Pale Shades

Each day I do everything I can to draw positive energy into my life.

I took a little unintentional four day blog weekend, as the days have been full and my energy levels have been a bit low lately. I wish I could say it was a restful weekend, but alas it was quite the contrary.

The only reason I'm even making this post happen is because these photos are from a few weeks ago and I had the post layed out, but I just kept pushing it back for one reason or another - which is silly as it's got both blooms and Chloe, two things which will always bring a smile to my face!

 white jeans, grey tee, tan cardigan, ring bag-5.jpg white jeans, grey tee, tan cardigan, ring bag-6.jpg white jeans, grey tee, tan cardigan, ring bag-11.jpg white jeans, grey tee, tan cardigan, ring bag-9.jpg white jeans, grey tee, tan cardigan, ring bag-12.jpg white jeans, grey tee, tan cardigan, ring bag-7.jpg white jeans, grey tee, tan cardigan, ring bag-8.jpg white jeans, grey tee, tan cardigan, ring bag-1.jpg white jeans, grey tee, tan cardigan, ring bag.jpg
The Rundown
Grey Tee Gap similar
Tan Cardigan Max Studio via TJMaxx similar
White Jeans Old Navy
Lace-up Flats Gap similar
Leather Bucket Bag Banana Republic similar
Gold Bar Earrings Argento Vivo via TJMaxx
Alphabet Necklace c/o Gorjana
Watch c/o Caravelle by Bulova
Gold Circle Ring Thrifted
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color "Marshmallow" Essie
Dog Chloe
Pearl Leash Fabuleash



  1. Sometimes, getting blog content online seems like a hurculean task, even if you have almost everything done - as I type this, I have a blog post for tomorrow 95% done but the remaining five percent has driven me to an hour of procrastination on instagram, bloglovin' and more, so I get it. But I'm glad you got this post up because it reminded me how badly I need a tan cardigan - and this one is so perfect on you!

  2. I'm glad you used these photos, Lydia!! Because those trees are just magnificent. We must not have many of those trees around here, because I just can't get enough of them!!
    And your outfit is everything I'd wear on a daily basis---who doesn't love that?

  3. I accidentally took a three week break from blogging because I just could not freaking find the energy or words for some of the heavier posts I am writing. So for anyone who thinks we just type some words and put a post up, you have no idea! Rest up and recharge!

  4. I love how you paired these light hues together. The bag is perfect with this look too!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  5. With that backdrop and Chloe everything is perfect Lydia. Plus I really like that longer cardi.
    Sometimes I upload pictures and don't even type anything.

  6. Sorry to hear that you didn't have a restful weekend - I always get so frustrated when that happens. And I definitely find that, when I'm feeling tired and just drained, blogging becomes a challenge. But I'm glad this post was posted because it's such a soothing set of images (I love the colour palette).

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  7. these colors are so pretty together and sorry your weekend was hectic. Chloe is a cutie.


  8. I can completely relate with low energy levels. And the easiest thing to cut back on for me is a blog post here and there. Hopefully with warmer weather, all of our energy levels and motivation rise! Love your pretty light colors together here!

  9. I totally understand taking a break every once in awhile. I love your outfit and think it's such a great neutral in any closet!

  10. Love this outfit and the photos! Your dog Chloe is so cute! Hope you start to feel better soon. I'm really low energy too at the moment.

    Gemma x

  11. Love the handbag, it's such a pretty color, the shape and details are also nice.

  12. Cool and minimalist but super chic! You have a cutie pie dog too. :)

    Cathy | yoga outfits