The Short Days

Here in the middle of December, daylight hours are at a premium. In the summer at 5 p.m. it would feel like the night was young, and now, if I'm not in my pajamas by 5, I start to get cranky. The sunsets, brilliant as they may be, are brief, and then the question of how one can convince themselves to be productive after the last bit of daylight fades away arises. 

I don't feel like I can properly color correct my photos in the artificial light, so editing gets delayed. Then as the evening progresses, my ability to string sentences together diminishes. So I'm left with drafting posts (everything but the copy) which then sit and linger as drafts, since the days fly by and before I know it, another week has gone by.  

Which is why photos taken the first week of November are just appearing now, and I will continue to tell myself that somehow I will learn how to function through the rest of these short winter days.

faux suede wide leg pants, black sweater, denim jacket, leopard mules-1.jpgfaux suede wide leg pants, black sweater, denim jacket, leopard mules-9.jpgfaux suede wide leg pants, black sweater, denim jacket, leopard mules-3.jpgfaux suede wide leg pants, black sweater, denim jacket, leopard mules-10.jpgfaux suede wide leg pants, black sweater, denim jacket, leopard mules-7.jpg
The Rundown
Black Denim Jacket Gap Factory
Black Tee Gap
Faux Suede Wide Leg Pants Ann Taylor
Leopard Hair Calf Mules Nine West via TJMaxx
Bucket Bag Danse Lente
Loop Earrings Mejuri
Coin Necklace SHASHI via TJMaxx
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx


  1. The shorter daylights are really getting to me too! Thank goodness that next week is when we experienced the shortest day and each day we start to get a minute more of daylight!

  2. I love those pants. They look chic, yet comfortable. And I completely hear you on daylight hours. They are soooo precious.


  3. Such a cute outfit! I totally feel the same way about the sun going down early. I'm ready for bed at like... 4:30pm haha!


  4. Such a lovely look! These pants are great!

  5. Camel and black is such a perfect combo. No wonder it's a classic ;)
    And I know! I really dislike how dark it gets. And today is even worse because its rainy/slushy, haha. At least give us snow if we're going to suffer through a day of darkness

  6. I like the neutrals in this outfit! And I really need a black denim jacket - I only have blue ones, it's a definite gap in my wardrobe!

    It's so hard getting pics in winter - one of the good things of working form home was that I was able to take pics whenever instead of trying to take a pic in the morning in the low light before leaving for work!

    Hope that you are having a great week! It's a wet and stormy one here, summer rains have arrived!

    Away From The Blue | Handbag Gift Guide

  7. These suede pants are such a good piece! I love how you styled them.

  8. I'm sorry that the winter doesn't give you all the happy feels. I'm wishing you a good rest of your season. Hopefully the holidays will bring some cheer into your life! And for now, we definitely don't mind seeing the November photos ;) This outfit is beautiful!

  9. Winter can be a tough time to be super productive because when that sun goes away, so does my motivation sometimes. I'm just glad we have the holidays to look forward to. This outfit is so cute by the way!

  10. Most days lately I lose all track of time once the sun sets, lol. Love the bag! xoxo, Sarah

  11. Well, it's a post worth waiting for as those pants are truly amazing. My productivity levels are much the same in the winter - it's dark by 5 pm and all I can bring myself to do most days is lay on the couch in the evenings. Anything beyond that feels like a real struggle.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  12. I'm so in love with these pants! What a great find!

    District of Chic

  13. I love your pants! I like how you put this look together.

  14. Ah, the joys... ahem... of winter. I've largely written off the idea of taking winter photos at all in the past three years, aside from the odd indoor set. Which is mainly because we live in Winnipeg and the temperatures after November don't allow for anything at all outdoors. But realistically, I don't know why I tried to force myself to take them in Vancouver, either. The weather and light were different, but no better. Suffice it to say that I understand how photos tend to sit, ignored, for weeks, because the same thing happens to me... I just over compensate by shooting way too many when the weather does allow for it ;)

  15. I hate the short days of winter but also love getting cozy by the fire!

  16. Love these pants! Ann Taylor is the best. I love the geometric bag, too!

  17. Beautiful shots.
    I recently moved and have so many places I can take pictures at, yet my pictures continue to be less than average :(