Back of the closet

This outfit is an excellent example of why I don't need to buy any new things; both this dress and blazer have not been worn/blogged in over a year. That's pretty bad.

But I did finally hem this maxi so now when I put it on with my highest sandals it no longer drags on the ground. That only took me two years to do. Damn, I'm so lazy.
striped maxi.jpg striped maxi-3.jpg striped maxi-1.jpg striped maxi-2.jpg striped maxi-5.jpg striped maxi-7.jpg
The Rundown
Striped Maxi Dress H&M similar
Red Blazer United Colors of Benetton similar
Sandals MRKT identical
Willis Bag Coach Thrifted
Anchor Necklace Gifted similar
Chain Bracelet c/o Ily Couture
Hammered Ring Thrifted similar
Sunglasses Ray-Ban Emma


  1. rocking the stripes well ! do check out my blog for an ASOS GIVEAWAY @


  2. Great dress! I love b&w stripes with red. Isn't it funny how we forget about stuff in our closets? Then when we find them it's like Christmas morning :)

  3. Love the stripe dress dear!!

  4. Haha yes, you do have quite the closet...we should move in together and share all our clothes, we'd never have to shop again haha!

  5. What a gorgeous maxi and I love how you styled it with the anchor necklace for a nautical theme.

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  6. You're not the only one who's lazy when it comes to hemming. I know a lot of my clothes would get more wear if I just did it, but I never had patience to sew. I'll just have to suck it up and get it done! You look beautiful.

  7. LOVE the black & white stripes with the red! And I can't believe you thrifted that awesome :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. Ok, so I have done a 'no shop' for the month of May and I've been discovering things in my closet I'd totally been neglecting! AND I've made a goal to fix and hem clothing that I've been holding onto but just not getting around to making workable. Glad I'm not the only one!

    This bright blazer is so cute, girl!


  9. LOL there is NO JUDGEMENT for the time it takes to hem dresses :) i have one going on two years myself LOL. love the maxi! cynthia @

  10. So glad those two got out of the closet cause they are great pieces! Love the contrast of the red against the stripes, I think it's a perfect pair!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  11. Love the maxi dress and it's so on trend. Don't you just love finding great pieces in your closet!! Super cute.

  12. Hello my dear!
    I love your dress!
    So beautiful!

  13. Hi there, styling-sister ;-)
    Same look: stripes + pink!
    I really love your maxi dress, you look gorgeous.

    Lady of Style

  14. gorgeous look! i love the black & white broad-striped maxi with that pretty red jacket.

    xoxo linds
    my style blog :: Ruby Girl

  15. i need more maxi dresses!! love yours!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  16. Such a great striped maxi and I love it with the red blazer!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  17. I LOVE that maxi and it looks amazing on you, sweetie. Kisses

  18. Hahahaha! Only two years, eh? It's ok. I've got that pink barbie skirt I need to take in a bit that I haven't gotten around to for, mm, a year or so.

    But I'm glad you finally hemmed up that maxi, and I hope to see more of it and it's bold stripe-y-ness this summer. I love it with that necklace and bright red blazer.

  19. I'm embarrassed about the size of my "to be tailored pile" so you're not alone and this maxi totally gives me inspiration to take that pile on. This looks great on you Lydia!

  20. Beautiful look, especially the striped maxi. Kudos to you for hemming it and wearing it again. I hate the idea of having to get things hemmed.

    Oh to Be a Muse
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  21. These definitely need more blog exposure - it's a perfect summer look!

    Courtney -

  22. I've been eying up a similar dress at Target! I think you've sold me!

  23. The blazer looks great!


  24. A) I am jealous of everything you are wearing. B) I super want everything in your closet, I totally want to visit you and see the amazing pieces! C) You just rock.

  25. Well, I'm glad you showed it some sunshine!!! HaHaHa It looks fabulous on you Lydia.

  26. The combo of the black and white striped dress + blazer is so good! I'm hunting for a striped dress for summer.

  27. Gorgeous look. You look wonderful in red. And don't worry that it took you two years to hem your maxi; I think that's normal. It takes me forever to hem/alter things too!

  28. I love this dress! I bet I have some stuff hiding in the back of my closet. Guess I should try and look!


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  29. Definitely move that dress to the front of the how you paired the stripes with red!!

  30. I have soft spot for stripes and this combo is so feminine and chic. Well done to taking it out from wardrobe.

    xoxo Ra

  31. i still need to do the hems on my super long maxis!!!! Thanks for the reminder. love the stripes.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  32. wow your red, white and black combo is gorgeous!!! Love the photos- the lighting is superb

  33. But at least you did hem your maxi, right? I usually don't bother, then trip, fall, scrape my knees and hands or worse, rip the dress, blame the dress for being too long and relegate it to the back of my closet until it's time for a clean-up, when I get rid of it. So lazy. It's a good thing you're not quite as bad as I am because this dress really is lovely - so classic - and it works perfectly with your bright blazer :)

  34. Rediscovering rarely worn things in your closet is the best. Love how you styled your maxi. It has lots of remix potential if you feel like wearing it again anytime soon.

  35. Oh I can sooo relate to being lazy and wearing things once a year.... so you're not alone!
    This looks really nice, I wish i had a red jacket so i could wear my striped dress with it.

  36. Whoaaa a year? You used to wear this dress so much! Definitely plan on styling it more this summer because it's a great one!

  37. LOVE LOVE LOVE your anchor necklace and striped maxi!