I hate Cheap(ly made) Shoes!

My pair of 'suede' slouchy boots by Candie's are beginning to deteriorate after only been worn about five times! They were originally priced at $80, which I don't consider to be particularly inexpensive for man-made materials. Granted, I paid less than half of that, but I expected more.

The lower part of each heel seems to be splitting, cracking - perhaps. I'm tempted to return them and get these Chinese Laundry Boots instead - a $90 boot made from real suede on sale for $27 - that is my kind of boot!

Amazon has all kinds of crazy deals on shoes - just go to the shoe section, choose to only look at items 70% or more off, select your size (to avoid disappointment) and go crazy! Though should you discover an awesome deal, act quickly - amazons prices tend to fluctuate a good deal, and you never know when something will go out of stock, never to return again.

Also on the note of cheap shoes, I wandered into the payless in the mall the other day - attracted to this teal peep-toe mary jane wedge, like a bee to honey. Frickin adorable, available in size 7.5 wide (something I harldy ever find) and the most uncomfortable shoe ever. I had it on for five minutes, with my socks, and I had to get them off. It was a terrible shame, and all I could think was "if only these were nice leather that would stretch out and become comfortable, then I could be happy"

But I'll just go back to Amazon... there is a wealth of fantastically expensive shoes at 70% off or more waiting for me.

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