Review: ONA Camera bag insert

The quest for the perfect camera bag started a long time ago, at which time, I had trouble finding any companies that made them. Fortunately that has changed, and I can direct you to numerous bags that make equally nice arm candy as they do a home for your SLR.

Among them there are ONA, THEIT, Epiphanie, Kelly Moore, Jo Totes, Coach, Ketti, Cheeky Lime, Pompidoo, Dre Hartmann, Jill-E ...and I'm not even sure if I got them all....
But here's the thing. All of these bags are pretty pricey, from $98 - $558, for the girl who likes to change her bag as often as her clothes, choosing only one to invest in is hard to do.

As much as I didn't want to commit to a camera bag purse, I hated putting my camera "naked" into my bag, and finally one day stumbled upon the ONA Roma insert (probably while I was busy drooling over their Brooklyn bag, you know, the one from me to you has been toting.

For $60, now any bag could be a camera bag. I was intrigued. I put it on my wishlist and Santa delivered.

The ONA Roma insert was created specifically for a purse, allows easy access to the camera, has one movable divider inside and four outside pockets for stashing small things like a lens cap, memory cards, ect. On its own the insert relatively thin, but combined with a leather bag, it should keep the camera safe for travel.
IMG_2568.jpg ONA bag.jpg
When using it, my first realization was that not any bag could be a camera bag - the insert is pretty substantial and only a large handbag can accommodate it. It will occupy the entirety of the bag, so unless I'm not carrying an extra lens there isn't much space left for the usual 20 million things I like to carry in my bag.
My second realization was that not every handbag can properly distribute the weight of a camera. By the way, the new Canon D60 weighs significantly more than my Rebel xsi. I had no idea what I was getting into with that... I mean, in the past I'd put my rebel into this small black quilted bag and gone shopping at the mall for hours and was okay. I put the ONA insert and the D60 into my Lucky Brand bag last week and after 10 minutes I thought my shoulder was going to fall off.

It wasn't until today however, that I realized there must be cheaper options for camera bag inserts, like this Click Elite bag for $36, or even better, cheaper and more obvious -- a DIY!

Bottom line: if you are looking for a pretty camera bag purse to invest in, there are actually more options than you knew, but a switchable insert is cheaper, lets you utilize bags you've already got and probably will work just as well.


rust and teal IMG_2484.jpg IMG_2496.jpg IMG_2513.jpgIMG_2515.jpg IMG_2492.jpg
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  1. I've been using an Ona insert for a while and I'm really pleased with mine, it's held up really well and I love all the little side pockets. (My Kindle fits perfectly in one, and my iPod in another.)
    Also, LOVE this teal blazer, especially with the copper shirt.

  2. you look fab! so glad you've been wearing those booties because you're giving me ideas on how to wear mine. the color combo of this outfit is fantastic! and great bag!

  3. That's cute also pretty! I'm loving the color and you are so cute right there :D

    Turtle in the Heels.

  4. That's a great idea - my big camera is so old these days that I just drop it in my purse, which is probably not the best thing to do.

    I love the velvet blazer - great color and looks so lux!


  6. AHHH! That blazer! *dies*
    And the camera bag is awesome! I just have a really teeny one, haha

  7. I've been just cramming my already large camera case/bag into the largest purse I own when I need to move it around...and I really need a better plan.

    Courtney ~

  8. Oh, I LOVE your blazer...gorgeous color on you!

  9. I've been thinking about getting a new camera bag too and this post definitely helps!!! I do like to carry two lens with me, so I'll probably have to stick to a bigger bag. :) Oh and I love your accessories by the way!

  10. Yeah, I've been putting my camera just directly into my bag, which always makes me nervous! I'll definitely have to check out all the options you suggested.

    star-crossed smile

  11. I love the color on that blazer and I might have to get that bag! I've been lugging mine around just directly in the bag, but I like that with your bag it's protected and you have room for a lens!

  12. oh I love that color combo! I must try it!

  13. I love ONA products and that bag is one of my favourites. Btw: You look stunning in that blazer. I adore the colour! Have a cozy day, sweetie. xo

  14. Thanks so much for the review! My husband has been yelling at me forever to get a camera bag and I will have to check out all these options!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  15. We're wearing similar turquoise blazers !
    Let's see which one was cheaper... mine is George from Walmart on sale for about 6 bucks :)

  16. I carry a teeny tiny purse so I usually just drag my camera bag along. But I might upgrade to a bigger purse when an opportunity shows, so this is a consideration.. hmmhmhmmm

    Anyway, your outfit is super pretty. :D :D I like the orange against the blue~! and of course the gold, because you look fantastically amazingly gorgeously wonderful in gold (and, let's be honest, most everything).

  17. Thanks for the review! I've been searching for a camera bag but I haven't found a look I like yet! This may be the answer!

    See Me Rwar

  18. Awesome blog dear..i'm your newest follower now.

  19. you look great- cute look-! the colors are a really good harmony...
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  20. Excellent review Lyddie! Fabulous camera bag.

  21. Great review.

    Your blazer and top color combo are making me very happy. Love it.


  22. Lovely outfit and blog...and you are super duper pretty!

  23. My purses are gonna be too small to accommodate my camera but an insert is a good idea for ladies with larger bags. In other news, I am kinda obsessed with your jacket. I cant believe its thrifted!

  24. So adorable! You have gorgeous hair by the way! x

  25. Hey hon, you look so great in jewel tones! Love that blazer!


  26. Good review. I just use my vintage photo carry bag. I could definitely see this as a great DIY though. You look stunning & love that real colour blazer.

  27. Cool. Thanks for the review! I tote around my dad's old camera bag from the 80s and look like an idiot...

    Mayhaps this should go on my birthday wishlist.

  28. I've been looking for the perfect camera bag for awhile now... No luck. I sort of feel like Goldilocks a little, always finding something I don't really like.

    Anyway, that blazer is, in a word, amazing! Is it velvety? It looks velvety and perfectly luxurious! Love the contrast between the rust colored top and the blue too.

    xx Melina

  29. Yeah... I definitely just plop my camera in my bag. There's way more metal in the better Canon cameras, right? I want the ONA satchel so bad. Maybe I'll start a spare change fund for it. Should only take me a few years, right?

  30. Oh and P.S. I love this outfit, but you probably already know that since I favorited it on flickr.

  31. Ooo I had no idea you could just buy the inserts! I have had my eye on an ONA bag for awhile, but never been able to pull the trigger. Great news!

  32. hi Lyddie! I love your blog and I've been following your blog. Your outfits are truly inspiring! :) I have a Q about taking pictures of your outfit of the days.... Do you use tripod to take it yourself or somebody else to take your picture? I've been wondering what's more efficient.... Reply would be appreciated! thanks!


  33. wow, that color combo is amazing .... i want to steal this outfit off of you right now, love it!!

  34. I love this color combo! So cute.


  35. Thanks for the great info about camera bags! I've b even thinking about getting a new one.

  36. I love that lucky bag so I can see why you are trying to make it work. The DIY post was a great idea!

  37. I completely understand the difficult search for the elusively perfect camera bag. I finally got a big Crumpler bag, but it looks very outdoorsy and not at all me. I've had my eye on The IT bag, but I can't rationalize another 150+ camera bag purchase. But an insert? an insert I could do.


    Does the perfect camera bag exist? I quite like the idea of the jototes ... have unfortunately not seen them in person.

  39. This is such a sophisticated and beautiful color combination! *taking notes*


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