Seeing Stars!

No, not the celebrity kind (not outside of my tv, at any rate) but the kind which inspired all these great pieces of apparel.

Move over floral, stars are cute, fresh, and all over everything!

Starting with undergarments, try this Victoria's Secret bra for $20.99, and matching panties. Aerie also offers an adorable star print bra in several colors for $29.50.

For star tops, Urban Outfitters has a truly impressive collection of star spangled merchandise, including a long sleeve blouse, a short sleeve one, two t-shirts, and one t-shirt (my favorite) that has birds made out of stars.

Bottoms are bit harder to come by, but ebay has some options.
First I found this kind of awesome, kind of gaudy "when the hell would I ever wear this" sequined shooting star skirt. And it isn't all too cheap either with a buy it now of $145 -- however they have a 'or best offer' button, so who knows, maybe you could get a great deal on it.

There are also some black with white star leggings, and some tights with smaller stars in gold or blue. Both under $20.

For something a bit more dressy, and that I would love to be wearing this New Year's Eve, check out this black and gold strapless dress, for less than $100 - with a retail price of over $300. The stars on it are those much less common six pointed ones, so it's very unique. It's even got a bubble hem, and you know how I love those.

On the complete opposite end of the star dress spectrum, another great sale item at VS is this cover-up for $26. It just has to sit in the closet for the next six months, along with this super sexy star bikini for $29. Do you think if you sun tan in that you'll end up with a star tattoo on your thy?

Finally, there are star accessories, and my goodness, there are ever so many options. For the very most cheapest, go to they have earrings, necklaces, scarves, pins, hair clips, and belts! And wouldn't you know it, everything is under $10!

I'm also loving this foil star print scarf, which comes in five different colors and is only $7.50! Just look at those cute shiny distressed stars!

I also found these cute star cut-out pumps from Amazon for $38.95

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