Weekend in Boston

This weekend I was finally able to get out of town for a change and visit a friend in Boston. While I wasn't happy about the $150 train ticket (seriously Amtrak, this is robbery) I wanted to remind myself that it's worthwhile to spend money on travel and have a reason to wear my clothes, rather than spending money on clothes that sit in the closet, as I have no where to wear them.

While I was waiting for the train, I spotted one super stylish passenger:

Everything is neutral, but it's so polished. The pearls, the manicure, the metallic bag - I love it.

For my travel look, I grabbed one of my empire waist tops and my skinny capris. I too was hoping to look polished, so I accessorized quite a bit. Although my overnight bag is my L.L. Bean backpack from high school that is purple tie dye. I'd like to get an over night bag that will enhance a look, rather than kill it. Just something else for the wishlist...

It's called a fedora, not a 'gangsta hat'

The Rundown
Top Max Studio - Capris TJMaxx - Fedora Market in Italy - Sandals Naturalizer - Necklace Gap - Bracelet Arabella - Earrings TJMaxx

Boston is full of shopping opportunities.  Lots, and lots. This weekend however, I did no shopping at all. When I went out to lunch, rather than ordering the cheapest thing on the menu, I ordered what I really wanted. I didn't complain about $9 cocktails at the bar, I enjoyed my drink and had fun dancing -- rather than thinking about some top or pair of shoes I could have been buying instead.

For the most part, I avoided shops entirely. I glanced into windows, occasionally paused and gawked for a moment or two, but I kept moving. I kept my camera by my side and tried to stay in that photographic mindset.
i know i'm so boring, more flowers

I did go into one thrift shop and sorted through those numerous color coded racks, I found a really gorgeous BCBG brown velvet blazer for $6, but it was a bit too small for me. I know a week ago I would have bought it anyway. This time I lamented, but I put it back. I left the store completely empty handed.

Walk in the park

The Rundown
Dress TJMaxx - Sandals Naturalizer - Sunglasses Kohls - Bag Avon - Earrings Made by Me - Bracelet Kohls - Belt Gap

So far in the face of temptation, I've maintained restraint. I hope I can stay on this path!

Museum of Modern Renaissance

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  1. That last outfit especially is a total fav. Looking great as usual lady!

  2. Im not saying that I dont like stripes! I just think that they only tend to really look good on smaller women! Far too many larger ladies try and carry off horizontal stripes and it really does just make them look bigger. They just arnt flattering on lots of people. It's not just the playsuits trend that this has happened with. Lots of fashion forward women wear something for a long time before it is made fashionable and then you see it everywhere. Thats not always a bad thing, its just how fashion works. It makes buying items alot easier but it also means very few items remain sacred to the fashion forward among us. Anyway...Im rambling. I really love that dress on you, very cute! Daisy Dayz Home

  3. The blue dress is great on you. Love the red dress from the previous post too!

  4. I used to live in Boston...LOVE that city. Love your traveling outfit, very chic. I'm so glad you're doing so well on being discplined on your spending, you go girl! :)

  5. I missed you in Boston by a week! We should get together soon! :)

    xo Lynzy

  6. Looks like you had a great weekend and I am very impressed that you didn't shop!

    You look gorgeous in that dress - love that look!

  7. What a cool trip! Good for you on not shopping dude!

  8. Stunning photos!


  9. Good job on the will power! I'm cut off until mid September I think... it's gonna be hard! Boston is a great place to visit - sounds like you had a good time! I love the dress in the last picture, the embellishment is so fun!

  10. Ahhhhwe I'm so proud of you for passing by those stores! I want your willpower. :D but I'm pretty proud of myself since I haven't bought anything in a week, haha, which is sad, but that's a record for me!

    Cute top and capris, they look wonderful on you! :D

  11. you always look so sophisticated my darling!!


  12. You look just as fab as the traveling stranger! Kudos to your self restraint. I'm trying to spend only on items that are worth it. Quality over quantity. I'm tired of having so many pieces I picked up out of boredom!

  13. i bet u're one of the super stylish passenger :)
    i'm so proud and happy for you!

  14. What an exciting trip!
    The second and third outfit is great. Though I would wear the second one with denim shorts :)

    On a rainbow slide,

  15. I adore your hat! It's so cute :)

  16. ohhh cute outfits and way to go on the restraint :) i love that flower picture!!

  17. glad you enjoyed Boston :) To weather was perfect on Saturday!

  18. That flower photo is so sweet and your outifts are stunning:)

    Kisses,sweetie and happy Monday

  19. Sounds like you had a fab time, and congrats on the restraint - I'm sure it'll pay off! Loving your aviators too, perfect :D

  20. Love both outfits - very, very chic. I'm going to Boston this coming weekend! Good times....

  21. Lyddie this is a superb post. I love that you went to Boston and took it all in - but especially that you spent money on yourself in a different way; in a way that fed your spirit and not your closet.

    I, too, am hopping on this train. Every time I do I never regret it.

    You look seriously adorable in your travel gear. The hat looks terrific on you and I love the whole look.


  22. Oh your gray dress is lovely and that girl's outfit is so stylish for traveling! Great inspiration!

  23. Love the fedora and the last dress is so styling!

  24. What great pictures and outfits!!! I love them all!


  25. That dress fits you well, sexy chic!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  26. Love the super stylish clothes featured!! :)

    -California Girls
    Mind Following?

  27. Great travel outfits! Love that dress especially.

  28. love your outfits from your weekend away. also loving your blog too :) only just found it and i am very impressed. you have awesome style, love how well you do casual styling, impeccable!!!!


  29. Love the dress outfit!! :D And I really need to start doing that too with shopping...I'll start now...even though my spending freeze is on I still buy things XD SHAME ON ME

  30. Loving both outfits! Although now I want to see your L L Bean backpack, haha!


  31. That traveler you photographed is exactly how I'd love to look if I only knew how!

  32. I love your last outfit!!! Just enough sparkle to keep in looking casual yet fun!!!



  33. Aw! I hate leaving thrift stores empty handed because I feel like if EVERYTHING is cheap, then there is no reason NOT to buy anything.

    Nice look! Glad you had fun in Boston except for that train ticket. Holy cow. That's a lot.

    That lady you took a photo of has a woman in the background *possibly* noticing that candid photo lol.

  34. You're SOOOOO beautiful. I truly love these outfits! And your blog!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  35. I cannot say...how great it is that you are trying to abstain from needless shopping. Not forever, but maybe taking a break lets you see more clearly what you really want or need? That is what I have been trying to do, anyway. It's like breaking a bad habit, so BRAVO!!


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