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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday cheer

The Friday before Christmas I convinced my Mom to get a gel manicure with me. Every year we say we want to get one on Christmas Eve, and it never happens as we are just too busy.

So it was my stroke of brilliance that we could go days before and still have perfect, un-chipped nails on Christmas, despite the beating our nails would take with all the cooking and cleaning.

This was my first gel manicure, so of course beforehand I had to go and read about all the dangers of gel manicures, from the cancer causing UV light, to the skin drying acetone soak you need to remove the polish, and lastly, how you can damage your nail if you start to peel the polish when it does eventually start to chip.

But here we are, nearly a week later and my nails still look perfect, which is awesome. Its not like I'm going to start getting them bimonthly; I'm sure I'll survive.

edit: Franish has featured me on her blog today - do check it out!

holiday cheer-1.jpg holiday cheer-7.jpg holiday cheer-6.jpg holiday cheer-5.jpg holiday cheer-2.jpgholiday cheer-3.jpg
The Rundown
Sweater Ralph Lauren Thrifted similar
Skirt Express similar
Fur Cowl NY&Co. similar
Boots Madden Girl Virtual similar
Bag Coach Thrifted
Bracelets Thrifted
Earrings c/o Lucky Fabb
Signature Spade Ring Kate Spade
 Sunglasses Ralph c/o Sunglasses Shop


  1. Gel manicures are awesome, but a bitch to get off! Glad you and your mom could get away from the holiday hustle and bustle to get your nails done :) Love the fur cowl. Heather

  2. lovely and cozy at the same time!

  3. Found you on BTB at Franish - so excited to have a new blog to follow - your style is so great!

    Bri @ Work Clothes, I Suppose

  4. That due cowl is so cozy chic! I recently got my first gel manicure and I loved it! No chips for two week and it drys before you leave the salon.

  5. Woooooow Lydia. I absolutely love this look on you! It's funny you should talk about gel manicures because I was just talking about them with a client oddly enough last week and contemplating getting them for myself! I love the classic red on you!

  6. Perfectly festive outfit, I love red on you!

  7. I got my nails done the Friday before Christmas with my mom, too, except we opted for normal polish manicures. I do LOVE those gel manicures, though! My nails seemed a little weaker after I removed the gel polish, but they're resilient. The prices in my area for gel manicures are a little steep, too, so that's a good enough reason for me to make it a special occasion only thing.

  8. Gel manicures are definitely awesome for special occasions! They are a pain to take off though!

    What a brilliant idea for you and your mom!

    And I love your fur snood!

    xo, sam
    **Style of Sam**

  9. Love your faux fur scarf and red skirt! Chic and lovely :)

  10. Loooooove your scarf! And the mani is awesome.


  11. Lyddie, I really like this outfit...its simple and classic.

    I have a carnation pink pencil skirt and I've had trouble styling it, but I think I will take a cue from this outfit and do a similar look; Cream sweater, fur neck wrap and black tights and booties.

    You have a gift for styling...do you have a degree in fashion design or design, or is it just natural talent? Is this a career direction for you?

  12. Hope you had a merry Christmas and lost of good presents! I just want to go and squish that fluffy scarf of yours. =)

  13. gorgeous, love the lip!
    Xo Megan, www.TfDiaries.com

  14. Beautiful always Lydia.
    Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New year 2013.

  15. i love the sweater!!
    have a nice holiday:)
    kisses from milano

  16. A holiday manicure date with your mom sounds like fun! I love that furry cowl, and I'm not typically one for the fur!

  17. nice accessorizes!!!!


  18. I got hooked on gel manis about 3 months ago - and just today decided to call it quits.
    I absolutely loved them and the most they lasted was 27 days. I took them off because my nails had grown so much that they just looked awful.-

  19. Oh my, your nails are quite shiny and lovely! Good for you for trying something new and for being able to get some you and mom time with all the business of the holidays. :)

    I'm loving your fur scarf, and I seriously want it. I've been looking for one for so so LONG! By so long, I mean 2 months maybe. Still. Yours is lovely!

  20. The fur cowl is such a fun piece! ...and i'm sure warm :)

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  21. I love this outfit Lydia - so posh!! Looks like you should be strolling down 5th Ave! I've been curious about gel polish but I already don't get my nails done enough as it is... I should treat myself next month since it's my bday month. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  22. You look like a rock star, and I love your gel nails. I had them and finally I had to just cut my nails off because I couldn't find the time to get them taken off.


  23. Literally in love with this whole outfit! I haven't "gone gel" yet, but your nails definitely look fab!


  24. You look perfect for the winter time - layered without being bulky, cheerful without being covered in tinsel.

    Thanks again for being willing to answer all of my questions. I loved having you!

  25. The nails look great! I'm sure just once will be ok :)

  26. Really like your red and white outfit! :)

    Your nails looks great - shame about all of the side effects though! :(


  27. I've never got a gel manicure before. Your nails look fantastic, so maybe I should try it sometime! I love this white and red combo, so cheerful and chic.


  28. Your nails look great! I got a couple of gel manicures this summer and I loved them. However, I got one in the fall (at an airport salon) that didn't last more than a week before it started to chip and peel, so now I'm kind of on the fence about their worth again.

  29. That's awesome that you two went! I love doing stuff with my mom too. They look fab. I didn't know about all the dangers behind them. LOVE your outfit! Your fur neck stole (sp) and red skirt are AWESOME!

  30. Love the festive red on you, Lydia.

  31. You look so cute! I just love this outfit - it looks so Christmasy/wintery. That scarf is just perfect.

    I never get manicures because my job is to clean houses, and my nails would probably chip within a day, but I'm tempted to try a gel manicure to see if it actually sticks around for a while.

  32. I know this post is from forever ago, but this is one of my favorite outfits ever. Some combination of the glasses, the fur, the color... I just love it.


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