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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Red leopard

One thing I've learned from blogging and seeing other people do 30 for 30s is that no one will notice or care if you keep wearing the same things over and over again.

So there is no way that any of you will even think twice about the fact that I wore the same top two days in a row, and tomorrow when you see me wearing these boots again, you won't mind.

Its funny to think how I used to worry about "what people might think" if I were to wear the same thing consecutively, but now I know better - people aren't that observant.

Oh, a funny little thing happened, I bought the pink Old Navy Capri Pants and blogged them yesterday.
Kileen bought them and blogged them on Friday.
Tara bought them and blogged them Monday.
Tracy bought them and blogged them Tuesday.
Did you buy them and blog them too?

Red Leopard Red Leopard Red Leopard Red Leopard  Red Leopard red leopardRed Leopard
The Rundown
Red Pants Urban Outfitters - Top NY&Co. Similar - Leopard Sweater Calvin Klein Similar - Boots Steve Madden Jessii - Earrings Swish - Station Bag Coach Thrifted


  1. oooh i just adore the combination of leopard and red! i also love the red lips too, you look great!!!


  2. I want to buy those capris and blog them...does that count? I also want your sweater...I will blog that too.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. red and leopard is one of my favorite combinations and i really love how you added a pink layer in there too!

    and it is true that people don't really notice repeated outfits unless you point them out. :)

    and those pink ON pants are so popular!

    cute & little

  4. I would totally wear that sweater several times a week...Love it!

  5. love the red with the leopard!!

  6. Ha ha it's amazing how bloggers are all drawn to similar items, even ones with completely different tastes. You rocked those pink capris!

    As you are rocking this these pants. HOT!


  7. OOOOOOOOh!!! I need that leopard sweater!

  8. You know I've thought this same exact thing before too. Like when I'll read a blog and it will say something like "ok, forgive me, I know I just wore this two days ago but . . ." and I'm like "you did? that's cool." LOL

    I have not bought the bright pink capris, but I totally want to. And I love your leopard sweater. Leopard and red is such a classic combo!

  9. I LOVE red lipstick - and you sport it very well!

  10. The bright denim + leopard print works a treat! You really stand out!

    x Marcella

  11. combination of leopard and red!
    i also love the red lips too, you
    look great!!! http://be

  12. no, people really aren't that observant. you look really beautiful! i think red is definitely your color :)

  13. i so wanted those pink pants you're talking about. i kept seeing them and they're such a great color but i couldn't figure out how i could possibly fit them while preggo :(

    love these red jeans with the leopard! looks great together.


  14. I didn't buy them. But after seeing them on you thnk I may need to. Cute!

  15. I love the colours and pattern here. If you'd like a new skirt check out my giveaway.

  16. you are so very right, just keep up the good outfits ... you always look awesome!!

  17. I love the red lips & pants with the leopard print; such a classic combo!

  18. nice outfit!
    love your leopard blouse!

  19. I am loving all your bright pants! I waited too long and now Old Navy is out of my size! Do you know if they had them in store too?

    P.S. You are right, if you hadn't said anything I probably wouldn't have noticed you are wearing the same shirt. That's the best thing about remixing your clothes :)

  20. Uh no I didn't buy them, but now I want them. Must go check it out...I also love how I'm seeing a lot of bloggers do their own take on red and leopard. It's such a great combo.

  21. I can see why the girls went to go buy those pants, they are a fantastic hue. Looking great, girl.


  22. Love the red with the leopard - not crazy about the shoes with it tho, but cute..

  23. This is such a fantastic combo and you look oh-so amazing, darling. Kisses and hugs

  24. Love the outfit!! And its so true, sometimes I wear something and everyone at work is like "I love that, is it new" and I'm thinking...I've worn this at least once a week since I've been working here... xD

  25. I did see that all of you wore and blogged about the capris, and I want a pair!

    I love a good red and leopard combo. I love the addition of the pink shirt too. You always look great! Heather

  26. Red and leopard is always such a great combination. Love this outfit.

    And is there actually another 30x30 under way now? I don't think I could do it again - I have WAY too many clothes that I'd miss wearing.

  27. Leopard and red make such a great couple!

  28. I always feel weird about wearing something two days in a row on my blog, which is funny since I don't notice it when others do it.

  29. No one notices these things, you are right! Sometimes I almost change outfits because someone might recognize I wore that shirt yesterday, but no one does! You look great, one of my fave looks from you!

  30. Weird I never think twice about wearing something two days in a row, but I almost always mix up the days that I blog them (so you know, it looks like I washed it in between)
    Love the red pants! It looks great with the animal print & pink shirt.

  31. "people just aren't that observant"
    love it and so true!!
    can't wait to pair my one leopard print sweater with my red pants now

  32. Love the layering here!! You look SOOO chic with the red pants and leopard top.


  33. Yes I want to think people don't notice too.
    NOW; Lorena wants those pants too.
    I have been eyeing the JCrew ones but they are over a 100 bucks... i hope they still have some left when I hit Old Navy.

  34. LOL on the pink Old Navy pants. That was so funny when I started noticing how we were all wearing them. I guess we all just have similar taste.

    Like these UO red pants for example. I have these as well. I might even style them with leopard in the future. ha.

    I think remixing is what we all need to be doing more of. I think that's more interesting then seeing someone with new outfits every day. I can't keep up. You know? I have to remix to survive.


  35. oh my gosh, this outfit is SMOKIN!

  36. you make me want to go buy some funky colored legwear these days! I love these red jeans on you! x

  37. Hey !
    Leopard + red = perfection ! I love that combination :)


  38. Red and brown is always a great combination, so I'm not surprised that red and leopard would be too! Lyddie I applaud you because I haven't seen this look on anyone else. It looks really good! You're always coming up with the best. LOVE!

  39. Fabulous outfit...love how you styled the red pants with that great leopard top!

  40. i keep meaning to say that i've had fun watching your style evolve from whenever i first started reading your blog, you are killin it lately!

  41. They look red, I bought the a red pair at old navy, I've worn them but I haven't blogged it because...well I've been lazy and then I decided they don't look as good on me, don't have the pant's type of body. They ooh great on you. =)

  42. oh I see! the last post! Okay I thought you were talking about these pants. =) See I'm not very observant hehehehe

  43. Best. Combination. Ever.
    I love colored pants (especially red), and I love leopard print. It's purrrrr-fect.
    (Purr. Get it?)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  44. This is a perfect combination...seriously in love with it...and I think the fact that we all bought the same pants must mean that we are all completely awesome...right??? lol

  45. Super cute outfit. I am big fan of reds and leopard print, looks awesome!


  46. I want red pants too! It is funny about how bloggers obsess over similar things!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  47. Red and leopard is usually such a vampy combo, I really love how your camel booties and pink shirt tone everything down. This is a great look <3shelby


  48. hahaha that's funny about the pants. It's like my car before I went to college almost.. before, I never saw another bug like it, but there are 3 of them at college. Not the right comparison to your situation but it made me think of it > w<

    This color combo is perfect, my lovely lovely Lyddie~ <3 I love that sweater! it looks so soft and touchable * 3*

  49. Red and leopard is practically a classic combination in my book. I wear things over and over so many times that I'm practically doing 30 for 30 constantly, haha.

    Maybe you guys should make a group for the pink pants, like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pink Pants... except they wouldn't travel. Oh well, new name then.

  50. Your speaking to my inner Jersey Girl leopard and red. I love this combo and the preppy vibe you have going on.

    Perfect outfit!!

    Those pants are getting a lot of love!! :)


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