Packing! Ahhh!

Tomorrow I leave for Amsterdam. My first trip to Europe, and my first time on a plane in 13 years. For the past ten hours I've been agonizing about what to bring - how many dresses, pairs of shoes, and accessories will I need?

I've been to the store twice, bought three pairs of leggings (black, brown, grey), a new purse, small square camel colored with a long strap, a neck pillow, and a 2 gig memory card for my camera.

I'm completely stressed about the airport (leaving at noon for a 6:30pm flight). I hope my bags don't weigh too much...

But what to wear??
My goals:
1. Not look like a tourist, i.e. no white sneakers, fanny pack, or shorts
2. Be comfortable, sorry sexy stilettos - I'm only packing my comfortable Onex heels.
3. Try not to over pack! This is a tough one, I can't just bring seven outfits and hope I made seven perfect choices. So, I'm bringing an assortment of dresses, two pairs of jeans, and several tops. My go-to grey bomber, my new crazy rain coat, two flat sandals, two heeled, and bright yellow ballet flats.

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