November Budget

How did you fair this shopping weekend? Were you good and bought gifts for others, or were you indulgent and bought things for yourself? Admittedly, I did try to get the bulk of my holiday shopping done, but the draw of a sale was, as per usual, too much for me to resist. None of those purchases are included in this list however, as they haven't arrived yet and I tend to return almost as much as I buy.

Banana Republic Navy Satin Button Blouse, $26
Madewell Floral Midi Dress, $35
Express Faux Leather Paperbag Waist Pants, $38
Banana Republic Brown Ribbed Cardigan, $40
J.Crew Giraffe Print Pants, $49
Madewell Denim Chore Jacket, $60
Tagliamonte Gold Plated Cameo Earrings, $40 via TJMaxx
Bod & Christensen Leather Skirt, $69 via Marshalls
Bozzolo Green Short Sleeve Bodysuit, $10 via TJMaxx
Akola Raffia Earrings, $17 via TJMaxx
Old Navy Brown Rib knit Wrap Dress, $20
Cote d 'Argent Paperclip Chain Necklace, $30 via TJMaxx
Gorjana Maya Necklace, $15 via TJMaxx
Golden Cleff San Marco Ring Ring, $50 via TJMaxx
Max Sport Black Wrap Sweater, $17 via TJMaxx
Mango Knit Tee, $20
Express Twisted Buckle Belt, $16


  1. Love that brown cardigan! I've been looking for a nice new brown sweater but I think I want a pullover not a cardigan. I almost caved on those giraffe pants because they sold out of that other animal print pair I liked, BOOO!
    I resisted most of the clothing sales for myself but I did buy Christian a few sweaters from J Crew Factory (was going to do regular J Crew but I got 3 sweaters for the same price as 2 that way, hah!)

  2. The Giraffe print pants look cute! I tried to stick to my list during the sale.

  3. I actually didn't buy anything over the holiday sales! I was kind of shocked and proud of myself. Now not that I didn't indulge myself earlier in the month... I really like the tones in all your purchases, I feel like its almost like a mini capsule because its so cohesive!

  4. I always love seeing what you buy because even though you always say you shop too much it never seems like you're shopping just to buy something, you always choose things that you think are beautiful--yes, maybe they're on sale, but that's not WHY you're buying them. Those giraffe pants are so fun! I also love the floral midi dress.

  5. I am loving the floral dress and the giraffe pants, they are just such fun pants! I am looking forward to seeing how you wear them! :)

    I spent most of November Christmas shopping but I couldn't resist a sneaky little bag purchase for myself, haha! Having completed my Christmas list I wasn't going to buy anything else but of course I browsed a few of the black Friday sales and now I have more Christmas presents for people, haha! My kids are so spoiled this year...

    Hope that you are having a good week :)

    Away From The Blue | Handbag Gift Guide

  6. I am glad to admit that for once, I stuck to my guns and only bought Christmas gifts during Black Friday sales. But I was also able to nudge Ian in the direction of a number of sale items that I felt would make good Christmas gifts for me, so in reality I probably only get half points for effort. I bought a lot of things in the pre-Black Friday sales to balance everything out either way :P Although your post has me thinking there are still some necklaces I might want to add to my jewelry collection before the year ends...