Hearing Royksopp makes me buy stuff

When shopping, you notice the music playing in the store:
A. Always, and if I don’t know what it is, I take out my phone and Shazam it.
B. Sometimes, if I happen to know what it is, but I don’t really think about it.

C. Never, are you sure they even play music in stores?

(Or if you are me)
D. Constantly listening, actually singing along when known, and allowing it to completely influence my mood.

While in the Mall (not really finding anything I liked at all) I remembered I had a Victoria’s Secret free panty coupon, so I went in to redeem it. As always, I had no intention to spend any money, just take my free underpants and run. But then I heard “Happy Up Here”, and I decided to linger and listen to it. During which time one of the sales associates approached me and persuaded me to try on their new Body bra. Surprisingly, I bought it.

Next, an “additional 40% off clearance” sign lured me into Express, and as soon as I entered, as if it were waiting for me, “The Girl and the Robot” came on. I found a cute black clutch for $6.

Stranger still, I went to H&M, spotted a black pencil skirt with an exposed front zipper ($30) heard “You Don’t Have a Clue”, and bought it.

Three stores in one day all playing tracks from Royksopp’s new album Junior is a pretty crazy coincidence, but I can’t blame them for all wanting to play it, it’s such a good album.

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  1. I'm definitely A. I don't think music has ever influenced a purchase, but I'm always aware of what's playing and if I don't know it, I'm always memorizing the lyrics so I can look it up later. I've discovered quite a few artists through shopping!