Snow Leopard

Snowed again on Friday.
How many days until Spring? Ten? This had better be the last of it! At least it was an appropriate setting to show off this cute furry leopard bucket bag I received in the mail last week.

It was a surprise from a friend who reads the blog, and knows how obsessed I am with leopard print. I'm perfectly okay with anyone wanting to help feed my addiction. Thanks L!

I'm also okay with getting surprises in the mail, and I have to thank Alissa, who sent me some fabulous new nail polish, that I am anxious to try out.

I had such a busy weekend, and compounded with the loss of the hour, it went far too quickly!

snow leopard.jpg snow leopard-6.jpg snow leopard-1.jpg snow leopard-4.jpg snow leopard-7.jpg snow leopard-3.jpg snow leopard-5.jpg
The Rundown
Cardigan Old Navy
Long Sleeve Tee Gap
Red Jeans Urban Outfitters similar
Boots Madden Girl similar
Leopard Bucket Bag Gift
Red Belt Thrifted
Pave Link Bracelet c/o LydellNYC
Shine Necklace Ily Couture
Signature Spade Ring Kate Spade similar
Sunglasses Vogue c/o Sunglasses Shop


  1. I'm getting a totally Michael Jackson-esque vibe from this outfit, and I love it, I do! That cardigan with those pants is just so bold and perfect.

    But I am sorry about the snow. It makes really cool (ha, pun) pictures, at least!

  2. Although it snowed, it made for a great backdrop to your outfit. I love the classic black, white and red combo with a splash of animal print!

    Spring is coming, we finally had a taste of 60 degrees! Heather

  3. The loss of that one hour this weekend totally killed me - I still feel super behind on things! And I am absolutely in love with your purse - it's so cute.

    Courtney ~

  4. Hey girl hey!

    Just wanted to let you know you look great in this outfit. I'm catching up on a ton of old entries in my Google Reader, and your hair looks really good curled like that.


  5. Wow, LOVE your hair here and how the white cardigan totally highlights your look beautiful, girl. :)
    And, ps: totally brave of you to add a tush photo, luckily you have a good one! lol.

  6. I love black, white and red and the combination looks fabulous on you!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. Very cute bag!
    I love your fuchsia trousers. And WOW such a sexy butt ;-)

    Lady of Style

  8. We got rain instead of snow this weekend and boy I am happy about this! You look gorgeous as always, even though I know you are less than thrilled with the weather.


  9. Very pretty cardigan, Lyddie.

  10. No doubt! I am hoping that we got the last of our snow this weekend too. I love your cardigan and your bag is so cute. How nice of your friend to send it to you!

  11. I love the red and white. It snowed here again today too.

  12. I have really been liking your hair lately. It looks so pretty curled that way.

  13. LOVE these photos. This look is so classy!

  14. Oh, YES! This color palette plus the added touch of leopard makes my go a flutter!

  15. What a fabulous bag! It looks gorg against the snow!

  16. So much to say...Love the outfit love he hair and the curl, looking teeny tiny in the waist with that sweater buttoned at the waist..and may i say not a bad booty shot! haha! shall we call those some "hot ass pants!" Every girl needs some of those! Love it!

  17. We got snow too, at least we got a delayed opening at work out of it...but bring on the warm weather! You look so happy in these pics, and I am loving your bag!

  18. I love how chic you've been looking lately your hair looks amazing and the red lips fab!

  19. I'm loving that red/black/white combo on you- so chic! And I agree- enough with the snow already. Bring it on, spring!

  20. That was so nice to give you a leopard bag! It goes perfectly well with your outfit - the red pants look so bright against the white snowy background!

  21. love the red, black and white combo and that bag is so fun
    hope the sun comes out and stays for you soon!

  22. Your new bag works perfectly with this look! I miss the the hour too, but at least there's more evening light and hopefully that was the last snow you'll get for the season.

  23. Classic color combo. Red, white, and black never go out of style in my book. We thought we were going to get hit here in NE Ohio but surprisingly didn't get anything but 65 degree weather. Actually, that's not a surprise. Ohio weather is bipolar.

  24. I know it didn't, but I felt like it snowed two feet on Friday. It looked that crazy when I walked out the door in the morning.

    This outfit is very sharp! The colors seem extra bright and bold to me. Also this hairstyle = awesome. The looseness reminds me of something GP did a while ago, but I like your version better.

  25. awwww! super cute bag! it looks awesome with your outfit and i love that necklace. hahaha everyone is mad with the weather.

  26. I'm loving all the red pants inspiration I'm getting from blogs lately! I just got a pair myself, so I'm excited to wear them.

    2ndhand Knowledge: A Style Blog

  27. What a sweet fiend! (she has good taste!) I love how this bag is more of a snow leopard color and pattern rather than the usual brown/black leopard print, it's so striking but subtle at the same time. I also really like the white/black cardigan with your red pants, it has such a classic feel to it.

  28. Lovely gift!

    really like your red pants with the black and white too :)

    Away From The Blue

  29. I am loving this entire look the red pants from Urban outfitters are to die for...are they BDG?

  30. adore red w black and white ...I have a blazer that is white and black adn I wear it w my red skinnies often!
    That link gold bracelet is AMAZING- I would wear it daily.
    Hope you are well.

  31. Totally a favorite. You look fantastic! :) xx


  32. I love your cardigan. It's classic and your bag's cute.