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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lime Punch

For better or for worse, becoming a blogger has definitely given me a much keener eye when it comes to secondhand shopping.

This neon blouse drew me in like a siren, when when I noticed "Equipment"inscribed on the buttons I knew I was taking it home with me.

Yes, this blouse is a size too big. Yes, it's got a tiny mark on the collar and another one on the right sleeve. But lets face it, this blouse retails for over $200. This slightly imperfect one in the consignment shop for $18 is literally the only way Equipment will be finding its way into my closet.

And I'm mostly okay with that.
Because before the blog, I would not have spent $18 whole dollars on a secondhand blouse in the wrong size with two marks on it.

lime punch-3.jpg lime punch-7.jpg lime punch-6.jpg lime punch-5.jpg lime punch-4.jpg lime punch-2.jpg
The Rundown
Neon Green Blouse Equipment Thrifted
Two Tone Dress Avon The nude look
Sandals MRKT Holly
Leopard Clutch Dela Chic
Ring Thrifted similar
Spike Bracelet Ebay similar
Bracelets The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Cuff Avon
Sunnies Old Navy
Nail Color Essie No Place Like Chrome 


  1. Great styling with the neon blouse knotted in the front!

  2. That blouse was 2nd hand? Wow! I would have never known.

  3. JEALOUS!!!!! I want an Equipment blouse!! It looks amazing
    But yes, I've gotten that eye too, it's how I found Marc Jacobs at TJ Maxx :)

  4. Absolutely love the neon and neutrals together - so, so lovely and eye-pleasing.

    I rarely thrifted anything before style-blogging, and have learned to love the finds, imperfections and all. It has really helped with my natural OCD as well :P Now it's, "Let it go, and just love *insert anything and anyone* as is."

  5. Um, cant see any of the imperfections you mentioned - this blouse is perfect in color and in size - I love it!! and I love the color skirt you put it with - it stands out perfect!!! love it.

  6. It works! And you are so on-trend. :-)

  7. I've not heard of Episode but I love the colour and it goes so well with the neutrals.

  8. hello!!!! I love everything in your blog.... please come visit my blog and if you like it let´s follow each other! let me know ok...

  9. I think it was a good buy - the fit actually looks pretty good and, yeah, Equipment. Definitely worth it.

    Courtney - http://sartorialsidelines.com

  10. *applauding* Great find Lydia! I LOVE the neon color of the blouse and even though it is slightly bigger on you, I actually like the looser fit a lot. And you are probably the only one that will notice the marks anyhow. I also love the neon, neutral and leopard mixing. Great, great look all around!

  11. I'm sure I'd do the same thing! Besides, I think button up shirts like that look great when they're a little loose. And of course it makes them easier to tie :)

  12. Love the look, especially the pop of leopard in the clutch.

  13. even though you feel it is a size to big I think it looks wonderful tied in a knot like that and with that color of the skirt .... fabulous!!!

  14. this is adorable. I love the neutrals with the pop of neon, and your accessories and perfection!


  15. that clutch fits amazingly in this outfit!love it :)


  16. That blouse is such a fabulous find! Love how you styled it with neutrals. I am so loving neon lately and that shirt is all sorts of perfect.

  17. WOW! lime green blouse looks amazing against leopard clutch!

    Fashion Fractions

  18. Wow, what a great find. And I think slightly oversized shirts are in, aren't they? Either way, you definitely made this work for you; love the lime with the color of that skirt.

  19. I am not familiar with this "equipment" you speak of. Perhaps its for the best as I am trying to save pennies right now for a vaca. Anyhoo, your equipment blouse is rad...very bright but totally rad.

  20. the bag is the perfect touch!

  21. nice!!! i need to get something in that bright pretty color and i love that bag with the look.

  22. Congrats on finding the blouse, I love it and the way your styled it!

  23. Lucky! It's an awesome color, too! Last month I saw an Equipment shirt dress I want terribly... maybe someday. Intermix sales are pretty good.

  24. I really love how you were able to use both neon and cheetah, without taking the outfit over the top! It all looks so amazing and chic and demure and beautiful - and not gaudy at all - which is so remarkable!

    The skirt is the perfect color to bring the outfit back down to earth - as are the matching shoes.

    Love the heels on those shoes too. EVerything about this is really well thought out, but comes off as effortless.

    Great outfit.


  25. dang gurl, a $200 shirt for $18? That's an awesome steal! And a good lookin' shirt--you'll have that for ages! Good quality stuff right thurr.

    Against all the neutral this looks fabulous. Especially love that printed clutch!

  26. great choice and fab find--it looks awesome on you!

  27. great purchase for an excellent piece of clothing! being a fashionable person is great but being fashionable AND thrifty is even better!! :)

  28. I tried on a VInce silk blouse today at Tjmaxx. It was FULL of imperfections and I really had to think hard about taking it or not..I didn't because it was over $40 still. It it were less I would have!

  29. That shade of green is perfection!


  30. Really like that neon blouse on you! I like how blogging has opened my eyes to different types of items too - it's fun to step out of our comfort zone and try new things now and then :)


  31. Your ideas inspire others because you do things with passion, keep on!

  32. i LOVE the pop of color. very nice!


  33. This neon was a great find, you can't even see that there are any flaws, you rocked it.


  34. What???? A $200 blouse for only 18 bucks SCORE!! Plus it's neon and looks beautiful on you. Fabulous outfit!

  35. It's a beautiful shirt... i am not sure i would have taken it home with me. In my head i should not pay more than 15 usd for something thrifted. just me.


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