Peaks of the Week

Winter scene

❖ Yet another nor'easter rolled through this week. No one showed up at work but me (not uncommon) so I got to have music on all day. My Discover playlists on Spotify have been good lately, giving me little gems like Stranded by Flight Facilities.

❖ This week we celebrated Pi Day. While I like to celebrate with pie,  it's far more mathematical side is quite interesting, as we have uncovered 22 trillion digits of Pi, with no end in sight.

❖ My mom's birthday cake came out really well, and the two of us had it polished off by Wednesday night. This meme pretty much sums it up.

❖ Thankfully we had a Chocolate Lemon Pie waiting in the wings. (We are allegedly cutting back our sugar intake after Easter my birthday.)

❖ I feel like I was off the market when online dating really exploded and somehow became more normal than meeting people in real life. I've never actually tried it, and after reading this article, I have even more reservations.

❖ Apparently what was a subtle creeping of 80's fashion has now become a full blown invasion. I for one have no desire to wear anything involving giant shoulder pads or print mixing in primary colors. Though I might have a soft spot for a statement belt.

❖ We share a lot of our lives online as bloggers, and for some, death too.

❖ Sam shared some adorable gingham pieces under $100 in anticipation of spring. I can't choose between this Target skirt or this J.Crew Factory one.

❖ This article about our nation's obsession with home renovations brought up some good points, and it does kind of feel like we are losing some of our individuality on a quest for clean white spaces. Admittedly I'm just as guilty for idolizing white kitchens.

❖ E's structural handbag is making me swoon.


  1. That piece on renos is fascinating, although I disagree with its historical premises (house refurbishment was all the rage in Georgian England!).

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. I am not too sure about 80s fashion coming back either. I like some elements, but a lot of it is just too much for me!

  3. Lyddie you are so sweet to include me in your lineup today!

    And shameless '80s fashion lover right here - I could not be more excited for the return of big shoulders (though for me, they might have never left ;-)).

    District of Chic

  4. Gingham is such a happy print! I want to pick up some gingham pieces this spring :)

  5. Those darn snowstorms! Ha ha.
    And yea, online dating is still a bit of a mystery for me too. Although technically I was dating online, but we met in person first ;)

  6. I'm not sure why it's hard to embrace the 80's fashion again...I love it so much then, why don't I now??
    But pretty soon, little by little we will all be ga ga about it again. At least I've learned never to say never!!

  7. As a numbers geek, I love that you gave Pi Day a shout out! I have to agree with you on 80's fashion...sholder pads and neon were the worst.

  8. I had a little chuckle at the two points about cake and pie - and the allegedly cutting of sugar intake after your birthday. I have those same kinds of good intentions all the time, but somehow another special event always seems to come along that involves cake and, well - sugary things really are delicious, ha ha! Speaking of Pi day, I read an interesting article about it, as well, and how Tau is actually mathematically superior... I'm going to have to try to find it again.

  9. Lydia I love this!! Such a good, clean roundup of your thoughts.

    I am totally a sucker for white kitchens hahah but yeah I guess it is kinda hard to have individual style. I always wonder what to do with handmade pieces, antiques, or family objects that don't fit the look I want but are still important.

    Also so glad you're as obsessed with pi as me the math is crazy to me and my work celebrated with pie!

  10. My nephew wrote down the first 100 digits of Pi from his memory the other day. I was so proud!!

  11. Oh I would love to have the day at work to myself - I would be so productive, haha! Hope the snow fades soon and you get some warmer, more spring like weather! I find some 80s fashion I'm glad it's back and other pieces I love. I like that there's a lot of choice with fashion, even if I don't experiment much with my own outfits! :)

    Hope you are having a good weekend :) We are having a quiet one to recover from our busy week!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  12. I was hit with the noreaster too. I'm located in New Jersey. I'm guilty for loving white kitchen as well. I just love the clean brightness.

    The Mel Division | The Travel Chasers

  13. Happy birthday to your mom! And I can imagine that the cake tastes so good!

    The Flower Duet

  14. Andddd we are getting another nor’easter this week! Ugh, spring where art thou?

  15. That chocolate lemon pie looks sooo heavenly!

    Jessica |

  16. OH wowww that story on the "perfect man that wasn't" was terrifying ! I hope you never come across a con man. I did and it screwed me over.
    Now, on the 80's fashion I can do shoulder pads, all in moderation :)

  17. Oh wow, it must have been strange (although maybe kind of fun) to have the office to yourself. What's the deal with that though, why are you the only one showing up!? You should get a promotion. I love both of your gingham skirt picks, although I'm not sure I can do the midi length. I keep trying them but never like them on me!