Friday five under $50

It is the last weekend in August, and I'm attempting to bring back posts focused on some, you know, affordable things I'm liking at the moment. To be perfectly honest, these kinds of posts are the hardest for me because I get terribly distracted. I look through a lot of items trying to find a theme and keep with the price point and before you know it, it's past midnight and I barely have half the post put together.

But I am going to try, and since my mind could not be farther from fall, but the fashion world demands it, I think these would be some fabulous pieces to start wearing now and then transition into the cooler weather. Especially that bag, which is from Old Navy and it's going to take a lot of will power for me to not buy it right now.

I hope you all have some great plans for the last weekend of August, and if not, I hope you get to spend it relaxing, soaking up the sun while we've still got it.

Sashi Tassel Earrings, $42 at Shopbop
Tie Neck Blouse, $29.39 at Banana Republic
Calf Hair Mules, $39.50 at J.Crew Factory
Shimmer Skirt, $49.90 at Zara
Tassel Hobo Bag, $15 at Old Navy


  1. Speaking of things that it will take a lot of will power not to buy, those slides are to die for! I feel like I've been searching for the perfect pair of slides all summer and here they are, just as the season is about to end. (There is an emoji that sums up my feelings about this, because there are not enough adjectives for my disappointment.) I digress - although it hardly feels like fall, it's been hotter than ever here, the cool weather will come before we know it and this is a lovely selection of transitional pieces. I can definitely see you carrying that bag all season :)

  2. Ooh I love all of this!! If the top was another color I would want it. But thank goodness its not because I already have to many button downs I don't wear enough ;)

  3. Uh oh, now you have me NEEDING that bag. $15?! I wonder if it's made like a $15 bag or if it would be worth buying. I love that gorgeous skirt too!

  4. The earrings are fabulous !
    I could never write up one of these posts because I'd get distracted and shop on line.

  5. Love these, especially those mules. Only $40??? BRB...
    xo Annie
    New England Romance