Over the Knee Boots with Jeans

What a change in temperature from my last post to this one! Things you aren't seeing as I try to preserve the notion of a fall outfit: gloves, hat, and heavy winter coat. But at least I've got my over the knee boots to keep me warm, and I'm collaborating again with J's Touch of Style, this time we are styling our over the knee boots with jeans.

I can't believe we are basically a week away from Thanksgiving already! I think mentally I'm still two months behind, and I've not even come close to adjusting to the time change. When it's dark at 5 p.m. I feel like I just want to be in for the night at 6! I think I'm probably one of the few people who dislikes the arrival of fall, but looks forward for the first day of winter, because I know that after December 21st the days will be getting longer again, and I'll take every minute I can get.

The Rundown
Lace Cami H&M similar
Black Cardigan Gap similar
Yoga Jeans Second Denim via Coco & Vera's Giveaway
Grey Over the Knee Boots Ivanka Trump similar
Huntley Tote c/o Joie similar
Modern Rings Pendant Necklace Banana Republic
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx



  1. Love the cosy cardigan with the lace cami - such a nice combination, just like the boots and jeans together! :)

    It is harder to get motivated when it's colder and darker in autumn and winter, but it's a good excuse to get comfortable at home I find! I still much prefer spring and summer though, haha.

    Hope you are having a lovely week so far :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. I love the long cardigan with this look Lydia!!!
    Thanks so much for playing along with us!!!

  3. I've been on a hunt for a long cardigan for what feels like forever - but in reality has only been a season. Either way, I am head over heels for yours, the length is absolutely perfect. Here's hoping I can find a similar one someday soon. And as for winter weather, as I type this, snow is blowing outside my window in every direction, so I know what you mean. Although I don't mind the arrival of fall, it is all too brief where I now live and winter lasts far too long. Waking up in the dark has to be my least favourite thing and I'm already counting down to spring again.

  4. I always seem to have problems pairing jeans with over the knee boots because the pants roll up, etc under the boot. The struggle is real. And I agree with you about the shorter days being a pain (and I love pretty much everything about fall and winter). I swear, here the sun rises close to 9 am and sets a bit after 4 pm. It's brutal.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  5. What I love about fall is the fashion, like your OTK boots over denim. But, like you, I definitely prefer when it gets lighter out. Darkness at 5pm is so dreary.


  6. I always love when you wear those gray boots! They look great with that long sweater!
    And yeeeep!! I've still been getting tired way earlier than usual and then wanting to stay in bed all morning. Oyyyyy

  7. This is such a go to look for me. Simple, classic and still so chic. Love your OTK boots!

    xx, Elise

  8. This is such a fun collaboration! I love my OTK boots and they keep me so warm too! This is a great casual look with yours!

  9. Such a cute look! Those boots are fabulous :)

  10. These OTK boots are so chic! And I HATE how it gets dark so early!! It makes taking outfit photos so difficult.
    Jeans and a Teacup

  11. I never thought about it that way--the days getting longer does put a positive spin on the start of winter. I'll take it! I'm loving OTK boots right now--this is such a great look, I love the mix of textures.

  12. You look so chic babe.
    Love the outfit styling with boots,.

    Much Love,
    Zarrah | The Bandwagon Chic

  13. Love this casual fall look !


  14. Haha, YES- I'm quite familiar with the game of shedding all the winter gear to do a quick outfit shoot (well, HOPEFULLY quick). Loving these boots, babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  15. Loooove this look Lydia ! those boots superb and wearing it with the tank and cardi was the best choice.

  16. I can't believe Thanksgiving is only a week away either! I really despise the fact that the sunsets early. Ugh! Haha! On a good note, loving those over the knee boots! Not going to lie, one of the reasons why I love wearing them is because my knees gets so cold and OTK boots help keep them warm haha!


  17. What a wonderful look! I love overknee boots.

    ♘ www.sugarpopfashion.com ♘

  18. Very pretty look! I like this trend, poor it is not for me, over knee boots doesnt suit me.

  19. Cute casual outfit dear. You really can never go wrong with over-the-knee boots and cardigan. Also, I love the white top.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  20. I love your OTK boots and that fabulous tote bag! Lovely outfit!

    Emma xxx