear every day! I want one now!

  5. Yes girl- get yourself those diamonds! Such a pretty, dainty sparkler. And perfect for your birthstone- happy belated 33rd!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. It's a beautiful ring! I love the dainty look of it!

  7. I never got an engagement ring (mostly because I was the one who suggested to Shaun that we get married so there was never even a proposal per se) but I did pick out a fake diamond ring for myself after the fact. And then a few more because it's also my birthstone and I just wanted an array of interchangeable diamond rings because I find them pretty. My experience basically is that engagement rings are overrated (or it was for me) and the ring you buy yourself is often the best one because it's just always perfectly your style.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  8. Girl you are killing it! Age is just a number keep doing you!!
    I am loving this gorgeous and dainty ring soooo pretty! Happy (almost or belated) Birthday Babe!

    xoxo Sarah

  9. Happy birthday!

    That is such a beautiful ring! I love dainty pieces like this!

    My very first diamond was one I shared with my sister, we went on a tour to a place that processed diamonds or made them into rings, I don't remember, I was quite young! And you could buy like an offcut? My dad got it for both of us to share! I felt so special. It came in a little box, wasn't made into anything, but I was thrilled to have it, even if I had to share, haha!

    Sometimes people gift me jewellery and it's very special, but there are a few bracelets I wear every day that I got myself and I treasure those too. I think it's the meaning behind the piece rather than the source that makes it special! :)

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    The weekday wear linkup is live on my blog, I'd love you to join! :)

    Away From The Blue

  10. Gorgeous pictures and look Lydia. The colors, details and the BAG are just right.
    My first diamond ring was a gift from my grandmother, which BTW I have not worn in a while.
    Answering your question, yes and in fact I recently did. I went to an antiques shop that has a jewel counter that holds new and old pieces. Of course I fell for one art deco ring with a small diamond, I put it on lay away and paid for it in a few months (it was less than 600.00 USD)I have been wearing it non stop. You should not wait for anyone to give you anything, diamond ring or else go for it. Oh and here at the bottom is the ring

  11. These are gorgeous pictures! I love that purse, it's so unique!

  12. Truthfully? I believe the daintier the better. Even with my own engagement ring, I asked my husband to chose something smaller, since I prefer understated pieces! Your ring is beautiful - and I think it's wonderful that you got it for yourself. Who says someone else has to get you nice things? Treat yo'self ;) And I hope you had a fantastic birthday!

  13. I love how stylish, yet understated your ring is. It really is a great piece!

  14. These are such great pictures. I am loving the rings, it's dainty and so pretty!

  15. I remember those feelings when I got to that age, Lydia. I was always comparing myself to my friends. And I love the idea of getting your own diamond ring. We should show ourselves the same love we would want others to show us.

  16. What a beautiful diamond ring! I love how delicate and dainty it is.

  17. Such a pretty ring. And what makes it even more meaningful is that you bought it for yourself and not a gift from a man. I love it.


  18. I'm such a huge fan of dainty jewelry - I definitely need to check this company out! I love special pieces like that.

    xx Mollie

  19. Such a beautiful ring. I love it and happy belated birthday! - Caitlin Houston

  20. I love that its so delicate :) xx

  21. I love your outfit against the blooming flowers. The dainty rings look so gorgeous and timeless! I would for sure buy myself that same diamond ring!

  22. Oh this is the sweetest diamond ring ever! I love the style - I'm all about dainty rings!

    xo Laura Leigh

  23. I love the tiny diamond ring! It's so cute and understated, but still adds an aspect of accessory to the outfit.

  24. Stunning pictures! I love the blurred background and how pretty your jewelry looks, love it!

  25. It's beautiful, simple, but really elegant. Also, amazing photos dear!
    Jessica |

  26. Wow! What a matter of joy.