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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Remember when I blogged about coveting a few things simply because I saw other bloggers wearing them? And how I then obsessed about each of them and did not stop searching until I found all three?
Well, here they are, the red pants, the striped blazer and the starfish cuff, all rolled into one outfit.
Not going to lie, it was way too hot to be wearing the blazer outside of arctic office air conditioning, but as a key part of the outfit, it had to be included.
The red jeans I purchased initially ended up being way too tight, and I had to return them and then I went for these twill pants from Urban Outfitters. When I tried them on I thought they fit perfectly, but judging by these photos, taken after I sat in them all day, they look like they might be a little too big.  Maybe they just need a roll in the dryer. I hope so, because I have a lot of outfits I want to wear with these!
setting sun Trifecta
Trifecta Trifecta
I didn't end up getting down to the yacht club until 8pm, hence the low light and massive flare - it can definitely be tricky to get photos that work well, and I had more success with the closer shots than the full. 
When you shoot, do you like to experiment with different lighting conditions, or do you like simple, even light?
The Rundown
Red Twill Pants Urban Outfitters - Striped Blazer H&M - Tank Gap - Starfish Cuff St. Thomas via TJMaxx - Sandals Onex Nile - Sunnies Aldo
setting sun

P.S. The shoes I ordered are both, sadly, going back.

I got Sheona, a bright fuchsia studded sandal by Nina, and the studs hurt my toes. The row of studs around the toe was one of my favorite details of the sandal, so it's dissapointing that they are the reason I can't wear them.
Nina Sheona Nina Sheona 

I also got Edda, a brown woven wedge with metallic detailing by Vince Camuto and they are too narrow for my chubster toes. I don't think the woven strap would lend itself well to stretching, so I'm not going to take the chance.
Vince Camuto Edda Vince Camuto Edda


  1. You look fab---thematically perfect outfit to wear to a yacht club. Red pants are a brave sartorial choice, so I think you get full credit for pulling them off even if they did stretch out a bit during the day.

  2. I think you look fantastic in those siren red pants! And love the lens flare capture.

    ♥, Jamie

  3. Sadly I'm still trying to figure out lighting conditions when taking pictures. I love the lighting you have for your pics and I really love the striped blazer. I've been contemplating the purchase of one and it seems like such a good investment.

  4. Oh its funny how from your list, I make my own list.
    On my list is the cuff. But I want to pay half of what you did....

  5. Love the whole outfit! I just thrifted a pair of red jeans and I cannot wait to wear them! I probably have 20 outfit ideas already! The striped blazer looks great and the starfish bracelet is always a favorite to see on you :)

  6. red/black/white is my fave color combo! very cute!


  7. LOVE the outfit!!!!! :D :D :D yayyyy for all the blogger coveted pieces ;)
    And awww that is too bad about the shoes! They're both so awesome!

  8. Cute, cute shoes! I love my red pants as well. I never imagined when I bought them several months ago that I would get so much use out of them! I love the addition of the striped blazer too.

    I can only shoot photos when I have the few minutes to do so, which can be sporadic. However, it keeps it interesting. ;-)

  9. Great combination! I love the red pants.

  10. really love this blog! your outfits are great and i love the shoes.


  11. That's a bummer about those shoes because they're adorable!

  12. So sad about those shoes...they do look fabulous.

    OK, so I don't have a DLSR, and I'm not the most knowledgeable in photography but I prefer natural lighting from the sun...but indoors...if that makes sense. I don't know, I just love the simplicity of it, and it can also capture my outfits well enough.

    Occasionally, I'll go outside...depending on location.


  13. Perfect and worth it purchases! Especially when paired together!
    Too bad about the shoes. So disappointing when you thought they'd be perfect!

  14. I love the outdoor natural lighting AND the red pants. I had the same experience with the pink chambray madewell ones so just washed them on warm and dried them on extra warm a few times (while monitoring) and now they are just perfect! Don't give up--the color is rad and I love the rolls at bottom!


  15. That blazer...perfection. I can definitely see why you tracked it down! I think the pants look cute. Twill tends to stretch - I have a pair of skinny cargos that do the same thing after a day of wear. But I like the more relaxed look. Very summery. (Dang, I want it to be summer!!)

    Lydia x

  16. Great outfit dear! and oh yes, could not agree with you more: red pants! On my must have list for a long time... just need to get to shopping in the city!

  17. Too bad the shoes didn't work out! I want some red pants and your cuff too! I'll have to wait a bit longer for my trifecta!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  18. The light in these photos is beautiful! I really have to go and take photos at sunset too one day! too bad you have to return both shoes... But better that then too have pain! x

  19. It's a shame about the shoes because they both look so awesome - and don't even get me started on the striped blazer!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  20. Glad you managed to snag all three things. I have no doubt that you'll do amazing things with each of them. The blazer excites me the most. It's so nautical--and you KNOW you do nautical so well!

    Mmm I've been going out to take pictures right before sunset lately. I like the lighting better, but it's difficult because A) the bugs are bad, B) pictures tend to be blurrier than normal, C) If you take too much time, the nice lighting goes away and you're left taking pictures in the dark.

  21. Beautiful shoes, pink shoes and shoes on your outfit pics. And pretty sunset!

  22. bummer about the shoes!!! i love those studs too!
    and that striped blazer...sooo up my alley. i love it.

  23. I am diggin' the red pants, girl! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. Take care.

  24. Love both shoes and adore your blazer. You look fantastic here;)
    Aesthetic Lounge

  25. Love both shoes and adore your blazer. You look fantastic here;)
    Aesthetic Lounge

  26. Aw, that's such a bummer those shoes didn't work out! That will just have to mean you'll have to try a couple more, right? Also, I love the bold black and white stripes with the red pants! I've GOT to find me a striped blazer! I need your dedication to finding the right one :)

  27. you look so fabulous! how do u manage to take such gorgeous photos? my tripod and i have a love -hate relationship :(
    i love those red pants, its been on my wishlist for the past coupla months, also i love your bright tiffany blue handbag in another post..I love your scalloped blazer and your scalloped shorts and your scallopped blouse.. i need something scalloped in my life ..*sighs* i ve been haunting H&M ever since :(

    thank you for visting my blog and leaving your comment :) its much appreciated!


  28. I love the red pants! I wish I were brave enough to try them. Perhaps I'll start with red leggings and work my way to jeans. Love, Love, Love the blazer. I have so many things that would go with that...

  29. Oooh, the red pant obsession has arrived. I have yet to own any color jeans. I'm sorry about the shoes they were both so cute especially the hot pink one's.

    I hope you had a great weekend! :)

  30. This is the summer I have decided that my red skirt and my red britches are actually neutrals. I like this outfit and some of your early evening photos. I don't experiment much with settings on my camera, but I have begun to play with my photo software a bit more.

  31. tes photos sont superbes, et j'adore ta tenue, tu est magnifique

  32. 1st of all I love the sunset behind you, beautiful picture. Now the outfit: its amazing, the blazer is fab! and the red jean makes it totally Chic.
    very nice, its definitely one of those styles that you (me) want to wear.
    PS: about your question on the lime jean; it has 3% stretch so its not stretch but has some stretch to it.
    Have a happy Monday!


  33. your red pants are so much fun! i don't think i could get away with wearing them, but you look so chic, as always.

  34. in love with that blazer. and i have the same problem with shoes not being wide enough! it sucks!


  35. Yea, my dress was WAY better than everyone else's, I dont think theirs were dressy enough, except for 1 or 2.... ;)

  36. I'm sad that you have to send your shoes back, but the reasons you stated are good ones- you don't want shoes you can't walk around in!

    star-crossed smile

    Also, I'm having my One-Year Blog Birthday Giveaway and I would love it if you entered Lyddie! :)

  37. pretty pants!! and love your jacket!!


  38. Lovin' the nautical look. I have the same problem with pants. I try them on in the store and they seem too tight, so I go up a size and they fit like a dream. Wear 'em for 20 minutes and they're falling off.

    Or the opposite happens, I tell myself: remember what happened last time? Buy the tight ones! And then in that case, they're always just a little too tight for decency's sake.

    Glad to hear you're returning the shoes! I'm the same way, if they don't fit, don't keep 'em. That means there's room (and $) for the shoes that do fit! (I used to be a keeper! Bad, bad!)

    ~ B

  39. My friend just bought a striped blazer too... and now I have a pressing urge to own one, haha. So sad about the shoes! But I know how difficult fit is, my feet are really wide across the toes. I also like dramatic lighting! Backlighting is my favorite.

  40. I see why you had to have that bracelet. It just adds fun to any outfit.


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