Wish List 2016

While I got all my gift guides up pretty early this year, I've been lingering on my own wish list post. A few things I "need", a few things for fun. I haven't had a pair of brown riding boots since 2011 when my last pair turned out to be so painful to wear I tossed them out and haven't looked back until now. I find myself craving the simplicity of the knee high boot and not needing to bother with the cuffing and fuss of booties.

I also really want the gold Suz Somersall necklace, which I've been wanting since 2014 I believe, and the Clip Clip Spoon. I'm not sure why I'm so infatuated with it, perhaps because it's gold, perhaps because I appreciate a clever design (no more open coffee bags or searching for your scoop!) or perhaps I've just lost my mind. But ask Sean and he will tell you I talk about the spoon daily.

I was also searching for a new planter for one of my house plants that is looking quite sad these days, and happened up the cute lady face planter on Etsy - isn't it just the sweetest thing?

Okay, last weekend before Christmas - time to really get stuff done!


  1. I definitely sone't think you've lost your mind for wanting that spoon...mostly because I just added it to my personal wish list. It sort of is its own kind of perfection.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Oooh that sweater is super cute!!!
    There are these really adorable bud vases with faces that I want, haha, but they're SOOOO expensive and I don't have buds to put in them ;)

  3. One of my girlfriends recently brought out a pair of perfect riding boots that had been hiding in her closet. Riding boots have never been my thing, but for some reason, that pair really got me thinking that maybe it's time to abandon booties in favour of something taller. I would probably go for black, but either way, they're on my list as well. And speaking of on my list, I am still so obsessed with the blue velvet Rebecca Minkoff bag. I hope you get to make it yours!

  4. Lydia, I hope you get that bag and those boots. They are so sharp! I wouldn't mind them for myself :D

  5. Oh love the planter and that bag is amazing!

  6. I just got those boots as a replacement pair for mine that were looking pretty worn. They are gorgeous!

  7. Of course I love that bag..so luxe in the velvet! :) Hope you manage to get a lot of these things for Christmas! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. The RM bag has been on my radar and then I found a similar one in Pull & Bear and still did not buy it !
    I love the head planter... but I can imagine buying it and planting something in it and it never growing and looking this fab or just plain dying... its happened before.