Easy breezy

Whenever I visit a city, I always feel like the pressure is on to dress my best. But that also needs to coincide with an outfit I can wear all day and comfortably navigate the city streets in.

I was going back and forth between printed shorts and the little white dress, and it wasn't until we arrived in Cambridge and I saw all the women in cute dresses traversing the sidewalks that I committed to the dress. By that I mean, I changed into the dress in the car in the parking garage.

It was definitely the better choice, I always feel so much more comfortable and confident in a dress. During the summer I pretty much just want to live in cute little dresses. Whilst searing for a similar LWD to link to below, I found myself caught up in ModCloth's endless pages of adorable dresses. If only I could have every single one, or at least this one.

little white dress, panama hat, leather tote.jpglittle white dress, panama hat, leather tote-5.jpglittle white dress, panama hat, leather tote-6.jpglittle white dress, panama hat, leather tote-1.jpglittle white dress, panama hat, leather tote-7.jpglittle white dress, panama hat, leather tote-10.jpglittle white dress, panama hat, leather tote-3.jpglittle white dress, panama hat, leather tote-8.jpg
The Rundown
Little White Dress Macy's similar
Sandals "Keira" Trask via in.d giveaway
Tote Dooney & Burke thrifted
Panama Hat J.Crew
Gold Bar Earrings Argento Vivo via TJMaxx
Alphabet Necklace c/o Gorjana
Abalone Sunburst Necklace House of Harlow
Gold Twisted Bracelet The Cavernous Jewerly Box similar
Snake Ring Brilliant Imports
Chevron Ring Etsy via Silver Canyon Jewelry
Sunglasses Vogue via Sunglass Hut
Nail Color "Delaunay" Julep


  1. that little dress is so simple and so fresh, perfect for the Summer!


  2. I love that you changed into this outfit into the parking garage! Mainly because I've done the same thing... let's just say more than once ;) Seriously, though, the dress was a right decision. An LWD always is, I think, but especially in the summer months. I normally pair my LWDs with black accessories but this summer I've been doing some experiments with brown and I love the way it works, but I think you've done it even better here, because you've mixed in white, black and brown. Okay, I guess it's not revolutionary but for me it was surprising and I love the result :)

  3. The dress looks wonderful for summer in the city. I like the texture on it.

  4. Perfect outfit for summer!!!!


  5. I seriously think I spend at least an hour day browsing the ModCloth site. I may have a problem. Also, I love that you just went for it and changed in the car - that's awesome.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  6. Great choice - even if it was last minute-parking-garage-choice !
    I cannot click on any links taking me anywhere to shop. I just emptied my closet, half of it is in another room. I really dont have any more space..

  7. You CANNOT go wrong with a little white dress in my opinion. I love the casual vibe of this one with the sandals and the hat!

  8. I love how the HOH necklace jumps off the white dress! Such a fun Summery look! :)

  9. hahaha, love that you just changed in the car. The dress was SUCH a good choice! It looks so breezy and easy, just like you described. And of course you have the perfect hat to top it all off.

  10. Haha! That is totally something I would do! But if it makes you feel comfortable-the more power to you! And the dress is seriously adorable!

  11. I would totally change too lol! That dress is adorable on you!

  12. Okay, you crack me up that you changed in the car!!! Really, it's brilliant....maybe I'll think to bring a couple options, next time I'm not sure what to wear! This outfit is absolutely perfect---summery, fun and chic!! jodie

  13. I love that you changed in the car! This dress is super cute - I love the textured design!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  14. That dress is adorable! And, don't get me started on ModCloth. I could lose hours browsing their cute clothes :)

  15. Such a perfect Summer outfit! That little white dress is too cute and loving that hat!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  16. I love this dress on you--and I love that you made the switch in the parking garage! The things we do for fashion. :-)


  17. Good choice, even if it was spur of the moment! I love the shape of that dress, it's so classic, but the subtle texture makes it unique! Now I'm mourning the fact that I'm LWD-less.