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Monday, August 24, 2009

Staying Trendy

As posted by The Cut, the top five fall trends have been predicted and consist of bombers, plaid, leggings, and stuff from the 80s.

1. Bombers – I’m still a big fan of this lightweight jacket from H&M. I know they still have them in stock, I spotted a black one while I was there two days ago (and it wasn’t even on sale). For the colder times, check out this Silence and Noise wool blend from Urban Outfitters for $88.

2. Lumberjack – I’m just too girly to ever wear work boots, and flannel is debatable. I do like this plaid tunic however, $40 from NY&Co.

3. Leggings that cross into the third dimension – I like the exposed zippers on the ankles, maybe even this ruffled pair from Forever 21 for $20.

4. 80’s Vintage – I like old belts, and the 80’s has a good offering of cute styles, like this wide cinch on etsy.

5. Mowhawks – Ummmmm…..I like this style on my dog, and that’s about it.

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