Last of winter

I'm fairly certain these will be the last snowy photos I will have to share with you until next winter. However, if I'm wrong, it will at least give me another chance to wear a pair of tights.

I feel like I was a bit of a failure this winter - cycling through every sweater and pair of jeans I possess and abandoning the skirts and dresses I love.

I'm blaming the extreme cold and abundance of snow for my lack of more outfits like this one over the last few months, though I suppose in truth it was an absence of motivation on my part. Not that I feel I dressed horribly all winter - just that I severely limited what I was wearing. I'm feeling better now that we are finally taking strides towards spring, and I can resume utilizing the other half of my closet.

leopard dress, navy coat, fur bag-1.jpgleopard dress, navy coat, fur bag-4.jpgleopard dress, navy coat, fur bag-11.jpgleopard dress, navy coat, fur bag-3.jpgleopard dress, navy coat, fur bag-6.jpgleopard dress, navy coat, fur bag-5.jpgleopard dress, navy coat, fur bag-7.jpgleopard dress, navy coat, fur bag-9.jpgleopard dress, navy coat, fur bag-2.jpgleopard dress, navy coat, fur bag-8.jpg
The Rundown
Leopard Dress c/o Wallis similar
Navy Coat Mark New York via South Moon Under
Booties "Calixta" Cole Haan
Fur Ball Bag Vintage via Roundabout similar
Necklace LC for Kohls similar
Gold Bracelet The Cavernous Jewelry Box similar
Gold Twisted Bracelet The Cavernous Jewerly Box similar
Gold Herkimer Diamond Ring c/o Lumo
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Nail Color "My Very First Knockwurst" OPI


  1. nice outfit..your bag is so cool

  2. Wow, I so don't miss that east coast winter! I actually have that dress and LOVE it. But, can we talk about that bag? Very very very cute!

    Thrifting Diva

  3. I hardly think anyone can blame you for dressing for warmth throughout what was, my all reports, a brutal winter. But with that said, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing your skirt and dress collection start to come out again. Although to be fair, you're wearing what is likely my favourite dress in your wardrobe in these photos... so as far as I'm concerned, you're already more than halfway there. And you wore your winter styles like a champ. Anyone who will take outfit photos when it's actually snowing deserves serious kudos.

  4. Loved this outfit on you! And yea...let's hope the snow is gone for good!
    I was very lazy with my outfits this winter too, but that's mostly because I was sitting at home, haha...

  5. I think that winter does that to everyone. We were fortunate enough to have a fairly mild winter, but we did get a decent bit of snow (in fact, there is snow in my post today as well!). I love this purse so much and the dress is so cute on you!

  6. That dress looks really nice. I get lazy in the winter too.

  7. It's almost over - you must be so happy...while I'm crying a little on the inside. At least this is a brilliant end of winter outfit. That purse is just perfect for this and the light snow is just such a great addition.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  8. Loving your jewelry + accessories with this look!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. Love this look! The fur ball bag is so cute. Hopefully, there won't be anymore snow :)

  10. Omgsh that bag is FAB!! I love the first and hope it warms up there for you soon :) We are on the tail end of it all I hope!!


  11. That jacket really is fabulous! I know how you feel though. I used to live in Seattle and winters were miserable. By March I was ready to get out the spring/summer clothes! This year we spent the winter in Arizona and oddly enough I missed those dreaded winter clothes!! Xo

  12. I hope you get warmer weather soon! I'm loving that leopard dress with your gorgeous coat!


  13. Lovely bag!!

  14. well you ended winter on a gorgeous look! Love that dress!

  15. that's a very pretty way to end winter, you look gorgeous :)


  16. I definitely hit a point in winter when I didn't even care anymore and was wearing the same things over and over again I'm so happy that it's starting to get warm enough for bare legs again. I'm loving this outfit, particularly your coat and dress!

  17. Great outfit, love that chic jacket and your fun bag too!! I'm hoping we won't have any more snow either.

  18. The snow does make for such pretty pictures, but I agree, the cold is a pain in the butt. I tend to gravitate towards pants in winter too, so by spring I'm SO ready for skirts and dresses. Love that pretty leopard dress!

  19. Ok I need that little fur bag! Way too cute!! Looking fabulous as always, love that dress!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  20. The coat is so lovely! Snow makes everything look more magical :)

    - Che

  21. I'm feeling a little bit better these days, too. Even if we seem to have traded the weekly snowstorm for the weekly rainstorm.

    This outfit it totally fab. I would totally all through winter, spring and fall!

  22. If I lived in the cold where it snowed all winter, I don't think I would be in anything other than long johns and pajamas. Pretty dress.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  23. Is it sad that when I saw the title of your post the first think I thought was "Let's hope"? LOL These pictures are so fun, I love how pretty the snow looks!

  24. I can't believe you have yet another snowy post! You guys just can't catch a break! At least it gives you a chance to break out that fun furry purse again! :-)

  25. Totally smitten with your dress, lovely:) Stay cozy! xoxo

  26. Pretty! I love that fur purse, so chic! Looking forward to seeing your Spring looks!
    A Peck on the Chic

  27. Stunning outfit I LOVE the dress and your faux fur handbag is super chic :)

    Rachel's Lookbook

  28. Stylish outfit you have going on!

  29. I love that dress. Such a pretty necklace to go with it.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  30. Haha oh gosh, I hope you stop getting snow you poor thing! You deserve a spring like everyone else! I love your outfit too!
    Melanie @

  31. I adore this outfit, especially the coat and the booties! So cute and so stylish :) That bag is so fun! Great post!
    xo Kiki

  32. I start to feel like that about my summer wardrobe. Since it's pretty much summer all year long and you can't really layer I feel limited my my wardrobe options. But I hope it starts to warm up so you can wear some of your spring stuff!
    I still love that furry purse!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  33. I am hoping it is the last of Winter also since I am still on a coat here lol. Love the combo of navy and snow leopard. Great coat! =)

  34. I too was hoping that the end of the winter weather was gone but nope - it's freezing today! Boots on for another few days. #Thriftingdiva

  35. Well, its also a good moment to get rid of those sweaters and jeans you didn't wear - you probably went through most of them.
    Here we're just getting our first showers, summer will finally be over for us.
    BTW do you control the ads that are posted on your letterhead ? I ask because you are currently promoting Durex condoms.