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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Choosing texture over color

When did I wear this outfit again?
Sometime last week I think, but it was raining, so I didn't get around to photographing it until this weekend, and since it was raining again today I didn't take outfit photos again.

Ever since Alex of Delayed Missives gave me the idea to wear this skirt backwards, I have fallen in love with it all over again. It's like a newer, sexier skirt. That also was completely unzippped when I came home from work that day I wore it. No one said anything, so I'm going to assume it happened sometime between leaving the office and the car ride home.
I mean, I hope if my skirt were unzipped all the way up the back and I was walking around like that for hours someone would have let me know.

Do you tell your coworkers when you see they are having a wardrobe malfunction?

black and white black and white black and white
black and white
The Rundown
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  1. Looove this outfit!!!
    and oh dear...I'm sure someone would have told you, I would have...haha XD

  2. Cute outfit. That skirt is great backwards, what a fabulous idea. Oh and yes, I even tell random people when something is array.

  3. What a great way to get a "new" skirt! I love this backwards. And the classic pairing of white and black is so stunning. I would hope that someone would tell me too! I'm sure it happened on the car ride home. Don't worry 'bout it baby.

  4. i love the striped jacket and the skirt is very versatile and looks great.


  5. I'm sorry the rain... rains on your parade... :( I really love this outfit, though! I love black and white together (like, a LOT), so this is already a plus for me! but you've managed to mix in a lot of different textures (like the delicate ruffles and the zipper) that just make this whole outfit impressive!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  6. Wait that skirt is on backwards? No way! It looks awesome, as does the whole outfit. perfect work chic look :)

  7. ya, I agree .. the backwards skirt is awesome!! oh, and I always let one know if there is a malfunction!

  8. I love the black and white - so chic! :D and I'm sure someone would have told you about the malfunction!

  9. Beautiful outfit! I love the cardigan and the blouse! <3<3

  10. Amazing outfit ! I love your blazer , and Your ruffled top is so adorable !!

    Much love , Riim ♥

  11. Love the idea of wearing this skirt backwards! It's so cool no matter which way you wear it too.

    Yes, I feel you should always tell someone if they have a wardrobe malfunction (or food in their teeth, or a booger hanging out of their nose). I would want someone to tell me! Heather

  12. Ooh, I really like the skirt backwards. And I always love a black and white outfit.

  13. So the zipper goes on the front?? It looks awesome in back! Def make it a whole other skirt! Very cute outfit. I dig the b&w sometimes.

  14. Loving this black and white outfit!

    I keep seeing that blazer on different bloggers and totally wish I'd bought it.

  15. Loving ur jacket babe! Happy Thursday xx

  16. Just yesterday I told some poor girl on campus that her bag had pinched her skirt and it was riding up enough to expose a healthy chunk of her right ass cheek. I hope people will tell others when they're having a malfunction!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  17. love this outfit! especially the top :)


  18. Love the striped blazer.

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  19. This outfit is beyond fantastic! I LOVE that striped jacket. You look stunning :)

  20. Lyddie, that was an awesome suggestion to wear it backwards. It looks great. I love your ENTIRE outfit!!! That ruffled top is adorable & sweet! Yes, i always tell someone if they're having a wardrobe malfunction.
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  21. This is such a great, classic outfit - I never get tired of black and white together.

    Yeah, if I saw someone - ANYONE - with their skirt unzipped, I would tell them!

  22. Do you remember that band kris kross? You could totally be a member and rock the backwards skirt :) I once walked around the office with ink on my forehead for at least an hour and only noticed it when I went to the restroom.

  23. oh, that moment when you notice your zipper is open. gah, hate it when that happens ^^ I love this outfit, that top is so pretty! x

  24. Great outfit! I love the striped blazer. I hope your wardrobe malfunction was at the end of the day. I hate when I have stuff in my teeth and no one says anything!

  25. Gorgeous. I love they way you wore the skirt on 8/24. But I really love this way too. And you chose Black and white both times. Classic, chic, and simple. Love it.


  26. I have that same blazer...haven't worn it yet though...I need to get on that!

  27. I am sure someone would have tell you, I would.
    I Love this outfit, your jacket is absolutely beautiful. looking great!


  28. one of my favs of yours and i like the exposed zipper in the back much better than i would in the front

  29. Love your blazer! I think you probably would have felt it if had been unzipped for that long. I have a skirt like that and I know I can tell when it starts to go.

    I probably wouldn't tell my co-workers they were having a wardrobe malfunction unless I really liked them. Teehee.

  30. love the combination of the tiered ruffles and wide stripes on top!! i tell people if they have wardrobe malfunctions, but if their clothes just look bad i usually keep it to myself... <3shelby


  31. That skirt is perfect backwards! You are reminding me to find a fun blazer!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  32. What a great way to wear the skirt! I love this mix of B&W. With patterns and texture like this, the classic color palette is never boring!

  33. Ha! I would have told you if came unzipped. That's actually one of my fears whenever I wear that skirt, although mine locks firmly at the bottom. That striped blazer looks awesome with this outfit! When I first saw it I was thinking nautical... but now I'm thinking classy classy!

  34. thanks for your comment!!kisses

  35. I certainly hope that my coworkers would tell me! To be safe i try to wear cute underoos so if there is a situation I'll still be cute! Love the back zip!

  36. Nice.
    I sure hope someone would tell me.
    I think I probably would tell them. Well if I liked them.

  37. Love the ruffles layered underneath the stripes!


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