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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Two Weeks

It has now been two weeks since I decided I needed to focus more on wearing what is currently in my closet and less on adding new things to it. I haven't bought anything in 14 days. I can't say I haven't shopped, I've actually spent a lot of time thinking about things I would like to be buying. I have put items in carts at numerous websites and spent a good deal of time talking myself out of clicking these:

Not easy my friends. Not easy.

I can't really say that I'm feeling a whole lot of pride in my self restraint. Mostly I still just want to buy, buy, buy. I want those damn scalloped shorts, which have actually gone from being $30, back to their original price of $48. How annoying.

I have done well with my unworn items. I have worn 14 of them now, and passed one along to my sister.

Yesterday I decided to tackle my white eyelet dress, last worn summer of 2007.

 I'm with my friend Bethany, who I haven't really seen since then. For shame Bethany, for shame. We need to visit more often.

And it really did need some altering. The length was much too long, and it has a nice deep neckline, previously I layered a cammi under it, but I thought taking the extra material from the hemline would be a much better way to fill in the gap. I also shortened the straps.

The white dress, refreshed

The Rundown
Dress Max Studio - Vest TJMaxx - Sandals Aldo - Belt Gap - Necklace and Ring The Cavernous Jewelry Box

eyelet close

I've been seeing gals in white dresses with denim vests all summer long and have been itching to try it. I knew I really couldn't justify buying another white dress, so I'm glad I finally managed to make this one more wearable.

It's also the twin of this dress. I do like how the pattern stands out on the black version.

So summer - Black and white day 7

Today it rained all day. I didn't leave the house. I read blogs, wished I were buying things, looked at J.Crew, and decided to make a red skirt.
Anyone who has worn a red skirt the past few weeks has probably gotten a comment from me, whining about how I want one.

This one has a shirred waist band, and seemed simple enough to duplicate, so I looked up tutorial on Thread Banger and got to work.

red skirt

I don't really like how it came out though. Which is typical; I only like about 1/3rd of everything I make.
The Rundown
Skirt Made by Me - Top Kohls - Sandals Aldo - Belt Gap - Bracelet The Cavernous Jewelry Box

I know that I don't need to shop. I know I have more than enough clothes and accessories to make hundreds of outfits. But I just want to buy things. And I don't know what to do with myself.


  1. I love the last outfit, beautiful. I love the skirt you made, so pretty.

  2. Good for you, girl! Keep shopping in your own closet :)

  3. Good job not shopping. I know how hard it is, but I'm sure you will feel better after either wearing or getting rid of the unused items in your closet.

    I love the alterations you made to the white dress. I also really like the dress that you have pictured in black and white.


  4. I know how hard it can be to not shop, but you are doing a great job so far! Is there anything you could save toward - like a trip or a spa day - that would make you feel like your choices not to shop were going toward something that would reward you?

    I love your alterations to the white eyelet dress! It looks fantastic!

  5. Oh wow, your version of the J. Crew skirt is so beautiful!!! How did you get the waistband like that?

  6. Oh my god! your eyelet dress outfit with the vest and belt! I want that! It's fantastic!!!!!!!!!


    It is hard not buying stuff. I guess the key is to examine why you want it. I agree with the idea mentioned above of setting a goal to save for like a trip...

  7. I love the new version of the white dress... especially paired with the vest! And yes, it has definitely been too long. Hopefully not too much longer!!

  8. I love the alterations you made to the dress, much more up to date, and the styling you did with it. Very cute! And I really enjoy the skirt. I think it looks really great. Good work! Now it's time to get to work on my projects...

  9. I like the skirt. It looks good on you!
    It's great how handy you are with sewing.

    I know what you mean about shopping. I keep adding things to carts but walking away. Money needs to be saved but I also need clothes. Yes, NEED!

  10. I love that white dress on you! Your so cute!!

  11. Nice work - I always love your posts!

  12. cute cute cute!
    white dress are just so original, i think you can never go wrong with that!


  13. maybe you could take up another hobby and put time and energy into that and it might take your mind of shopping, just a thought...

  14. Love the white dress! You are constantly reminding me that I need to learn to sew so i can start to make fabulous things like you!

  15. The white dress is very sweet, and I like how you toughen it up with the vest. Like the necklace =)

    Second dress is my fav!

    Have a terrific day,

  16. Well done for not shopping! You deserve a treat :P haha
    Lovely outfits too hun :)

    miss violet bell.xx

  17. That last outfit is amazing:) Love your style:)
    Happy Monday,sweetie

  18. WHOA you sure are crafty. I love the way you altered your own dress and made a new skirt! Absolutely fabulous and I mean the way you look :)!!

  19. Love the dresses so much! Your little skirt is cute! Why don't you like it! Its really nice. Ok if you want to stop shopping, stop looking on shopping websites!!!! Your just tempting yourself! hehe! Daisy Dayz Home

  20. One day at a time, one day at a time :)

    I love how you refashioned your white dress - it looks brand new! And I know you don't like the way your skirt turned out, but to me it looks as good as, if not better, than the one you emulated!

    Here's to one more week shopping your closet!

  21. love this outfit. ive been trying to find a thin belt like this!!

  22. i think your skirt is lovely! you're just being overcritical (:


  23. Oooh that white dress is so pretty! :D
    I know what you mean I always put things in carts and talk myself out of it, its really just a way to shop without shopping XD ...I should really start up my spending freeze again, haha....but I cant help it!

  24. I love the outfits that you are coming up with from your closet. I understand the desire to shop and if it's really so strong and it's something you need/love then go for it but, if it's just buying for the sake of buying keep doing what your doing!

  25. Very very pretty - ALL the outfits! But the white eyelet dress is my fave!


  26. wow hun digging your will power I so could not do this. Some great outfits love the red skirt you did a good ob and your outfit is better than the original xoxo

  27. I have so many things to comment about....
    First I totally relate to filling up that shopping cart to then leaving it abandoned. I did it numerous times in my 6 month shopping ban. It is a way to "release" that need, that urge to buy. It was almost like therapy to me.
    That is a pretty eyelet dress and you wore it beautifully with the vest. I have wanted to do this for sometime but I did not have the vest. I just got it last week for 4 bucks (i am wearing it today) - I will totally copy your skinny belt over the vest!
    I like how your skirt turned out, if it were for me I would have made it an inch longer... I am desperately looking for a red informal dress...
    Is that yellow polish on your toes ???!!!

  28. great way to recycle! love the alterations and I'm a little jealous that you know how to do that so well..lol
    oh, and great sandals. I adore bows.

  29. i love the way you styled the white dress...it looks like a totally different piece.

  30. I really love your changes to the white dress and how you styled it. It's great and of course now I wish I had an outfit just like it (but I don't and that's okay).

    Re this -
    "I know that I don't need to shop. I know I have more than enough clothes and accessories to make hundreds of outfits. But I just want to buy things. And I don't know what to do with myself."

    I feel like that a lot. I don't think I realized until I decided to stop shopping that I spent so much time looking at clothes -- somehow shopping was an activity. And what's weirder is that I still sometimes can't figure out what to do "for fun" with my spare time? I wonder if I need to do something that's similarly visually-pleasing? And I wonder how much harder this will all get when the weather turns colder and our options are more limited?

    That said, I had a decent weekend and none of it was centered around shopping or looking. So, I guess the more I try, the more I'll do it and the more I'll learn how. Good luck, Lyddie!

  31. Good for you! It really is hard not to shop. I've been trying to work with what I have in my closet too! The dress is beautiful and you look fantastic.


  32. love the waistcoat.


  33. i love your vest.

    you're gorgeous lyddie!

    and dont feel guilty about being a shopaholic. it happens to the best of us :]

    <3 dennica pearl

  34. Wow- you made a red skirt just like the one in the photo. Wish I could do stuff like that.

  35. 1) I'm totally guilty of filling my online shopping cart and now buying anything (it's almost as satisfying as actually buying) 2) Love both the dresses, so easy breezy chic! 3) I really wish I could sew :(

  36. Love how you've re-worked your dress & how you've styled it, stunning!
    You made that skirt?? It's perfect.
    I think we all need to start paying more attention to what we already have in our wardrobes!

    Just found your blog & became a follower xo

  37. EEEek I am officially on a shopping hiatus too!!!!! Gah, I need to prepare for the weddings I am in in October. I know what you mean about putting things in the shopping cart then walking away.. so... hard.
    But stuff doesn't make me happy, as much as I sometimes convince myself that it will.

    By the way, your skirt diy? It looks EXACTLY like the J.Crew one!!! =)

  38. 1. I love what you did to the white dress.
    2. Your whole white dress look is a.may.zing.
    3. I'm so impressed that you made that red skirt.
    4. Thanks for the tip on Thread Banger.

  39. Stunning outfit...I love your red skirt and necklace :)


  40. Wow, nice work on the white dress! I love the shorter length :)

  41. the lace dress looks real pretty!

  42. that is so good of you! I haven't had the willpower to say no to everything, but I think I've been buying at least half what I'd normally get x


  43. Hey Lady, Thanks for stopping by my blog and following, very kind of you my dear!

    I have joined your followers now too, you have a lovely blog and this white dress is very pretty too. Well done on abstaining from spending, you've got much more will power than me! xxx

  44. Cool vest and the way you twisted the belt looks really neat! The pattern on the dress looks really cool, too. Yeah, I stopped going to ANY store this whole past month because I went out to buy a lot of things every weekend for the past couple of months. I've been trying to go only when I want to reward myself for accomplishing something, usually money-wise... since I'm freelancing, when I get a new client or whatever, I tell myself I can shop now. So during normal days, I force myself not to. I don't know. Whatever works for you :)

    Thanks for the comment on my post, too! I actually was being sarcastic on the marriage check list thing. I meant to say that people usually have those things on their list, and they don't accomplish them and end up taking YEARS before they get married and being really old by that time. It's not really necessary in my opinion to have all those things marked out because you can do all of those things AFTER getting married, you know? So, don't feel bad! :)

  45. i love the skirt, it looks great! its such a nice colour x

  46. its fun rediscovering old clothes and vamping them up again. that skirt is great!! looks just like the original

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Haha, I totally laughed at your little buy buttons all put together.. they haunt all of us, don't they?! D: Your skirt that you made is the most amazing shade of red, and I love what you did to your eyelet dress! The vest over it is quite magical. <3

  49. that vest on the white dress is so elegant...love it! and the red skirt is such a great inspiration. i'm so proud of you holding off on purchases and trying to wear stuff you haven't worn in awhile. that can be so difficult!

  50. Lyddie you did a good job on the skirt! I have been "shopping" online too! Usually at Urban Outfitters and fill up the cart to then delete all that I have chosen, because I'm working now I haven't felt the urge to shop as much, except on Sunday when I really wanted to hit the thrift store but ended skipping it after all. Keep up the good work! =D

  51. i LOVE what you did with the white dress!!


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