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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The snow will slow you down

This morning I awoke to another foot of snow atop the three inches from the day before, on top of the two feet from two weeks ago. Most of the piles at the ends of peoples driveways tower over my head.
I went into work a few hours late today, so I had a chance to alter my outfit and rephotograph it.

My original rushed version:
first pancake
My new one:
Snow {is} White
I felt like the white jeans just didn't offer enough grounding for the outfit, head to knee white was easy to get lost in. I feel like the black velvet pants make everything so much more sleek.
And I like my new photos much better.
Snow white
With pretty chromatic aberration.
Snow white
The Rundown
Sequin Striped Shirt The Limited - Sweatshirt Blazer Express - Velvet Pants Thrifted and altered - Boots Migliorini - Earrings Avon - Broach Thrifted
Snow white
Have you all gotten sick of the snow yet? There certainly has been an abundance here this year. The other night I came very close to slipping and falling on my butt, fortunately I was close enough to the car to grab the handle and keep from colliding with the icy white. Think as long as I don't catch my death, I'm still okay with the snow. It is quite pretty, after all.
there was a bush there at some point.

Speaking of snow (and I do realize I am coming to the party two years too late) have you heard Miike Snow? He's a Swedish guy with an awesome album. While I did in fact have the single "Song for No One" for the last two years, it wasn't until I heard "Silvia" during Monday's Episode of Chuck that I had my "ohmygod who is this?!" moment and then went and downloaded the album. The digital version is $6 at amazon, so what have you got to lose?



Vanessa said...

Love the snowy photos, even though I'm awfully tired of the snow! It's getting wearisome!
I like the black-pant-vesion of the outfit, and that thrifted broach is such a good find!

Sue said...

The black pant outfit is stunning. I can't imagine all that snow around, we don't get snow where I live!

morefruitplease said...

I personally like the white pants since it's so unexpected in the middle of winter. I also feel like there's a bit of a retro vibe with the white pants.

I can't believe that blazer is sweatshirt material! You definitely can't tell in the pictures!

Rachel said...

Beautiful brooch! It's the first thing I noticed in the photo. :D

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

You are so smart to wear white in these snow pictures...it looks fabulous!! I really like this outfit!

kileen said...

i love this outfit, especially with the dark jeans as it adds more contrast. and the brooch on the blazer is so unique! i'll have to try something like that myself.

cute and little
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Ashley J said...

I am in love with your first outfit of the day...the all white is so refreshing aganist the snowy background! Those boots are fabulous too!

Londyn said...

I gave your fabulous blog the stylish blogger award! check it out :)

laura said...

I love snow but only on bright days. Dreary snow days are the worst. I also love that brooch! It really unifies the look with the studs on your boots.

Closet Fashionista said...

I love both versions of the outfit!
and yes...this snow is MADNESS!!! Its over my head in a lot of places too Haha...
(and I actually DID fall on my butt last Friday...no fun XD)

Terri said...

Really admiring the sweatshirt/blazer. I think the decision to switch from white to the black velvet was a good one. I kept thinking "snowwoman" for the white ensemble!

Stacey Kay said...

I think the black WAS a better choice. Funny how we both tend to go back and "re-think" our outfits. I thought I was the only one psychotic about it. lol.

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I'm still stalking that Limited top! Yep love the contrast with the black pants!

Diana said...

i am SO sick of the snow!! but i love the white on white in these pictures :) you look so classic!!


Wendy said...

Awesome photos .. and I agree, the black trousers give it an edge that the white didn't. Lovely lovely. Your style really rocks.

Anne said...

I don't really mind the snow (especially since we haven't gotten nearly as much here in the midwest), but I do wish it looked as pretty as your photos all the time!

I definitely like the outfit with the black pants better. You could get lost in the snow in all white, and the black makes it look, I don't know, more polished maybe?

eek said...

I am definitely not sick of the snow photos. I wish I could take some outfit photos in such a gorgeous background, although I don't envy the cold!

I can't decide if I like the black or white pants better. They both look amazing :)

Leia said...

You look gorgeous! Snow is always so magical to me because I've rarely ever seen it. I haven't heard of Miike Snow yet, much check him out :)


Courtney Erin said...

I can't get outside to take photos because the snow is so piled up in front of the house! I love this look though, the black pants are great and there's something so chic and bold about basic black and bold.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Jilliebeanie said...

I love pretty, winter white. You pull it off well in this outfit.

Daniela said...

I love your outfit and I do love it better with the black pants. however, get those white pants back out..lol Go read this free bird today ;)
have a great weekend!

Melanie said...

The snow is gorgeous. We got around 10" the other night, which is clearly nowhere near what you have. I love the outfit with the black pants--definitely a great upgrade from the "rushed" version. You are so chic, lady!

Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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Amelie said...

The black velvet pants look so good! You kind of looked like a legit sailor with all the white on, haha. And yes, I am super sick of snow. Spring needs to hurry up!


crystal glamour said...

love that blazer, top, boots evrything! :)

Valentine's Day Preparation Pt. 1:

Shey said...

wow! This look should be in magazines, I love it!

Marella said...

Gorgeous look dear! <3

Kristin Wyly said...

Its such a good album! I love your boots.

The Fancy Teacup said...

I love snow, but I can't wait for spring either :) Those velvet pants are such gorgeous eye candy, and I love the crest brooch, it adds a nice touch.

I hope it's okay to ask on here, but I'm asking some of my avid followers to vote for me for a contest. When you get a chance, could you spare a vote? You can click here for instructions. Thanks dear! :)

much love.

Amber Blue Bird said...

love the outfit and your black velvet pants. I think they work much better than the white one. As for the snow I am so over it. I cant even see when I am backing out of my driveway because the snow piles are so high

Alex Elizabeth said...

I admit, I like the white jeans, maybe revisit with platform sandals for spring? But I like the contrast of black pants better for winter (against the snow!) and with those fabulous boots! And I can see the brooch in the outfit version two!
At least you got to work! The plow job was so bad here that I turned around before I hit the highway and went home. The snow piles in the parking lots are huuuuuge right now.

Ariana said...

The edited version hit the jackpot! I love everything about this look, it's so nautical/equestrian chic. The details on that jacket are awesome!

Sarah Dee said...

I definitely prefer the black pants! Really pulls the look together =)

<2 Sarah

Lindsay said...

Great look! I love the striped tea and the zip front boots. I like both looks, but if I had to pick one I'd side with you on the dark jeans. That might be my fear of white pants talking, though. You make them look fab.

Miike Snow is actually a Swedish band made up of three guys, none of which is named Miike Snow. I thought you might enjoy that trivia I found when their album came out last year.

Have a great day!

Sharon said...

Love this outfit! I love wearing white but I always get them dirty as soon as I put them on! That penguin in the last photo is too cute ;)

Sharon @ Fun and Life

Iris said...

Snow is beautiful and makes for great pictures but, I'm so over it! That last 19 inches and almost not be able to make it to an important meeting really broke me. I love the winter white in this outfit :)