Black Friday in Pajamas

Waking up before the sunrise, queueing up in the freezing cold, battling crowds, circling parking lots endlessly, searching for a space... none of these things describe how I'd like to spend the day after Thanksgiving.

Sleeping in, queueing up movies on a cozy couch, battling for leftover slices of pie, circling things I love in magazines, dreaming of Christmas surprises... is my kind of Black Friday.

Thankfully this age of the internet has made the dream of shopping without leaving the house a beautiful reality, and I'm excited for all the sales! It's a given that most stores will be offering 30% to 50% off their entire inventory, often coupled with free shipping - the only downside to the whole event is that it might be hard to stay focused on buying gifts for others and not for myself!

Though I suppose a tiny bit of shopping for myself couldn't do any harm, and here a few things that I'll be checking on to see if some fabulous Black Friday deals present themselves - though most of theses retailers are ALREADY offering some compelling sales!

Robyn Leather Ankle Boots, $85 when you take an additional half off clearance at Ann Taylor

Plaid Flannel Cammi and Boxers, $12 and $15 when you take 40% off your purchase, plus free shipping at Aerie

Majesty Pea Coat, $244 when you take 30% off your purchase at J.Crew

Peacock Lane Clutch, $99 at Kate Spade on their special sale page

Haircalf iPhone Gloves, $63 when you take 30% off your purchase at Banana Republic

Emerald, Opal & Diamond Ring by Loren Stewart, $295 at Barneys

Cheers Collector Tee, $18 at J.Crew Factory (entire site is half off)


  1. So many fun things! That clutch is really cute!
    I hope I'm able to resist things this weekend, but I doubt it, haha...

  2. Oh I'm with you there's no way I'm getting up early on Friday to shop. I prefer to shop online for hot deals. Super cute round up, I need those PJs.

  3. Such a great boots, nice selection, lovely.
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  4. I've been eyeing the Kate Spade clutch since this morning… I am going to the store this afternoon just to see if they have it and if I really love it so I can buy it.
    Here for the second year in a row we are having a black friday. This will never beat the US BF so I a staying away from the mall and crowds. In fact I am walking to work that day and ditching the car so I can prevent being stuck in traffic for hours.
    I should not be so critical but I just want the holidays to be over.

  5. I am with you--I am not a black friday shopper--but I am excited for Cyber Monday :) Great picks!


  6. Online shopping definitely beats battling the Black Friday crowds. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. LOVE those ankle boots!! So gorgeous. Happy Thanksgiving :)


  8. Oh my goodness I love it all! Especially that ring!

  9. great selection..i like gold bag

  10. Wonderful selection of gorgeous things. I hope you will have a chance to get them all. Especially I like coat, booties and that adorable t-shirt.

    xoxo Ramona

  11. Great picks! Love the PJs and ring especially. I will definitely be doing online shopping instead of in stores, as well, this year!
    Katie - See What Katie Wears

  12. Great picks! Love the PJs and ring especially. I will definitely be doing online shopping instead of in stores, as well, this year!
    Katie - See What Katie Wears

  13. The Aerie set is really cute.

  14. While you're cozy in your pajamas shopping online and eating leftover pie, your Canadian friends will be at work - probably sneakily trying to score a few Black Friday deals, admittedly, but still. Think of us - we'll be envious ;)

  15. Totally on your team, doll- there's NO WAY you're going to catch me braving the cold + the crazies tomorrow! I'll be shopping Black Friday from my couch, for sure! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  16. I shop online also. So much easier. Very nice items!

  17. The JCrew tee is so cute, I love it the most!