Peaks of the Week

Remember when I was on that episode of Extreme Cheapskates? Yeah I know, it was in 2014 and I don't expect you to. Yet for some reason, people still feel compelled to take the time out of their day to track me down on Facebook or YouTube and tell me what an awful human being they think I am.

If you weren't familiar, or have appropriately long since forgotten, during my bizarre segment on the show, the producer thought it would be entertaining to have me pretend to search obituaries for recently departed socialites with no surviving female heirs and then approach their families to ask if I could take the deceased's clothes and accessories off their hands. For the scene they'd hired an actor who was a comedian - in a previous version of my segment I was supposed to go to a comedy club on an open mike night and try to have a fashion show - and the two of us didn't seem to understand how the producer wanted us to play the scene. I started by saying I offered a service to help with estate sales, and the actor playing the son kept throwing out ridiculous lines about how he and his mom used to slide down the banister and dance in the living room รก la Risky Business. After many, many, takes, we finally managed to put forth enough material that the producer could use to construct the scene in her vision - which apparently was to make me seem like someone praying on innocent families, snatching up vintage Prada.

Let's not even pretend to consider the logistics of me actually doing this successfully. But that is the magic of reality tv. It's on your screen, and you take it at face value. I feel like the most compelling argument for this is that when the show premiered and my friends and family came over to watch it, they knew full well that 99% of the show was fabricated. Yet when the next segment started, a man was depicted to use mouth wash then spit it back into the bottle. Everyone cringed and said they couldn't believe someone would be so gross. I looked at them and said, yeah, well he's probably not.

There is one more bone I have to pick with my haters, why contact me through Facebook or YouTube? Why not come to my actual blog? I need the traffic!

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant! This week was wasn't too bad - nice weather, which involved sitting on the deck devouring a couple books, Before The World Opened by C. Fardoe and First Comes Love by Emily Giffin; a fun blogger dinner on Wednesday, and a relaxing weekend to look forward to.

❖ First Instagram wanted to be Snapchat, now it wants to be YouTube. Now users can upload hour long vertical videos. The thought alone makes me cringe.

Which American Girl Doll had the best cookbook?

This article might make you think twice before you place your next Amazon order.

How being a matchmaker ruined this woman's dating life.

❖ This cute off the shoulder dress is on clearance at Loft - but not the petite sizes, because Loft doesn't think short people deserve discounts too.

The world is changing to become more instagrammable.

East Coast vs. West Coast.

❖ My sister and I might be on opposite sides of the country, but we both bought each other the same card.

Sunscreen in a translucent powder you can easily stow in your purse!

❖ A Kickstarter for bluetooth earbuds that are earrings. Woah.


  1. Oh my those poor Amazon Flex drivers! how funny - I was looking at the sunscreen today and love the concept. I'm guessing it's the modern version of my Bare minerals foundation?

  2. Yea, I can't believe people actually think all of that was true. The closest to the truth was the Good Will scene and you don't even go there!! *eyeroll* But hey, at least that shows you're a good actress, right?!

    As for the American Girl thing, I had Samantha and Kirsten and my sister had Molly and Felicity. I think I enjoyed more recipe's in Kirsten's book. But maybe I should get them back out again and re-cook them. Could be a cool blog series! ;P

  3. Sounds like a fab week!

  4. I had to go watch your ep on YouTube. Wow, that was really bad--I feel for you having to do that. Don't ever read the comments under that video!

  5. I cannot believe people are still watching and take the time to track you down!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. That instagram article is interesting! I've never seen the show but I do remember you discussing it before, How strange that they would still contact you! Have you thought about changing your name on facebook to a nickname or something? Might be harder for them to find you that way :)

    Strange comments from strangers aside, I hope you are having a nice start to your weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. Although I am not American, I was obsessed with American Girl dolls. I had all the Samantha paraphernalia except the doll itself and, apparently, the cookbook. It sounds like I didn't miss out on much based on that article - but it was hilarious to read. Also, I do remember when you were on that episode of Extreme Cheapskates, but because I don't own a TV, I've never seen a single episode of the show, never mind the one you were in. I've always felt that reality TV was pretty much the antithesis of reality, and it sounds like I've been right all along.
    PS: Thank-you for mentionning the book! I hope you enjoyed reading it :)

  8. Those bluetooth earbud earrings blew my mind!! And that is so crazy about that show. I do remember you talking about it, but I didn't realize you had to go to such extremes. That is crazy! And people need to get over themselves if they're still bugging you about that--don't they realize that reality TV is not very real??

  9. Omg, I didn't know you were on that show. To be honest I didn't know what's the show, but now I am so interested! Btw. don't mind the people, they're obviously crazy if they think what they see on a tv screen is real.

  10. Omg I never knew you were on that show! That's so awful they completely made up that scene and now people are being haters! Im so sorry!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  11. I do recall seeing it and I cannot believe people would look you up just to tell you what was on their mind. You have me wondering now.. what'd they say?
    Oh wow, the earrings are actually cute !

  12. That's why I try to steer away from reality TV, 'cause I know too well it's not "real" (oh the irony). Anyway, better find a way to drive your haters to your blog dear. ha! Seriously though, these people need really need to find some productive ways to spend their time on the internet. LOL.

    Jessica |

  13. Just now reading this post Lydia and I had no idea! I’ve never heard of the show! But the line about your haters coming to your blog instead of Facebook to increase your traffic had me dying laughing! So brilliant! These stories are why I love you :)